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cycling safety

On May 17, 2011, Governor Nathan Deal signed

House Bill 101, also known as O.C.G.A. 40-6-56, into
law.  The law sets guidelines and regulations for cyclist and
motorist stating, “…the operator of a motor vehicle, when
overtaking and passing a bicycle that is proceeding in the
same direction on the roadway, shall leave a safe distance
between such vehicle and the bicycle and shall maintain
such clearance until safely past the overtaken bicycle.”
The law defines a safe distance as three feet.
Despite the bill being signed nearly eight years ago,
some DeKalb residents said motorists are still unaware of
the law.
Dunwoody native Erik Van Winkle said he wants to
change that by creating an education campaign focused on
Decatur—a bike friendly city. According to Decatur city
officials, Winkle will coordinate an education campaign on
the state’s three-foot passing law.
“Most drivers aren’t malicious. They just want to get
where they’re going,” Winkle said. “If [drivers] knew they
just had to get over a little bit or wait a little bit it could
help with cyclists’ safety. We think the biggest contribution
to cycling safety is the education aspect that goes along
with it.”
For years cyclists and pedestrians have discussed ways Fromlefttoright:co-creatorsofHANDLDJohnnyMaroun,ColinSantoro,EmilioConde,ErikVanWinkleandChrisTruong.
to increase safety. In 2017, there were 5,977 pedestrians
and 783 bicyclists killed in accidents with motor vehicles in
the United States, according to
“The education aspect is huge. We want to support
the cycling community and the activism community as a
whole,” Winkle said. “We want to try to help the cycling
community as much as we can.”
Winkle also said he helped create an invention that
should help cyclist everywhere. Winkle is a part of
HANDLD, a startup company with the goal of making
cycling safer across the United States. Winkle helped
develop a device for cyclists that allows them to identify,
record and report violations of the passing law.
Winkle said the device is a series of cameras and a
motion sensor. A back-facing camera continuously films
as a cyclist is riding while a front-facing camera will
automatically take photos of the license plate of a vehicle
that violates the three-foot-passing law.   
Winkle said the images and video include time stamped
data on a smartphone app, which can be sent to authorities.
“This allows cyclists to have a little bit of control while
they’re on the road,” Winkle said. “This is a device that
can help in Decatur and help a lot more people get into

SEE CYCLING ON PAGE 6 A photo of the HANDLD device attached to a bike.

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Litter ruins a near-perfect spring day

Driving around DeKalb County that we in the community have to take active steps in cleaning
on a bright and sunny spring day created and we can solve. their communities. A countywide
can be an inspiring experience. I’ve participated with other community cleanup day is planned
Seeing folks enjoying volunteers in early morning for June 1.
themselves outdoors with foliage in roadside cleanups in my I wholeheartedly support these
bloom reminds us that we live in a
Gale Horton Gay neighborhood that initially left me efforts and encourage other groups
pretty neat place with an abundance feeling great after hours of back- and individuals to follow their lead.
of natural beauty. However, straining work bagging fast food If we want our subdivisions
eventually we encounter sights that wrappers, empty liquor bottles and and neighborhoods to look better,
carelessly discarded.
are far from inspiring—trash strewn an assortment of other discards. we must be willing to roll up
This isn’t a new problem.
along roadsides and sidewalks. After the work was done, our our sleeves and do the work to
Littering has been around for a long
Recently as I was traveling community looked so much better. make it happen. Also let’s start or
time, but it seems that carelessness
along a meandering road on the Sadly, it didn’t take long for the continue conversations with our
about tossing trash from a car
west side of the county, I had this shoulder of the roads to once again young people (and older folks too)
window or dropping unwanted
exact experience. be filled with litter. about valuing the appearance of
items on the ground when walking
The well-traveled road is DeKalb Commissioner our communities and putting trash
has become the norm rather than the
cloaked in towering trees and a Lorraine Cochran-Johnson where it becomes—in a trash can.
variety of foliage which makes it a recently announced she and a
As much as we as a society like
picturesque ride except this day I community group are partnering
to cast blame on others, especially
couldn’t focus on nature’s splendor for a “guerilla-style” marketing
our government, this is a problem
due to all the waste that people had campaign to encourage residents

