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Fanfare & Fireworks | November 7, 2018

Goal: SWBAT perform F&F with appropriate instrument posture

1. Address posture IMMEDIATELY
2. Tell students three elements of good posture
a. 1. Feet flat on the floor
b. 2. Straight Backs
c. 3. Sitting on edge of the chair
d. (4. Relaxed shoulders; no tension in the body!)
e. (5. Make yourself as big as possible - take in more air!)

Goal: SWBAT perform F&F with accurate balance at m. 37-45

1. Play from measure 37-end
2. Saxophones and Clarinets will most likely be too loud at m. 37
a. Tell them to support the flute, trumpets, and bells who have the quarter notes on
every beat theme
b. The conductor is having difficulty hearing them, so the audience will too!
c. Ask everyone with half notes to play as if they were whispering an important
secret to the person next to them
d. Have half notes play at m. 37
i. Provide feedback, are the half notes at the right volume?
ii. If not, ask them to play again
iii. Ask to change their dynamic to mf
3. Have trombones, baritones and baritone saxophone play
a. Make it exciting
b. Grow on the quarter notes, bring out quarter notes
c. Very clear articulation
4. Have flutes, trumpets, chimes, and bells play at m. 37, tell them I’ll be listening for
accents / Prompt the rest of the band, have them listen to hear if they are playing accents
a. Raise your hand if you think the flutes, trumpets, chimes, and bells were playing
i. Does it sound like every note is accented, or just some? Commented [1]: next time, do some modeling and
b. Have the trumpets, flutes, and bells play louder, triumphantly!
c. They have the green light to play very loud with a beautiful sound
d. The trumpets, flutes, and bells have accented quarter notes in contrast with the
quiet, connected half notes
5. Tell percussion: Play strong and confident!
6. Play m. 34-End
a. Remind half notes to play mezzo forte
b. Trumpets et al have the green light
c. Clear articulation in the lower voices
d. Percussion, confident and strong

Goal: SWBAT create appropriate ending starting at m. 50

1. Let’s clap your rhythms at m. 50, percussion will play their percussion instruments
a. Repeat, add dynamics to clapping
b. Repeat, slower
c. May need to hold off on percussion for a bit
2. Starting at m. 50, a big crescendo to the end!
a. Students did a really great job with this last week, and we want to keep it that
3. Percussion and musicians with moving pitches will drive the crescendo towards the end
4. “Let’s practice the cut off of the last note!”
a. [This is both for the students and conductor! :)]
b. Practice the cut-off at least three times
5. Address the jazz hands-fireworks at the ending
a. After the cutoff, do the jazz hands
b. Practice the ending

Goal: SWBAT have clear articulations at the beginning

1. Start at the beginning, go to m. 13
2. Have flutes play at beginning, just the first few measures
a. Think “tee”
3. Have trumpets, clarinets and saxophones play at m. 3
a. Reminder to grow through the whole note in m. 4
b. Accents! Are you doing a good accent?
c. Also think “tee” on quarter notes
4. Trombones, baritones, baritone saxophone at m. 7
a. Clear articulation, like we just worked on at m. 37
b. Also, add a little space between the quarter notes

Goal: Students will be able to play through from beginning to the end
1. Tell students to pretend like it’s the concert!
2. Some reminders:
Play through from beginning to end!
1. Posture!
2. Crescendo and Decrescendo!
3. Bring out quarter notes at m. 37
4. Softer half notes at m. 37
5. Big ending!!