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Natural Rubber Sheet

MiB Rubber Sheet

International Finance

Submitted To
Tasneema Afrin
Assistant Professor

Submitted By
Kazi Ashfaqul Haq, ZR-03
Manshiah Anis, RH-05
Shams Arefeen, ZR-28
Kazi Ajwad Ahmed, ZR-73
Nabila Hossain, RH-87
BBA 24

Institute of Business Administration

University of Dhaka

Submission Date
7th April, 2019
MiB Rubber Sheet

The Global Rubber Industry has a staggering CAGR of 6.1% that results in 11.705 million
tons(MT) of global rubber consumption translating into a global market of USD 168 billion by
2026. But currently there is a dearth of 4.709MT rubber supply worldwide. With a target of
reaching 0.1 million metric tons of rubber production by 2020 and 0.2 million MT by 2050,
Bangladesh is already seeking a proper infrastructure to become a key supplier to meet the
lucrative worldwide huge demand of rubber.

Though Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India are the leaders in the field of rubber
production, mitigating 85% of the world demand, the geography and climate of Bangladesh
makes it more suitable for the production of high quality rubber that can be converted into high
grade RSS natural rubber sheet at an affordable price due to our capacity and manpower.

Natural Rubber Sheet is used in power transformers, electrical applications, pharmaceutical

industry, industrial buildings, OEM parts, agricultural machines, construction, remodeling,
automotive, defense, marine etc and even for flooring purpose, making orthopedic footwear and
sandblasting curtains. This Natural Rubber Sheet has a dearth of .7MT worldwide and its
demand is growing at CAGR of 2.7%.

Though Indonesia was the major supplier of RSS, they are facing entry barriers in the Chinese
(45% worldwide consumption) and American(21% worldwide consumption) market making
these two countries the Target Market for Bangladesh to tap into, since the demand of RSS in
these two countries is also the highest.

The mission of our project will be to earn Global Recognition in the Rubber Industry (like
currently Bangladesh is in the RMG sector) as one of the finest High Quality Natural Rubber
Sheet Supplier Country, beating Malaysia for the 4th position by the end of the 5th year.