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WEEK 1 DAY Monday DATE : 2-1-2019

Wednesday /
DURATION 7.30-8.30 (1 HOUR)
THEME World of Self, Family & Friends
TOPIC Unit 1 , Unit 2, Unit 3, and Unit 4
FOCUS SKILLS / Listening Speaking Reading
Writing Language Awareness Literature In Action
CONTENT Main skill : 1.1 Recognise and reproduce target language sounds.
Complementary skill (s) : 3.1 Recognise words in linear and non-linear texts by
using knowledge of sounds of letters.
LEARNING Main skill : 1.1.1 Recognise and reproduce with support a limited
STANDARD range of high frequency target language phonemes.
Complementary skill (s) : 3.1.1 Identify and recognise the shapes of the letters in
the alphabet
3.1.2 Recognise and sound out with support beginning,
medial and final sounds in a word
3.1.3 Blend phonemes (CVC, CCVC)

LEARNING By the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

OBJECTIVES 1. recognize at least 6 letters correctly by listening and writing the correct
2. sound out at least 3 phonemes with correctly with support.

CROSS CURRICULAR 1. Knowledge Acquisition 21ST CENTURY SKILL Rhyming / Singing

ELEMENTS 2. Multiple Intelligences
I) PRE-LESSON 1. Pupils are guided to sing the Phonics song with gestures.

II) LESSON 1. Pupils listen to the sounds s,a,t,p and watch the gestures.
DEVELOPMENT 2. Pupils are guided to listen and say out the words by using the suitable
blending technique.
3. Pupils listen to sounds and fill in the blanks with the correct phoneme.

III) POST-LESSON 1. Pupils match the pictures to the correct words.

*sing Phonics song with gestures