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Group members: Muhammad Ahmed, Noman Raza, Usman Hashim, Muqaddus, Zahida and Ayesha

What are the elements of curriculum?

There are five elements of curriculum which are as follows
 Situational analysis
 Formulation of objectives
 Selection of content
 Strategies and method of teaching
 Evaluation

What are the factors for selecting educational objectives?

There are four main factors for selecting and formulating the objectives of education. These are
 The society
 The knowledge
 The learner
 The leaning process

What are the factors consider at time of content selection for curriculum?
At the time of content selection, the following factors are consider
 Available sources and resource
 Demand of the society
 International needs
 Level and age of learner
 Methods of content organizations
 Number of course offered
 Scope of subject matter
 System of examination
 Type of society and culture

Write evaluation as element of curriculum.

Evaluation is one of the active processes, which needs a continuous research and evaluation for its betterment in
order to cope with the demand of the society and bring about desirable changes. Curriculum evaluation is not a
student evaluation. It is a broader term being used to make judgment about the worth and effectiveness of it.
With the help of evaluation phase expert san modify the curriculum by bringing about desirable changes.

What are the merits of integrated curriculum?

The merits of integrated curriculum are
 There is no extra burden of books in integrated curriculum.
 Integrated curriculum is time saving.
 Students learn more efficiently in the guidance of skilled teacher.
 Both students and teachers involve in learning process.
 Integrated curriculum helps students to apply skills.

Why integrated curriculum is important for students?

 Students see relationships among ideas and concepts as they plan and experience a theme based inquiry.
 Relationships between in- and out-of-school topics become obvious to students.
 Communication processes become authentic as students engage in thematically based learning activities.
 Students are encouraged to share ideas. As they listen to one another, their personal bases of ideas are
 Students become more responsible and engaged in their learning.
Multiple choice questions

1. Which one is not the element of curriculum?

(a) Content (b) Evaluation (c) Objectives (d) Design

2. Effectiveness of curriculum is determine by

(a) Content (b) Evaluation (c) Objectives (d) Method

3. Curriculum evaluation is not a _____________

(a) Teacher evaluation (b) Student evaluation (c) Assessment (d) None of these

4. Which one is not the factor for selecting and formulating the objectives of education?

(a) The society (b) The knowledge (c) The learner (d) Teacher

5. Integrated curriculum enhance the student’s

(a) Knowledge (b) information (c) Behaviour (d) a and b

6. _________ is a broader term being used to make judgment about the worth and effectiveness of

(a) Curriculum evaluation (b) Curriculum Design (c) Student evaluation (d) none of these