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Aaron London

Mrs. McLaughlin

8 March 2019

Illegal Immigration

One of the most controversial topics on today’s headlines route back to illegal

immigration. Many Americans have different opinions and point of views, but may not be aware

of the destruction it could cause. Illegal immigration could lead to serious threats towards

communities across the nation. Thousands of people cross borders by the day as we have

absolutely no background clearances on those individuals.

Illegal aliens that come within the states can cause friction to the American society. Not

only do they take our money by working low wage jobs, but they threaten our healthcare by

carrying foreign diseases that are unseen within the states. People take advantage of our national

security systems by entering legally and overstaying their visas, crossing and creating anchor

babies, and living under our welfare systems. Every action they do to survive costs not only the

government money, but as well as the citizens. Thousands of immigrants flood into the United

States daily. If this continues, our culture will be completely different within the next 20 years.

One of the biggest problems that immigrants cause is working low waged jobs. This takes

opportunities from American workers as it is better for business. In 2015, nearly 66% of

immigrants were within the workforce and the numbers just climb. Not only do they strip our

jobs from us, but they take the money from all taxpayers. Up to 16.5% of immigrants live in

poverty and as much as 22% lack life insurance. Each immigrant cost their state local

government nearly $1,600.

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If illegal immigrants continue to fill the nation, it could change the way we live forever.

Some experts are concerned that immigration will change the American culture rather than

assimilating to it. Nearly half of immigrants cannot speak english and as much as 29% don't even

have a high school diploma according to Carser. Experts assume by 2035, more than ⅓ of school

children will be immigrants as public schools are required to accept all students. Within the past

ten years, immigrant admissions have been higher than ever before.

Many believe that legal immigration is more of a problem than illegal immigration as the

number of permitted workers are astronomically higher. Over 700,000 legal immigrants came to

the United States in 1990 and there has only been two years in which immigration has been

lower. Legal immigration is often an advantage as most of them settle within the states and

overstay their visas. Nearly 26 million immigrants are here legally as 12 million are not. The

number could be as high as 20 million, but we have no way of recording every undocumented

person. It seems that the nation doesn't find immigration a problem as in 2006, 1,266,264 people

were granted a legal permanent status as a US resident.

The United States offers all legal and illegal immigrants a chance for citizenship unless

they have a background for criminal activity. Trump says, “For the denial of the option of

citizenship is a punishment for breaking the law.” More than 41% of the 2.7 illegal immigrants

benefited from the 1986 law by becoming citizens as a “comprehensive guest worker”. Mark

Krikorian believes that desperate foreigners that cross illegally don't do it to avoid processing,

but because they simply can’t afford $10,000 residencies.

Immigrants threaten and take advantage of our healthcare systems here in America by

getting free service as 43 million immigrants lack life insurance. All illegal immigrants and
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children instantly qualify for welfare benefits and cause enormous rises in medicare costs. Not

only that, but illegal aliens may harbor fatal diseases that America vanquished long ago. Studies

are found that the rates for tuberculosis and immigration are consistently synchronized. The

EMTALA provides immigrants with extensive and expensive medical service for free as these

chronic diseases could impact the nation majorly without care. Madeline Cosman also pointed

out how woman cross our borders during pregnancy to create anchor babies. The logic behind

this is to create legal babies within the states as parents are not requested to leave. Until their

child turns 18 or they collect a criminal record, they have every right to stay. In 2006, this family

loophole crisis was accounted toward 580,000 people.

Drug addiction and alcoholism rates have blown up according to Michael Light.

Undocumented immigration has increased prevalence of drug and alcohol problems year by year.

In 2015, 333,000 immigrants were deported and 42% of the 333,000 were convicted for drug

crimes. Our president Donald Trump states, “It is our right as a sovereign nation to choose

immigrants that we think are the likeliest to thrive and flourish and love us.”

Many believe that we should be an open society and accept all. I believe that everyone

should be able to visit the country and even receive opportunity to become a legal citizen, but there

is no reason to settle in America to just take advantage of the systems we have here today. This

could destroy America by killing job opportunities, familys, and even the culture we live in today.

Illegal immigration should be stressed along all borders and airlines as our country could transform

into something much worse in the near future.

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London 4

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