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English 12 Investigative Research Paper

Peer Edit 2019

PEER EDITOR: Hunter Gier
WRITER: Sylvia Sharpe
Please COMPLETE the following steps ALONG WITH MAKING COMMENTS (Use
“Editing” Feature) ON GOOGLE DOCS to receive Peer Editing Points.

(1) LOOK OVER PAPER. Does the Writer include:

__X___ Works Cited Page with Correct MLA Format (Check Google Classroom Tips
or OWL) Make Sure it is Alphabetized by first letter--Author or Article. Flush left first
line/second line tabbed once (must do this manually).
___X__ Title on First Textual Page (No other Information because of Title Page.)
___X__ MLA Page Formatting (Name and rolling page number in upper right hand
___X__ Five to Seven Pages of Text (Must be a FULL 5 Pages at least)
(2) READ Paper. (No marking. Allow the Paper to “speak” to you. Just Read!)
Two Comments:
(1) Make sure that MLA page is showing.
(2) Make sure that the title page is separate from your first writing page.

(3) HIGHLIGHT IN RED any Mechanics Problems. (Do the best you can!)
Comment on Mechanics:___Great _x__Good ___Few Prob ____Lots of Prob
Biggest Problem: ____RunOn ___Frag ___Sp ___Wording__x__Commas


Highlight Thesis
Is it One Sentence? _X__ Yes ____ No
Does it State Main Idea of Paper? _X__ Yes ____ No
Is it too Opinionated? (Remember, it should Explore Topic Not Rant!)_x__No ___Yes
Suggestions for Thesis: _X___ Great ___ Okay but could be Better ____ Needs Work
(1) I love how you can clearly understand what it’s about.
(2) Showed both sides equally.


Is there a Topic Sentence for Each Paragraph? in Paper__X__ Yes ____ No
Do They have some Thread from the Thesis? _X___ Yes ____ No
Suggestions on Topic Sentences: ____All Great __X__ Some Okay ____None
(1) A couple near the end weren’t very clear on the topic.
(2) Try to give it a main focus.


Explain Attention Grabber: ____ Great __X__Okay but could be Better ___Needs Work
What was used? ____ Statistics ____ Story __X__ Questions ____Other
(7) CHECK HISTORY (CAUSE): __X__Great ___Okay but could be Better __ Needs Work
Does it Explain How Topic Began? _X__ Yes ____ No
Does it Detail Who was Involved in its Beginnings? __X___ Yes _____No
Does it Provide When? Where? __X__ Yes ___ No
Do you now Understand the Topic’s History? __X__Definitely ___ Sort of ____ No

(8) CHECK PROGRESSION (EFFECT):_X_Great __Okay but could be Better

__Needs Work
Does it Explain the Topic’s Development in History? __X__ Yes ___ No
Does it Detail Those involved as Time Progresses? ____ Yes _X__ No
Does it Discuss Negative or Positive Changes? __X__ Yes ____ No

(9) CHECK PROBLEM:__X__Great ___Okay but could be Better __ Needs Work

Does it Discuss Topic’s Present Concerns? _X__ Yes ___ No
Does it Discuss Who is Involved with These Concerns? _X__ Yes ___ No
Does it Discuss its Pros? _X___ Yes ____ No
Does it Discuss its Cons? __X__Yes ____ No

(10) CHECK SOLUTIONS:___X_Great ___Okay but could be Better __ Needs Work

How many does Paper Discuss? _X__ One ___ Two ____ Three ____ Four

(11) CHECK CONCLUSION:____Great _X__Okay but could be Better __ Needs Work

Does it Wrap Up Paper Points? __X___ Yes ____ No
Does it refer back to Thesis? _X___ Yes _____ No
Does it provide Futuristic View of Topic? _X___ Yes ____ No
Does it provide Food for Thought? ___ Yes _X__ No

(8) CHECK Parenthetical Citations.

_____ Author’s Last Name ________ Article Name _______ Other ___X_____
__X___ Total Number Parenthetical (Minimum 9)
__12___ How Many Sources? (ALL CITED ON Works Cited Page Used=Minimum 9)


(1) The attention getter is alright but I feel like you could make it more grabby.
(2) Just check all your punctuation and formatting , other than that it was great!

~ Remember to use the EDITING “Suggesting” function in Google Docs (found in Upper right-
hand corner) AND complete this form. Both are necessary to earn peer editing points! Be
thorough! Help your peer! You are the last stop before a teacher grades the essay. Getting
more than one peer edit is highly suggested:)