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Footage of outside of Ed Beaty building on Here at Aims community college in Ed Beaty

Aims campus. Hall it seem like a regular college campus.

But quickly you see that magic is happening.

Footage of walking in the doors. On air sign Welcome to Aims student radio. The way
in shot. Recording button in shot. radio should be. We have Cameron, Brady
and Shelton in the studio. Our program we’re
the number one broadcasting school in
Colorado right now but our program is huge
we get more and more people all the time.

Footage from interview with Joe. (Lower My name is Joe, I am the radio station
third graphic: Joe Cross, Aims Instructor) instructor. I teach all the radio classes I handle
all- as you can see in my room here- I handle
all the things required for the radio station to
function. I deal with student issues, teach a lot
and just kinda run the whole radio station

Footage of Joe working with a student. Instructors provide hands on experience to

Pictures of him on air with a student and in students that goes above and beyond the
the studio. regular teaching duties. From live on air
collaborations to editing and speech practice
these instructors’ knowledge enhances the
students skills and provides a foundation for
future DJs.

Footage of interview with Cameron. (Lower We introduce ourselves, do weather and then
third graphic: Cameron Gibson, Aims student close out and do music in between and ads.

Footage of Cameron on air doing weather in And then tomorrow’s high will be 70...
the studio.

Footage of two other student DJs on air in the And it’s allowing these DJs to not only learn
studio. Pictures of students in the studio. radio but communication skills and learn how
Pictures of studio equipment. to adapt to whatever environment whether it
be radio, podcast, news outlets, TV or
anything like that but the student DJs are the
most important part of this whole program.
Without them the program doesn’t exist,
without student DJs stuff like radio will die long as we have people that really are
passionate about this (about media about
radio) as long as they’re willing to learn it’s
gonna make the future of all of this better.

Footage of interview with Cameron. I’ll probably get a four-year degree in

journalism or communications. I wanna go
into ESPN and broadcast for sports so that’s
gonna be awesome.

Footage of Cameron on air signing off. We’re gonna get back to some music and
once we get back we’ll probably sign off for
the day, we’re not sure yet. We’ll probably
sign off for the day and this Aims student
radio, the way radio should be.

Footage of banner showing the station. You can tune into the Aims student radio
show at 89.1 FM or streaming 24/7 at