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School District of Indian River County (6500 57 Steet « Vero Geach Fld, 32957 « Telephone: 772-864-3000 « Fax: 772-884-3054 Mark J, Rendell, Ed.D. - Superintendent Api 24, 2018 Helo Everyone, | willbe leaving the posto Superntondent on May 24,2018. thas beenapvlge to sav alongside you forthe lst four yar. Lam ‘very pra of what we have been able to accomplish during Wat te. | want highlight just few ofthe achievements. The snglebest measure of school ists scoees ets graduan rate. We Rave made icant gai inthe graduation rate over the lst four yes. ‘As adit, we hav improved trom 81% o 9%, the highest gat rate ever. (Our Afian American student grad ato hasincrasod fom 65% to 82%, ‘Our Hispanic student grad rate has ceased fom 79% to 88% ‘Our White student grad rate increased fom 86% 10 96% ‘We have sgnfeanty expanded access to challenging an varied coursework or our students. As one of my menos used to say, “Mote go stu for more kids.” “© Weave enralled mare stents, across alti groups, n Advanced Placement, Intemational Baccalaureate, end aL Ermolment Courses than eve before, + Weopened Treasure Coast Technical College o provide tring in high.wage high-skl occupations that wi inmosate needs in he worktoe + We add a dl onaimenprogtam with Embry Ride Aronautcal Uniersiy that focuses on Asrnautial Sts a oth Sebastian River and Vero Beach High School, We hate strengthened existing parnershigs with community aqgarizatons and ciated new ones, These parerships have proved rect supporto students nd teaches. Here ae some examples: ‘Wt ho suppot ofthe Learring Alice we have been able place atonal personnal nour elena schools to asst stugging reader inthe prenary grades. ‘Ou prtership wth the Educaton Foundation has provided funding or choos annual tacos to implement innovative programs and dey impact arin, ‘We have expanded acess ater school suppor opportunites fr students in programs such asthe iors Youth ‘Achievement Conte, Boy & Gis Ci, Oasy Hope Centr, and Crossover Mission, We are in human business Ike no oer. None ofthis happens witout the hard work and dedication ofthe people nour organization ‘nour community. Everyone of us plays roe: tansporition, to food sence, mainlenance adnan, andthe cst fie | woud ie to close by recognizing that the mast challenging work, and most rewarding work, happen inthe assoom. Over th as ‘our yar, have had the grea fortune witness ncebe teaching andlearing. Te magic thethapensin hese classrooms refecs ‘he relatonship betweon the adults ae chien working together. ‘Thank you, foal the hard work and dedication on behalf of ur young peopl Shee, fark. onde “Educate and inspire every student o be successfur Det Sost ¢ Jeune Rosas ¢ LauaZoe «Tet Bawa «TMM Jeo Dat ‘ener? ‘asia ‘isis Deets “To serve all students with excallonce”