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1. EKA PRASETYANINGSIH (P1337420417091)

2. VIERA NUR HIDHAYANTI (P1337420417093)


TAHUN AJARAN 2018/2019
1. Nursing Communication

Nurse : Good morning. How may I help you ?

Patient : Good morning too. I’m Rossa, I need to see the doctor, please.

Nurse : Have you been here before ?

Patient : No, I haven’t.

Nurse : Okay. Can I have your name, please ?

Patient : It’s Viera

Nurse : Okay. Is it V-I-E-R-A

Patient : That’s Alright.

Nurse : Now, what do you need to see the doctor about ?

Patient : I got insomnia for two weeks now. I have taken some pills but it does not work.

Now, I feel so weak and a little bit dizzy.

Nurse : Noted. Today, we had a cancellation at 3 p.m. Is that okay ?

Patient : I think I will take that.

Nurse : Okay. then. I will set you up today at 3 p.m.

Patient : Thank you. See you

Nurse : See you too.

2. Asking Patient’s Feeling

Mrs. Fetty come to a clinic, age 40 years old and she have a problem with her headache and
chest pain.

Ns. Amel : Good Morning Mrs. Fetty, I’m nurse camelin. What can i do for you?

Fetty : Good Morning nurse, i’m not feeling well today.

Ns. Amel : Mrs. Fetty, can you tell about the problems of your condition?

Fetty : There is something wrong with me, i have a problem with headache and

chest pain.
Ns. Amel : Did you sleep well last night, Mrs ?

Fetty : Not really cause i still got a problem with my headache.

Ns. Amel : Okay Mrs. Fetty. this morning i will checking vital sign to check your
temperature and measuring your blood pressure.

Fetty : Surely nurse, I’m ready, Please check it.

Ns. Amel : Firstly, I will check the temperature and pulse of you, Mrs.

(put a thermometer in the axilla patient while checking the pulse).

Fetty : How about the result, nurse?

Ns. Amel : The result is your temperature 36oC and your pulse 110x/minute.

Ns. Amel : And I will checking your blood pressure, Mrs. (Measuring the blood

pressure) your blood pressure is 140/90 mmHg. You got a problem with

your blood pressure cause is too high range and i will report this to a


Fetty : What is it the danger, nurse?

Ns. Amel : Sure, if you permit the blood pressure high range and that risk a

complication like a heart failure, renal failure and stroke.

Fetty : What is steps may recommend to lower my high blood pressure, nurse?

Ns. Amel : You need a rest a little bit. Moreover, you have to avoid the high fat foods

that are high in saturated fat, cholesterol and also limit sodium, sweets,

sugary drinks, and red meats. I suggest you to eat more fruits, vegetables,

low fat diary. You can lower your blood pressure and keep it down.

Fetty : Okay Mrs, thank you for your information. I’ll change to my lifestyle.
Ns. Amel : Your welcome and after that you should take your medicine, dr. Murni

come to you soon and you can consultation about your medication, Mrs.

Please, wait the moment.

Fetty : Okay nurse, I’ll wait.

Ns. Amel : I need to go now, Mrs. Enjoy your rest later, I Hope you will better so

3. Admission

Nurse : Good Morning. What can I do for you ?

Patient : Good Morning too. I’ve been having bad stomachache lately.

Nurse : How long have you been having them ?

Patient : For about a month, as I remember. It just feels a little bit worse this week.

Sometimes I throw up after having cold drinks.

Nurse : Okay. Do you get this after every meal ?

Patient : It’s usually after dinner.

Nurse : What do you usually have for dinner ?

Patient : I usually have fast food.

Nurse : Something spicy ?

Patient : Hot and spicy food at eight is the best way to warm my body before going to bed.

Nurse : At eight ? What time do you have your lunch ?

Patient : Ussualy at 12. I always feel nauseated in the morning so I Usually just skip

the breakfast. Sometimes I’ll just grab some chips, and I’ll have my lunch at 12.

If I’m feeling hungry, I will get more snacks in the afternoon.

Nurse : It’s a hint of a stomach disorder. You sure need to change your eating behavior.

Never skip your breakfast, eat three times a day, no fast food and less spicy food.

Patient : That’s going to be hard, but I will try nurse.

Nurse : Well, get well soon.

Patient : Thank you nurse.

4. Nursing Intruction

Nurse : Good morning Miss.

Patient : Good morning Nurse.

Nurse : My i know your name please.

Patient : My name is Lina nurse.

Nurse : Ok i’m nurse Linda. I’m on job in this morning.

Patient : Yess nurse Linda.

Nurse : Miss Lina, i’m going to do some routine tests. I want begin with your

blood pressure. After that i’m going to check your body temperature.

Just to make sure that everything is OK. Are you ready?

Patient : Sure

Nurse : Now please roll your sleeve up. Then i’m going pump some air into it, so i can read

your blod pressure. Are you ready?

Patient : Yess i’m ready.

Nurse : did you sleep well last night?

Patient : Not really, cause i still got a problem with my headache.

Nurse : You got a problem with your headache. I will report this to your doctor.

Patient : Thank you nurse.

Nurse : Done. Your blood pressure is 120/80 mmhg.

Patient : What is my blood pressure nurse?

Nurse : Is it still in the normal range.

Patient : But i’m feel dizzy nurse.

Nurse : Yess, maybe any some reason, why you feel dizzy. Now, i will try to take
your body temperature.
Patient : Yess nurse.

Nurse : Can you pop this in your mouth under your tongue? ..... good.

Hold your termometer for five minutes, please.

Patient : Yess.

Nurse : Done. Your body temperature is 38oC ( 38 degrees centigrade).

Patient : What is the meaning nurse?

Nurse : Your body temperature is upnormal. Maybe this is the reason.

You must to take a rest for well.

Patient : Ok nurse.

Nurse : Sure, how is your feeling now?

Patient : I’m still dizzy nurse.

Nurse : Ok. I will report this to your doctor. If you need any help, you can call me ok.

Patient : Ok nurse. Thank you very much.

Nurse : You are welcome. Get well soon miss Lina.