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Postcolonial Moves: Medieval Through Modern Ealited by Patricia Clare Ingham and Michelle R. Warren palgrave CHAPTER ONE Post-Philology ‘Mice, Waren [> woris no longer in we Many woul sce, he ake to heart Ren A) weeks sevice "to sbandon” poly thogetber Fak, howeter, il [fender sbovt de ftte and eoncades with» question tat a inter |] ceetmesince st ced the prospect of acing» gadute couse In | shiciogy (eadkionaly techie course for metas in medieval ads) for sadens primary inerested in modern bteatares "Does ology, backward Tooking to her core, have 3 fare teni?™™ | My experience with "“Intodcton to Romance Phelogy" ke me to de the queton interns specie to cent eel debates can | Biology reach the next post slong wih te "moder andthe "eclo- tia? How can a dicpine devoted to metr-narraties about language | cope wh crue ofthe nity ofboth lnguoge and subject? And show can + dicipine fostered ithe st of nineteenth-eantury Enopem clonal engage cioqusof tht history and is legacies? “ppl servo thre quer, th ey ous sever fens of at wl eal pilin the bope dat phology and conempo~ 20 Mihalle R. Were Post PimoLocy 2 postmodern and postcolonial studies, either implicidy or explicy Fie pare of this ey chen, surveys the problems of deGaiton tat bes | all tees terms. The second pare turns to phillogy’s overt encounter ‘wih postmodernism since the 1980s, he til to various interaction berween philology and postcolonial studies The examples | adduce wi ns the already ively pracice of pose-philology: by outing a dednk ‘don I mean les to cll for the cention at soathing new than to endel ‘ible the shred implications ofthese practices. ‘aratves and thes of emablhed forme of roi and polite! legiima- “ton, Posmodernim cals inca question the autonomy and unity of the man bjt the condo of knowledge in gener era | Paso! presents a sialy double relationship to tory: "ter bah 3 break with colonial pve and an ongoing engagement wth = thi legacies and renewals And Ue pestnoden, pastel eters to bath Iitorcal and aetherc conditions. For Arf Dis the tem eeference | threefold che formerty colonized societies now exiting indepen © tnt nation-states, the global condition afer the modcen period of | lon, and discourses on the preceding two condition. Lavra "Chrisman divides the field someshat diferent the forasedy colonized Societies now existing 2s independent nation-states, intellectual nd fethetic products of colonization, and an individually chosen rabjet = portion Although other variants on this basi split between geo- Feta epoenation cold ney be aed ander po fal engagement subtends all connoutions of putofoua such that is ‘eeu asan academic field of dy in the universities of former imperial overs siself suspicions Indeed, for some cities the globalizing pect of potolonial dacoure renders it new form of colon that ‘oredooks cultural and chs diferences” a Philtgyposmoder and poston are inked Gest and foremose by the respective identity crises: numerous publications expose definitions} ontoversies, Bymologieally phology designates 2 potentially ifn fange of tctvtes conducted for “the love of language” Disciplinary the range is only sigh less broad, and ineladeshitriallingusiy | textual editing, lterary seals and the study of rational cults? I ‘Selah Modan Languages snd Letra, which inhi chop on composton theta, teary theory ngage seqesiton ian Su borer sues among obeys casied onder 4 ng descrip “Phsloogy Moder Rese. Philly tus mediates betwen bode understanding of text bated knowledge athe tos spec Sned techniques for producing texts. Py for thi tein, fs 30 ‘big sd ie ; rom 1 plllogcl perspective, pst seems ela sigh | forwards eles to wha comes afer aden Ata st eel, then, oe ‘nodon designates Bisel pio, sugh thre sie sreemet "Shouts parameters (wen dé odin end? di tend in hee ohn Pow call "cut sod nninlene ratance fo Jnl clr ld can the postoder alo end?) The temporal vl aodenity® For poseclonal odie, tseatonshp iso dificult that ‘of pos however, is weakened by postmodernist’ sestetiedeitons fan receive ary apposite formulations or Dipesh Chakrabarty ‘whieh reer oats epeenation that dtu ines and hitteiel | poder part of Europe colonial we foe Beis Paty and ‘clstons they are charctraed by agmentation, lack of rferene, Homi Bhabha colonials conatitave of Eoropena modeaisy) In toric, contingency, | sther am the relitonsip it both hori Gi teon to ninetetad Becton Posmoscen aesthetics betsy 4 ert of representation fle ff and vweneth-cntiry Esope and seein ration to slat ep ‘ont 9 modernism supposedly confide airtns oft aces | entation). Ths duble engagemens, Cieiman points ou, "allows mph the smerchangsity of mater (geogrphiel,polcl d © sconomi) with sothete and lterpetaive proceses"™ Ae 3 real, + sil appear o share a number of tras as dseiplinary practices (besides | welapread are by people who Feely admit heir conceptual inadeqoa- 6). Both poswalen ad posteloil, for example, xsgue totalizing oF | spiveralizing geturer Kerme Anthony Appiah aoter tht posted [ism rejects "clams to exchsvty” while Dice aims tht post [clonal discourse repudiates master natatives. Both concepts ena ‘vhat Appin cll “challenges to calier lgitimating narratives min=