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Section - II

Total Marks : 35 marks

Q.5. Select and write the most appropriate answer from the given alternatives for each sub-
question: (7)

(1) Red Data Books are produced by ___________.

c) WWF d) BNHS

(2) The bioaccumulation of pesticides in birds leads to _____________.

a) Thinning of egg shell b) weakening of nest
c) Failure of Migration d) Loss of Feathers

(3) Reabsorption of water in the kidneys is controlled by ___________.

a) ACTH b) Aldosterone
c) Oxytocin d) ADH

(4) QRS is related to ___________________.

a) Atrial Contraction b) Atrial Relaxation
c) Ventricular Contraction d) Ventricular Relaxation

(5) Blood does not coagulate in an intact blood vessel due to the presence of ________.
a) Plasma b) Heparin
c) Thrombin d) Haemoglobin

(6) Number of linkage groups in human beings is _________________.

a) 23 b) 24
c) 22 d) 18

(7) The Cranial Capacity of Cro-Magnon Man is_____________.

a) 1600 cc b) 1450 cc
c) 900 cc d) 800 cc
Q.6A) Answer in one sentence each: (6)
(1) What is the meaning of the term Geological Time Scale?
(2) What is Euploidy ?
(3) What are Holandric Genes ?
(4) What is the meaning of Diapedesis ?
(5) A camel can travel for many days in the desert without consuming water. How is this
possible ?
(6) Give the full form of IUCN.

Q6.B) Sketch & Label : The Structure of Chromosome. (2)

Q6.C) Attempt Any Two of the following: (4)

(1) Give Reason : It is necessary to check the Rh factor of a pregnant woman.
(2) Terrestrial animals are not ammonotelic. Why ?
(3) Why are the human kidneys asymmetrical in position ?
(4) Explain the terms : Hyperparasitism & Kleptoparasitism.

Q.7A) Attempt Any Two of the following: (6)

(1) Explain Miller-Urey experiment in support of Biochemical Evolution.
(2) Write a note on the role of Comparative Anatomy in understanding Human Evolution.
(3) Explain sex Determination in Honey Bees.

Q.7B) Sketch & Label : Ultrastructure of Nephron. (3)

Q.8) Give an account of Human Leucocytes. (7)

Q.8) Describe the conducting system of the Human Heart with a neat & well labeled diagram.



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