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To Whom It May Concern:

It is my sincere pleasure to write on behalf of Ms. Fernanda “Nanda” Azevedo who is applying for
a position as a Music Educator with your school district. I feel fortunate to have worked with her
during her time as an undergraduate student, and I was continuously impressed with her
dedication to her studies, to Music Education, and to the James Madison University community. I
believe she is an ideal candidate for consideration, and that she will contribute greatly to your
school music programs, district, and community.

As the Associate Director of Bands and Director of the JMU Marching Royal Dukes, our 535-
member marching band, I have worked with Nanda as a student in my classes and member of my
ensembles. I see her as a consummate professional who is dedicated to her studies, creating a
strong academic record. As evidenced from her resume, she is dedicated to professional
development and promoting music for all individuals. She took an active role in many student
organizations and distinguished herself as a contributing member of our department. She was a
Section Leader for the Marching Royal Dukes Saxophone Section and most recently, Drum Major.
In these positions, I observed her ability to work successfully with both peers and superiors alike.
She demonstrated character and maturity beyond her years and was an effective leader by nature
of her positive personality and upstanding ideals. She exuded an impressive positive presence and
effective leadership skills, and upheld the highest standards of professional and personal
development. Ms. Azevedo has truly been a model ambassador for James Madison University.

In addition to her work at JMU, she was also engaged in the field working as a clinician and
instructor of students of all ages. She demonstrated her ability to work with students, colleagues,
and parents, and adapt to many different teaching and learning styles. Nanda has a keen sense of
professional development and consistently seeks opportunities to learn and gain opportunities to
be active in the classroom. Therefore, she gained significant experience – both observational and
practical – in the field of Music Education. Nanda relates exceptionally well to her students and
colleagues, is frank and outgoing, and exhibits a pleasant, friendly, and positive personality. One
of her greatest strengths is her ability to adapt and learn, demonstrating an eager ability to learn
from her experiences, utilize the resources and suggestions of her mentors, and continually work
to become the most effective educator she can be.

In closing, I am confident that Nanda Azevedo is a qualified young music educator who will
contribute greatly to your school music programs, district, and community. Thank you for this
opportunity to submit my support for her and please do not hesitate to contact me with additional


Scott Rikkers
Associate Director of Bands
Director, JMU Marching Royal Dukes