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Local Government Systems 

What is the nature of Local Autonomy?

- It is an infra sovereign subdivision of one sovereign nation.

- Considered as creatures of the Constitution and instrumentalities of the State

What kind of power or authority does the President have over LGUs?

- General supervisory authority directly over provinces, highly urbanized cities and independent
component cities

- This power may be delegated to the DILG

What are the kinds of local autonomy

- Administrative

Differentiate “power of supervision” and “power of control”


The power of the President to see to it that the The power of the officer to alter, modify, nullify or
laws are being properly executed by local set aside what a subordinate officer had done in
government officials or that the affairs of the LGUs the performance of his duties and to substitutte
are being administered in accordance with law the judgement of the former for that of the latter.

What are the 3 principal tiers of local government?

Level Characteristic Responsibility LCE

Provinces - Bigger in terms of land area

They ensure the LCE: Governor

(top level) - Vested with supervisory and review physical & Councilors:
powers over the cities and municipalities development plans
comprising them
- Can perform developmental and
coordinative functions

Municipalities - Units that directly provide essential, Construction and LCE: Mayor

/ Cities frontline services and facilities which are maintenance of Councilors:

(middle level) regularly needed and expected by the pubic roads, Sanguniang
lighting and Panglungsod
- Cities have broader taxing powers than cleaning of streets,
municipalities. They must a population collection of
of at least 200K and an annual income garbage
of at least Php 50M ; if these are not
met, it is called as component cities

- A component city is a part of the

province and is under the administrative
supervision of the latter

Barangay - The primary planning and implementing Assists in the LCE: Punong
agency of government policies plans maintenance of Barangay

and programs day-care centers, Councilors:

distribution of Kagawad
planting materials
and relief goods