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BAROQUE MUSIC: playlist and exercises

Name: Ara Casado Group: 3ºC

Use the description of the videos as a help.

1. Johann Sebastian Bach: Kantata BWV 147 - Nikolaus Harnoncourt
Classify, according to the different parts of the opera, this fragments. Name the
instruments and singers that play the main role.

0:00: Is an aria, a trumpet and the chorus plays the main role.
5:04: Is recitative, a tenor and the violins plays the main role.
6:50: Is an aria, alto and the oboe d’amore plays the main role.
10:27: Is a recitative part, bass and a violin plays the main role.
12:10: An aria part, a soprano and a violin plays the main role.
16:34: Is an aria, a trumpet and chorus plays the main role.
19:30: Is an aria, a tenor and a viola plays the main role.
23:25: Is a recitative part, an alto and a viola plays the main role.
25:45: An aria part, a bass, trumpet and oboes plays the main role.
28:40: An aria, the chorus plays the main role.

2. Mischa Maisky plays Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G

How many different parts has this work? Write their names in increasing tempo order.
Has six parts.
1. Gigue
2. Courante
3. Allermande
4. Menuet
5. Sarabande
6. Prelude

Classify the Suite according to the scheme I gave you

Is instrumental music, solo work.

3. 12 Sonatas en Trio / Sonate da Chiesa, Op. 3 Parte 1 - Corelli (Partitura)

Write the time code for each movement of the first sonata and name its tempo marking.

The time code is C, its tempo marking is grave.

What instruments play the basso continuo?

A violin and an organ play the basso continuo.

CONCERTI: name the soloist instrument of each of the following concerti.
A Bolette Roed, recorder.
A transverse flute.
A baroque trumpet.
Violins, played by an orchestra.
A bassoon and a harpsichord.

9. Name the instruments that play the concertino
Harpsichord, violins, violas, violas da gamba, cellos, violine, flute, recorders, oboes,
bassoon, horns and trumpet.

10. Bach, Toccata and Fugue in D minor, organ

Describe the texture in the following fragments:

1:07-1:18: monophonic texture.
1:35-1:48: homophonic texture.
1:48-1:53: homophonic texture.
2:29-2:35: monophonic texture.
2:39-2:49: polyphonic texture.
2:51-end: polyphonic texture.