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Vaccination vacillation
a return just as measles, chicken broken, must be earned. 
“We cannot allow this pox and other ailments considered Let’s not gamble again with
dangerous disease to make a ‘One Man’s less threatening are occurring–even global public health. Drugs are
comeback in New York City,” said
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio
Opinion’ to the extent that some parents
hold “measles/pox parties” to
tweaked and re-patented every day
at the molecular level by big pharma
speaking to the city’s emergency Bill Crane intentionally expose their offspring when seeking the protections of a
powers in matters of public health
in hopes of naturally strengthening new patent. It’s time to step up so
during a press conference on April their immune systems.  that you help remove the doubts of
9.  The annual flu vaccine, as an thousands of families refusing to
There are limits to my belief A not small number in the example, is often administered roll up their sleeves and point their
in modern medicine. Currently scientific community, thousands of without any preservatives, while child’s foot, upper arm, thigh or
only taking one prescription drug parents and families, and several still sparing millions of Americans other body part at the business end
for elevated blood pressure, lots well-regarded studies have indicated from the serious, and in some cases of a needle. How about a little bit
of supplements and CBD oil to that Thiomersal may contribute to fatal, malady of the flu. And yet, of self-directed financial pain for a
deal with a chronic inflammatory or cause autism and other illnesses, with that vaccine both inexpensive significant confidence and consumer
illness. I’m a big believer in including cancer, SIDS and other and almost universally available, trust gain? 
wellness, prevention, chiropractic, neurodevelopmental disorders.  thousands of adults continue to Don’t vacillate, make the smart
exercise and a near daily yoga  While parents have the right choose to avoid it. And, Georgia and easy choice.
practice to help maintain good to make these decisions for their was among the most flu-infested
health. families and children, we are at states in the nation yet again this
 But the evidence is indisputable the same time, more and more year. Bill Crane also serves as a
that vaccines have prevented congregating in cities where  The pharmaceutical industry, political analyst and commentator
serious illnesses among hundreds population density and commonly coming off another year of near for Channel 2’s Action News, WSB-
of millions, saved lives and shrunk used surfaces and gathering places record profits, would do well to AM News/Talk 750 and now 95.5
the world of many killer diseases are also more and more the societal make the common sense decision FM, as well as a columnist for The
into a deep freeze in petri dishes norm, in the United States and to research and deliver other Champion, DeKalb Free Press and
secured within vaults at the Centers elsewhere. A current resurgence preservative options. Protective Georgia Trend. Crane is a DeKalb
for Disease Control and Prevention of the measles in New York City, mothers—like bears and lionesses— native and business owner, living
(CDC). Undoubtedly, preventative originating reportedly within are not likely to simply accept in Scottdale. You can reach him
vaccines have spared both my Orthodox Jewish communities who assurances and admonitions of or comment on a column at bill.
children most of the once more do not vaccinate as a matter of faith, “trust us.” Trust, once lost or 
severe illnesses of childhood.  has moved into the broader public-
Yet I did note a significant school system population.   
increase in both the type and New York’s Mayor Blasio
number of required vaccinations is leading a public awareness
from the birth of daughter No. 1 effort, “Don’t Wait...Vaccinate,”
in 1992 to daughter No. 2 in 2007; to slow the measles outbreak—
both children have been spared already resulting in hundreds of
the pleasure of the measles and hospitalizations—from developing
its German cousin, chicken pox, into a pandemic. The mayor and
mumps and many other maladies city council have mandated the
too numerous to mention.   measles vaccine for school-age
And yet, in many parts children within several ZIP codes
of the first world, parents are in Brooklyn where outbreaks first
increasingly vacillating, or in occurred. Prior to the public health
many cases simply saying no, to emergency declaration, Orthodox
childhood vaccinations. Some Jewish families in the impacted
believe vaccinations harbor neighborhoods and communities
small amounts of heavy metals were simply urged to keep sick
such as mercury and other toxins children at home.
as preservatives. Thiomersal,  Vaccinations, on a global scale,
and its trade name, Merthiolate have all but eradicated the threats of
(patented by Eli Lily in 1928), is a smallpox and polio; and yet without
preservative derived from mercury continued vaccinations among our
and used in the manufacture of new population, these crippling
many medical vaccinations. and fatal diseases may likely make

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The Easter Bunny, a Brookhaven police officer and a volunteer face painter help children with special needs have holiday fun.

