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LLM Criminal Law, Criminology & Forensic Science I Semester Instructions for Assignment: Write assignment on any one of the following Assignment carry 10 marks Assignment must be Handwritten The assignment shall not exceed 2000 words eG PERS BENE Criminology and Criminal Jurisprudence (Course =1) Assignment topics Role of criminals in grave offences, Mental state of eri Relationship of criminals with certain class of victims. Mens rea and motive of criminals. Human Rights and Criminal Justice System (Course 11) Assignment topics Death penalty. Right against handeuffing. Right of reasonable wages of prisoners. Role of SHRCs in India. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (Course ~ 111) Assignment Topics Examine the importance of Research Problem in the Research and identify the steps to be followed along with the suitable illustrations Examine the scope of *Case study’ as a research method to conduct research. What are the steps to be followed while formulating a case study? Illustrate your answer. Examine the scope of ‘interview’ as a method to collect the ‘Data.’ What are the steps to be followed by an interviewer? Provide suitable examples ‘What is a Project Report? Examine various components that must be included while preparing a research project report. we LLM Criminal Law, Criminology & Forensic Science 1 Semester Project Instruction: L PAG Based the materials provided in the Course Modules and based on your own research prepare a project proposal on any one. The Project work shall be type written and shall not exceed more than 6000 words. ‘The Project work carries 20 marks Kindly find a copy of the model project work uploaded on the University's Website for needful assistance Criminology and Criminal Jurisprudence (Course =I) Project Topics. inal jurisprudence relating to mental state of criminals. 1-6 2. Types of criminals. 3. Defenses of criminals. 4, Reformative theory of punishment relating to criminals. Human Rights and Criminal Justice System. (Course 11) Project Topics UN Convention on Human Rights. Indian Constitution and human rights. ‘Human rights of marginalized groups. Right against torture. Research Methodology (Course - 111) Project Proposal ments (a) Four Research Objectives; (b) Four Research Questions; (©) A Hypothesis (d) A questionnaire comprising of 10 Questions each to be administered to any two groups in the civil society;(The questions may comprise of Yes — No ‘Answers; Fill in the blanks; Multiple Choices and Grading) and, (e) Summary note of the literature survey comprising of two textbooks and two articles from journals in 300-400 words on each literature. Themes 1. Scope of judicial review of executive discretion 2. Burden of proof and emerging trends in Indian Criminal Justice System ~A ique on Legislations 3. A critical study of Corporate Social Responsibility 4,A critical study of India’s National responses to deal with Anti-compet