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Pioneer Pre-Intermediate

Introduction Activities
Pioneer Clips and Pioneer On View can be used as Each video from Pioneer Clips and Pioneer On View
a supplement to the Pioneer series. They thoroughly comes with a worksheet containing a variety of activities.
revise and consolidate the language (vocabulary, They include:
functions and structures) presented in the Student’s • pre-viewing
Book, providing additional listening and speaking The topic of the video is introduced through a discussion
practice. The videos have been designed so that they and/or simple vocabulary activities.
can be used effectively in class or by students working • prediction
individually or in small groups. Students look at images from the video and guess the
answers to given questions. The aim of the activity is
Videos to introduce the students to the topic and situation and
Pioneer Clips is based on the syllabus of Pioneer. also help them make predictions and have expectations
Each episode corresponds to a specific module of the about the video they are going to watch.
Student’s Book. Furthermore, each episode focuses
• while-viewing
on the vocabulary, functions and structures of the
There are various activities which are completed while
corresponding module. This is done through a wide
watching each video. The focus is on understanding gist
variety of video clips which present everyday situations
or main ideas.
through the use of humour.
• post-viewing
Pioneer On view consists of 3 factual videos presented
These activities are completed after students have
in a documentary style. Each episode corresponds to
watched the video. Students practise the key language
4 modules of the Student’s Book. The episodes present
functions and structures introduced in the video.
cultural and cross-curricular information about various
topics such as sights, places, countries and animals, etc. • oral practice
This is a pair work or group work activity which involves
All videos can be watched with or without subtitles,
students in meaningful communication. The focus is on
depending on the students’ needs.
practising the key language functions and structures
introduced in the video.
Particular attention has been paid to activities which are
specific to audio-visual media. The symbol on the
worksheets indicates that the video should be watched
in order to complete the activity.
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