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TAREK MOHAMED TAREK ARCHITECT / DESIGNER LECTURER ASSI ABOUT ME My Tae M Teck ee atchitect- who seeks to create arts through ecolgical that fill the mental reeds in oor dilly Ei, yl conserving the environment & wife Being a passionate architect gives me th ergs fone eter Kknowiedge for younger archite be CONTACT Functional "spac inable soko Address: 16 Gar Eh sadeg Phone: Email tonfouad@ms PERSONAL INFO. DATE OF BIRTH NATIONALITY aaa eggeee ee MARITAL STATUS MILITARY SERVI LANGUAGES ‘ARABIC; MOTHER TONGUE ENGLISH: VERY GOOD (WRITTEN & SPOKEN JAPANESE: F Sa Slo Lecturer Assistant POE Ccd RO cee eo Tere ren reer erica ete hy ee ee ese ee eRe Poet? PORE IIe! Architecture Designer at Bridge developements company, villas & eee tet foes ee eae POUT Cd MOU Doe ee ed So eee en eee ees eon Poe eee eee en eee oy PRS eS CUR Ur ed Ee eee ee ee aa eee cee UPON Pot en a et eter ete re ee en ents ee EDUCATION eee eet Cte Tome 2017 - 2019 eee aac ae gee Pree es eee et ae eee of biopic design in the presevation of wildife ia the bolt Cones SOs aaa Coes POETICS Pee ee Cee Prete en ens Se ee cee Coe eatey Perens en ere ont ten a ee Pere eet eee Para Pee eee ae creer Graduation project Faculty of Architecture, near El-2eit Mountain orem ae COMPUTER SKILLS a Oe) ae roy EXTRA ACTIVITIES Pees aan ee Pacers are ee ee Cee ee ec (Conch Assistant in World Jado Champion ship in Tokyo, Japan 2008 ee cee een en ee Cee ee a ent ee) Pete ec ree et ae aren a) gal SS As Sa GMa) sll ly Aas ap | jean] feat LI Osi | cesallss late) of oad . Lilet) Glut all a5g0 dslpw Aggy Fda og ith fas yt gw Ie jaya ob WG TY ay Sati a ages Are cll ieee | eal da fe den TAN gaskall alll (de yay Saal ye ets Kaaba) Agall Aelia), Gilad Cia sing yale: olsis Wall g pdays olsy gil aa ppauailll (ob ol pod TANNIN LY feat ald gle Aish Gala ly By Baja) Gis Aaalgl) Gale Go auyhlly deal) Gast) / ssa) SAY) apd! ately YANN NY VA geste MAS ) od, Lal Cyt oY) dag ce oll Yall Gjlall Guth le play Salyil vba Gy ay dll gl List gl Zeal le Elgin tl REESE ay alet ay coe = pat) oats Se cAV Riss dle