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Conducting Reflection

● Areas of improvement
○ Throughout the semester, I was able to certainly become more comfortable and
confident. Simply being in front of an ensemble and in charge of the tempo and
direction of the music was rather daunting at first, but repetition has certainly
served me well.
○ When I first began conducting, I had some difficulties with swaying and moving
while in front of the ensemble. I have observed that I have gotten better with
being aware of how much I move while conducting. Over each session, I have
seen the amount of swaying I do diminish.

● Areas that you wish to continue to improve

○ In my very first conducting session, I was really only conducting with half of my
arm. Looking back at the video from unit 4, my arms are moved extended, but this
is something I still need to continue to think about and consider while I conduct.
○ I also hope to show smaller, more effective beat patterns while I conduct.
Throughout the semester, I was able to give reasonably clear gestures, but some
of my arm movements were rather large and unnecessary. I hope to continue to
develop more effective gestures throughout the next semester.

● What effect has this course had on your musical development?

○ This course has allowed me the opportunity to make music in a new manner.
Conducting has always seemed very intimidating to me, and while I still consider
it to be, it forced me to make my own musical decisions through score study and
research. I look forward to continuing to develop my skills as a musician,
educator, conductor and combination of the three.