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ie MKG-XV/TE Write here Roll Numbs “ugh grt ek fre sea erat ‘CHPET/1T/03 POST CODE (aie WE: er and Answer-Sheet No. a Roll No. / sepia: Answer-Sheet No,/ 77 —aPra teat Time Allowed: 2hours OBJECTIVE TYPE TIER-ONE EXAMINATION Maximum Marks : 200, | fraftc aa: 2 He argits feavaa ata sire af 200 | | Decoration by irvleter Dacarion by Canalo Seat Norber writen by the Candidate a the queston paper ana} Back ne OMF Shee ar coréctandine Araver Shot Number mates) [Sao ne Question Bookie Nmbor exact ‘Signature ofthe invilotor with Namo} Pecan tan ae Snes that he Rll Number ad the Arse onderake otto empl any una means in this exam. | have checked me Questo} ‘Number an he Anseor Shaet Nunbar ar bah are sca and have ber} ere by ne wheter Idea Signature ofthe Cancale with Name Read the following instructions carefully wei & oer a eet Ae ‘before you begin to answer the questions, fered age at om ag ai IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. (At quastions are compulsory ana cary equal marks 2. The paper carries negative markings. For each wrong answer 0.25 mark will be deducted. 8. In case of any discrepancy between ths English and Hind versions of any question, the Engish version wil be treated fs fnaauhontc. 4, The candidate needs to circle as “00” as the fst 2 dit the fst 2 columns of the Rall No, it the Roll No. is a8 gt No, 5. OMA Anawer-Shast is enclosed In this Booklet. You must the gelais of Roll Number, Question Booklet No., fewer Sheet and Answer-Shee! No. onthe above in this Question Booket, befor you actully sweting the quastone alin which your Anwer'Shest Aino! be evaluates ans you wl be awarded ZERO mark ‘You must not ear off or remove any sheet from tis Booklet, The Answer-Sheat must be handed aver to tne Invigiator belore you leave tho Examination Hall UNTIL YOU ARE TOLD TO DO SO setigant & fer reraqul arya 4. mh et send @ wen ga eT GiB | 2. mayen Serer cir 28 1 2. af oi ues fed nen ht gre Hat si 8 SH saa Awe aH aT a 4 ae ages oon sont Ae gen Bae 2 ate Heh 2 si, Seu 00" sia wt | eat geied shore seta | eer tiseh sean ae tes sae | ae sacri 3 os ee | ra een, rake es FS Sie nae | fer een sore i ‘ara att aa ai feat | 6. egret ign a Sma | Enza ara lar ta EA eR eI Le DO NOT OPEN THE SEAL OF THE BOOKLET 1. This Booklet contains 200 questions in al comprising the | Fats waa 2 | igorena seem 7._va yferan 8 ei 200m 2, ia fteafefera sre ois & Sections] Test Components ene) age | | [ae] ster fe sei on] TSE a) vars sr 2 28 | General anaranne = | 25] 3) | Gena! luge ae yma et Fensorieg Ry wo| 6 ni ea 2 ent 19 | Aen ad ac iy 2 | 1249] |) a |serfate wa teres dar ” ais IIe E M [euhingepsmdcorpererscn| a0 |_asis||)| |@S ae a fF ae | Post Some Suter elated wi [sit sn ate ste » coon le stone 100 | 205) ||) eae reat 700 205 8. Use of Calculator PalmiopiLaptop/Other Digital Instrumentt ‘MobileiGell PhonerPager is not allowed, 9. Cancates found guity of miscenduetssing unalrmeans inh Ezarinaton Hall wil be lable or appropriate ponaMega acto, 10. The mannerin which difernt questions are tobe answered has been explained atthe Back o hie Booklet, which you shoul ‘ead careluly belore actually answering the questions. 11. No ough Work is to be done on the Answer-Sheot. @ Beige / aHeHT | SEH / oe Fem seer / Hee 7 Be a / tat zy set aaah vt na 8 gan ora a ad oe a ten aferena esta Aura: rd an eH 1 10. faired & sec 28 A Fa ge goer HS IR Ea AR}, om rah Bam HA eA OragiE a 11, aig are afl | Go through instructions given qa gtaar A aie aa awa Ge wa TH in Page No. 48 (Back Cover Page) aE SECTION-A MKG-XV/TECHPET/AT/03 i) General Awareness Which of the following statements is true regarding alluvial soils ? 4. Itis rich in nitrogen. 2. Notideal for sugarcane cultivation. 