Special eggs assure Easter fun for everyone

By Kathy Mitchell hard start and finish time; as daughter and youngsters Izbicki said. “This is our came along to help, and like
children arrived during the like her would not have to first year doing this and other siblings he was free to
Among the challenges two-hour scheduled block of miss the fun of an egg hunt. we’ll probably have a much join in the activities, which
children with special needs time, they could gather eggs Accommodations also have bigger crowd next time. were open to all children.
may face is participating until they reached the limit. been created for children People in Brookhaven really Crabbe said she learned
in what for many families Approximately a dozen with mobility limitations enjoy coming out for family about the event from
are normal childhood children came with parents or other issues that might events.” another parent with a child
activities—including and siblings to participate prevent their participation in In addition to the hunt, at Coralwood School,
hunting eggs during the in what the city called a events such as egg hunts. there were other activities the only public school in
Easter season. How does “holiday funfest,” which The Lynwood Park event for the youngsters, including DeKalb County dedicated
a child look for eggs if he featured beeping eggs and featured child-friendly cornhole tosses and face to serving children with
or she has difficulty seeing magnetic eggs that could be tunes, many songs from painting. The Easter Bunny and without special needs
or walking or has sensory located with special wands. Disney movies, playing also was there to pose for between ages 3 and 6 years.
sensitivity issues? The bean bags were for softly as children with photos with children. Shawn Carrithers, who
Mallory Izbicki, event sensory-sensitive children bunny baskets collected the Melissa Crabbe, who brought his daughters Luci
coordinator with the city who might not like the feel special eggs, which could be brought her 4-year-old and Audrey, said he is
of Brookhaven’s Parks and of plastic eggs. “There also taken to a station where they Down syndrome daughter delighted that Brookhaven
Recreation Department, are children who aren’t were exchanged for treat- Ceci, said the event was not hosted the event. “We
said she saw a solution at comfortable with the noise filled plastic eggs. Ceci’s first Easter egg hunt, always come out to support
her previous job with the and high level of activity “We didn’t know what “but it was the first at which activities like this. That’s
Tallahassee, Fla., Parks at most egg hunts; this is to expect—how many she understood what to do.” the best way to be sure they
and Recreation Department a little mellower,” Izbicki youngsters we would have,” Ceci’s older brother Aaron keep happening.”
and was eager to try it in explained. “We wanted
Brookhaven. to design an event that all
The idea resulted children can participate in
in Brookhaven’s first and is open to any child
Eggstraordinary Easter Egg
Hunt at Lynwood Park on
who can benefit from the
experience.” CYCLING
April 13, a week ahead of The concept of an egg Continued From Page 1A
the city’s annual Easter hunt that’s accessible to
Egg Scramble, which is children with special needs The League of American Bicycles
scheduled for April 20 in is often attributed to David named Decatur an official Bike Friendly
Blackburn Park. Hyche, a Birmingham, Ala., Community. Decatur Active Living also
At the Eggstraordinary dad who while helping a hosts family and senior community bike
Easter Egg Hunt, rather local church prepare for rides.
than being hidden among its annual Easter egg hunt Winkle said test devices will be
grass and leaves, the plastic in 2005 realized that his issued to Decatur residents this summer.
eggs—some of which son could participate in the To sign up to be a beta tester visit
were oversized—along event, but his 19-month-
with bright-colored bean old visually impaired
bags, were strewn around daughter could not. Using
Lynwood Park’s wheelchair skills acquired through his A bicyclist places flowers at the“ghost bike”
accessible outdoor engineering background memorialforPaulH.Taylor,abicycliststruckbya
basketball court behind and ideas from the Blind car and killed in Decatur.
the recreation center. Also, Children’s Center in Los
unlike at many traditional Angeles, Hyche designed
egg hunts, there was no beeping eggs so that his