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[Date 2B Aug 16 S IDOCUMENT TRANSMITTAL| [Transmittal No-CTA/16099.01/531 aoe | New [A Resubmit [ADCO Contract No:16099.01 meee EPC of Cathodic Protection of well Casing in ADCO Fields Document Origin To Corrosion Technology Services ‘Abu Dhabi Company for Onshore Petroleum Operation Ltd Company LL.c. Post box: 270, Abu Dhabi, UAE JPost Box 29525 Sharjah , UAE Tet: 065032444, fax 065330938 Mr. Mohammad Ali Al Hammadi [Email CC: Mr. Mohammed Mousa The following Documents (listed below) are transmifted to your for: Discipline: Elect. | Approval Information Records Action Electrical Please return a signed copy on reciept. Item No. | Document No. Document Title Revision 1 Method Statement for Installation of Solar Power System 1 Bed Construction Office lo Wht t © AUG 2016 eal 20, On Despatch Received by Client On Retum ca Name: Stephen/ffannion Senate] Fay AX Date: FB nug-16 Distribution : Original to the addressee: Copy - Sign and return to originator (Project fle) DOCUMENT REVIEW RECORD FORM |ADCO Contract No:16099.01 EPC of Cathodic Protection of well Casing in ADCO Fields [Transmittal No: _ 631 Reference Document/Specification: D. jon of Document Uni Discipline Elect. Method Statement for Installation of Solar Power System baa by: REMARKS Name: 'S. Manni some “hor New Mgeicascn eh. Date: (28-Aug-16 |Checked by (ADCO) Name: 2 U Signature: Date “TH 4 le Status. ET Avpreves 8 | Approved as noted Revise as noted and re-submit Rejected 72084 OWASHLINENS DHEINIONS OODNWSOTI O90¥ MSMR TM 0 49-8 NGL MONDD # Ws S>3OueE averorosoe -ay\Synsis wou Wy 40 NOLS SH TST OBL al a “ainpayps aiqeo ‘inode juawdinba IGADICEY ‘s8uumeyp Jay panoudde Jad se sjoued sej05 aya yersu 03 sowve.u0) | 24V 0Da¥ 404 pantwians quewn20q ‘paION ‘28g mo; Uy (ydesBereq/aBequog2as Aven) J uo}si9eq, Aide YOLOVYLNOD uWOD ANWe ANYdWOO 2 a goo a4 ‘Supaa2o1d 210}0q 328d asiipe ot07-80<2: paiea Paoiddy 10N-02P09 |” paion se panoiddy ~> ape pasts 8 :9pe9 smeis wuaumeg ansoa, syuausuion wonewoyu) ~| p00 “poton se panoiddy — SION 58 panouddy —g 2p09 aay vee marrou— 909 st0z-20-s2 sate cos-renuseai-269-NI | :oN rennusuedl yoLovaLNoD uss J0mog 1e}05 Jo uoneey5u 10) USUIDIeS pO.ROA :2piL wewin20a I nay virosortt on wauinoog (ev meds ny sno tm rept reorient (ave Z-ADVADVe) SUTIS 10 OGY NI SONIS¥D 113M 40 NOLLD3L0Ud DIGOHLY9 40963 Ss {090¥) SNOLLV'adO WN3TOUL3d JHOHSNO YOd ANVAWOD IsvHa nay : LLTOEd “ON 193/0%d