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The art exhibition

I was never very interested in art at school but I went to an exhibition of local artists
last year. My friend had bought two tickets for herself and her brother, but he couldn’t
go, so I used his ticket. When my friend and I looked at a list of the exhibits, we saw
that there were over one hundred. I thought, ‘Oh no! We are going to be here for

The exhibits were divided into different rooms and they included sculptures,
portraits, still lifes, and landscapes. We walked from room to room for about an
hour and then my friend asked for my opinion. I was very bored but I didn’t want
to offend her so I said, ‘Oh, it’s fascinating.’ My friend then looked at another painting,
so I walked into the next room.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a mural which filled the whole wall. The style
was abstract, but I could see the main elements of the picture – mountains, a river,
tall trees and sunlight. The shapes were simple and the colours were light and
delicate. The best thing about the image was its effect – it made me feel completely
calm and balanced.

I was still looking at the mural when my friend appeared. She thought that it was
rather cold and depressing, which I couldn’t understand. People’s reactions to art are
a very personal thing, but I’ve visited a lot more exhibitions since I saw my beautiful

1 What did the writer think of art when she was a student?

2 Did the writer have to buy a ticket for herself?

3 How did the writer feel when she saw the number of exhibits?

4 Were all the exhibits pictures?

5 Did the writer tell her friend the truth when she asked for her opinion?

6 What type of picture was the mural that the writer liked?

7 Was the mural very colourful?

8 Why did the writer think the mural was special?

9 Did the writer’s friend share her opinion of the mural?

10 How has the writer changed since seeing the mural?

Suggested answers:

1 She wasn’t interested in it.

2 No, she didn’t. Her friend had bought tickets for herself and her brother, but he couldn’t
go, so the writer used his ticket.
3 She felt unhappy because she thought they would be there for hours.
4 No, they weren’t. There were also sculptures.
5 No, she didn’t. She was bored, but she didn’t say it because she didn’t want to offend
her friend.
6 It was an abstract.
7 No, it wasn’t. The colours were light and delicate.
8 It made her feel calm and balanced.
9 No, she didn’t. She thought it was quite cold and depressing.
10 She has visited a lot more exhibitions.