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2018-2019 Special Chorus Lesson Plan

Date: Materials: Special Special Chorus Process

Seating /Folder Charts Components & Standards
2/14/19- Chorus Creating: Conceiving & developing new
Octavo: Firefly
2/21/19 Octavo: Seize the Day
artistic ideas & work
Octavo: Funga Alafia  SC.Cr.1.1 - Generate rhythmic and
Voice flexing cards melodic ideas and motive.
Book: The Sight Singer: Page 9, #3 Plan & Make
Quick Starts – Page 4, 18  SC.Cr.2.1 – Improvise rhythmic
Timer – on stand in front of room and melodic ideas demonstrating
an understanding of characteristics
Clearly Stated Objectives (in student terms): Evaluate & Refine
TSW Differentiate between two vocal parts and the piano score when using octavo music; Sight sing selected  SC.Cr.3.1 - Evaluate their musical
choral warm-ups; Sing with good breath control through his/her vocal range; ideas.
Anticipatory Set:  SC.Cr.4.1 – Share, in an ensemble,
creative ideas that demonstrate an
 Double Time – Warm-up – Page 4, 18 understanding of musical
 Voice Flexing cards (4-5) characteristics
Performing- realizing artistic ideas and
Lesson Procedure: work through interpretation and
 Assign folders and folder partners. presentation
Input/Modeling, Guided Practice, Checking for Understanding,

 Pass out folders and get them assigned to students and partners.  SC.Pr.1.1 - Use teacher created
 Review breathing – use hoberman sphere criteria to select music for a
specific purpose and explain why it
 The Sight Singer: Page 9 , #3 was chosen.
o Put on board and have student’s try to figure out rhythm; whoever gets the rhythm Analyze
gets a mint life saver.  SC.Pr.2.1 - Read and identify
standard symbols for rhythm, pitch
 Discuss Posture – use Scooby Doo Dog as a demonstration and dynamics.
 Octavo: “Fireflies” Interpret
o review whole song with guys and girls  SC.Pr.3.1 - Identify and
demonstrate expressive qualities
 listen for artistic points to work on
Independent Practice

within a musical performance.

 Octavo: “Seize the Day”  SC.Pr.3.2 - Understand
connections between text, music,
o Review 1st verse lyrics (m. 16-33) cultural context and performance
 Boys echo girls (m. 15-24) of literature.
 Girls echo boys (m. 25-33) Rehearse, Evaluate & Refine
 SC.Pr.4.1 - Demonstrate the
 Hold out long notes full value! elements of choral/vocal
 Help remind girls of their harmony (notes) in m. 29 technique.
 Help remind boys of their harmony (notes) in mm. 30-32  SC.Pr.4.2 - Recognize and respond
to conducting gestures
o Review pickups to mm. 34-41
 Help boys hear their harmony  SC.Pr.5.1 - Demonstrate
o Learn mm. 42-end appropriate performance decorum
 Echo sing mm. 42-49 to learn lyrics and audience etiquette
 Octavo: “Funga Alafia”  SC.Pr.5.2 - Perform the music with
technical accuracy and expressive
o Work on diction of foreign language (echo teach)
qualities to convey composer's
 Percussive sining intent.
o mm. 13-16 girls sing (same diction has before with pitch)  SC.Pr.5.2 - Demonstrate
 boys echo appropriate responses to a variety
o m. 17-20 help boys learn harmony of genres through both performing
and listening.
Responding – Understanding &
evaluating how the arts convey meaning
 SC.Re.1.1 - Select music based on
Closure: Assessment: NA concert theme and personal
At end of choir end on a “+” note by silently thanking their experience.
shoulder partner with a high-five, a thumbs up, a peace out, or any Analyze
 SC.Re.2.1 - Identify various musical
type of silent praise! elements and how they inform the
response to music.
 Sc.Re.3.1 - Identify ways in which
musical elements and text
influence expressive intent.
 SC.Re.4.1 - Assess performances
using established criteria.
District General Music Lesson Plan Template – 6 Grade