3. Aluvialtracks are intensively culivated and densely populated in India. Select the correct answer. (A) Only 1 (8) Only2 (C) Only3 (D) Allthe above Which of the following is incorrect of their formulation ? (A) Wildlife Conservation Act - 1972 (B) Project Tiger — 1973 (C) Project Elephant — 1992 (D) Environment Protection Act - 1984 Atal Bihari Vajapayee, had been a Prime Minister for (A) One time — (B) Two times (C) Three times (D) Four times Consider the following statements about pulses cultivation 1. Need less moisture. 2. Can survive in dry condition. 3. India exports pulses more than its import, Select the correct answer. (A) Only 1 (B) Only3 (©) tand2 (0) tand3 Match List—I with List Il and select the correct answer using the code given below the Lists. Minerals Mine 4. Zine = a, Amjhore 2. Gold = b. Sukinda 3. Chromite = o, Zawar 4. Pyrite = d. Hutti Codes : (A) i-a 2-b 4-c 3-d (8) 3-a 2-b 4-c 1-d (C) 3-a 4-b 2-c 1-d (D) 1-a 4-b 2-c 3-d 6. 10. As per Gensus 2011, which one of the following is the correct descending order of States in India is respect of sex ratio {female per thousand of males] ? (A) West Bengal>Machya Pradesh> Uttarakhand > Jammu and Kashmir Madhya Pradesh > West Bengal > Jammu and Kashmir > Uttarakhand Uttarakhand > West Bengal>Maghya Pradesh > Jammu and Kashmir West®Bengal > Uttarakhand > Madhya Pradesh > Jammu and Kashmir (8) (©) (0) ‘SAMPRIT! — 2017’ is a joint military exercise between armed forces of India and (A) Bhutan (B) Bangladesh (C) Pakistan (D) Myanmar Infrared, visible and ultravioletradiations/ light have different properties. Which one of the following statements related to these radiationsilight is not correct ? (A) The wavelength of infrared is more than that of ultraviolet radiation. (8) The wavelength of ultraviolet is smaller than that of visible light. (C) The photon energy of visible ligt is more than that of infrared light. The photon energy of ultraviolet is lesser than that of visible light. World Development Report is issued (0) & IME (B) World Bank (C) WHO (D) UNDP Read the following statements 1. During 1951 India’s literacy was 18%, 2, 2011 census female literacy is 65.46 3. 2018 — 19 budget allocation for education is nearly 3.5% of GDP. Select the right answer. (A) Only 3 (B) 4 and2 (C) Allthe above (D) 2 only Ee MKG-XV/TECHPET/1T/03 aw1-a i) ara are 1. Refataa tS aa ser dre yer 6. SFMT 2011 agar, ferngaM (afar aaaae? SAR rl Ss a 1, Feagdisn 8 ey eres | Fal save ea Mefeifiad HS sha 8 7 2. Tas & fay onresi aa | (A) Sign ane > nea weer > sa > 3. dine aa ane a aeig Se eT any otk areiie atte nett ST aad 8 (B) wer wast > wigaT amar > sey Tk wal et BAe wai > Tas (A) Sac 1 (B) Faa2 (C) swiras > Witas set > Wea WaT > (C) 3303 (D) Ste at sia area a aia a Presta Bat (Cpa TT aS ta a aay sit ait (A) Fanta seem afte - 1972 (B) aa aie - 1973 (C) weft afciisen - 1992 (0) qafaen eee sift - 1984 aaa fret at % fere wart @ | (A) WAR (B) dar (c) daar (OD) War wae A Gd & ait Ff Feafatad erat fear Fe 1, Saat A ora er 1 2. yen aiteateel a of ce adi 21 a: See Feta a rae ae 1 wal ae afin: (A) at 1 (B) saa 3 (Cc) 13% 2 (D) 133 . Lar aet-1@ frags ait a at 7 five Selick Siaeasir ik = -a eat 2. — b. Bfaar 3. SINTEE - 6, Ta 4, ETE -4 a He: (A) 1-a 2-b 4-c 3-d B) 3-a 2-b 4-c i-d (C) 8-a 4-b 2-c 1-d D) 1-2 4-b 2-c 3-d © tte “asic — 2017" ana St aera Sarsit Sata aga da Hae el (A) We (B) arenes (C) after (D) 7a sere, za aie cers fafa (smear Anu beaded tre [SR See Sa 2 ee aT (A) Seana gy en Sse 1 (8) Tete it ctateten eva wee a ae aa 81 (c) eS afte eri 2 (D) waetr ft wieta Sal ger verre a aa etal fra era fte__ararsn Arar 21 (A) IMF (B) faa sa (C) WHO. (0) UNDP frafefag seri a afge 4, 1951 eer yr fl BINT 18% ef) 2 er sa Sa ee 1 3. 2018 - 19 ase orien A ferent % fare, oe reel TK % (A) ¥aet 3 (B) 13k (C) sate a (0) Far 2