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Richard Periyanayagam

Senior QA/QC Engineer-Mechanical.

   +968-96735708  +968-96609945
 +91-9003213044 +968-96735708

Experience : 8.5 Years of which 5 Years Overseas.

Educational B.E Mechanical Engineering, 2010,
Qualification : First class with Distinction.
Certification :  CSWIP 3.1 level II, Cert. no. 82638, Expiry-13 Dec 2023.
 ASNT, Level II NDT on DPT, UT, MPT, RT.
 ISO 9001:2015 Lead Auditor.

Skill set : AutoCAD 2010, Pro-E Wildfire 5.0, Windows 7, Vista, XP.
MS Word, MS Excel, Primavera p6 R8.2

Languages : English, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam.

Key Words : Offshore platforms, Jackets, Riser line, GRE/RTR, Vendor inspection,
Valve testing, Piping, Welding, Hydro test, Vessel & Equipment, Pumps &
compressors, skid mounted packages, Oil storage tank, Water treatment


Mechanical Engineer with over 8 years’ Experience in Construction, Maintenance and
Shutdown Projects.
1. Oriented with International Quality Systems, Safety Standards and Practices.
2. Familiar and had worked with standards,
 ASME SEC II Part A, B, C.  ASME B 31.3  API 6A
 ASME SEC V  ASME B 31.8  API 6D
 ASME SEC IX  ASME B 16.34  API 598
 ASTM  ASME B 16.5  API RP 686
 ASME B 16.20  API 1104
 ASME B 16.36
 ASME B 16.47

3. Handled and had worked with materials,

 A 53/36  A 312 TP 304  A335 P11  B444 UNS06625-INCONEL
 A 106 Gr. B  A 312 TP 316  A335 P22  B729 UNS0820 -ALLOY 20
 A 333 Gr. 6  A 312 - UNS  A335 P91  RTR
 API 5L Gr. B, X65. 31254(SMO)  GRE

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

4. Handled and had worked with equipment’s,

Static Rotary
 Vessel (vertical, horizontal)  Pumps (centrifugal, Positive displacement)
 Heat Exchanger  Compressors
 Column  Skid Mounted Packages
 Flare package
 Tanks (Fixed roof, Floating roof)

5. Had worked in construction of offshore platforms & Jackets and Riser lines.
6. Had involved in Valve Testing of API 6A & 6D valves and have handled around 3000
valves. Valve testing (Shell test, Seat test & pop up test) both in site and shop floor as
per API 598 & API 6A.
7. Familiar with vendor inspection, Attending Pre Inspection Meeting (PIM), prepare
Inspection Test Package, conducting shop floor inspection and issuing Inspection
Release Note (IRC).
8. Familiar in using Saudi Aramco Std. like Form 175 of SAER, SAMSS, SAES for
material procurement.
9. Familiar with CS, SS, Inconel, Alloy20, CRA Cladded and Alloy (P11, P22, P91) Piping
Specification, Material Specifications, Testing Requirements
10. Well versed in reading and interpretation of P&ID, PFD, Isometric Drawings and
Structural Drawings.
11. Prepare Inspection and Test Plan (ITP) and selection of appropriate NDT methods.
12. Prepare project field Quality Control Procedures.
13. Have experience in preparing Hydro test packages, review and getting client approval
for GRE/RTR, CS, SS, Inconel, LTCS, CRA Cladded piping. .
14. Have good knowledge in review / preparing Welding Procedure Specification (WPS),
conducting Welder Qualification Test (WQT) and Procedure Qualification Record
(PQR) Test procedures for conventional welding process.
15. Have experience in installation piping by welding, preparation of Welding Package,
planning and coordinating for NDT of weld joints, preparing weld tracking reports/
Tracer weld reports, Tie-in with existing facility.
16. Familiar with constuction of GRE & RTR piping AG/UG, qualification of bonders,
conduct mock test, preparing bonding reports and summary.
17. Undergone Supervisory training for GRE/RTR pipe installation in Future Pipe
Industries and have worked in laying and installation of GRE/RTR pipe line above
ground and underground.
18. Hydrostatic testing, Lay-Up, Reinstatement and Commissioning of GRE/RTR, CS, SS,
Inconel, Alloy20, CRA Cladded.
19. Installation and alignment of vessels, scraper Launcher, valves and special skid
mounted equipment’s.
20. Installation and alignment (Laser & Dial gauge) of compressor, pumps and motor and
pre commissioning of system.
21. Familiar with Reinstatement punch list clearance and walkthrough.
22. Involved in General Repair and Maintenance of Crude Oil Tank of 102m Diameter.

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Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

23. Installation of Cathodic protection system (sacrificial anode method) and conduct
Electrical continuity test inspection for sacrificial anode.
24. Familiar with Abrasive Blasting and Approved Protective Coating System (APCS) and
25. Have experience in shutdown projects and have worked in 7000 Dia. inch piping
26. Familiar with Fiber Glass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) coating of tank and vessel
27. Involved in maintenance and pressure testing of Static Equipment’s, Vessels, Heat
Exchangers and fabricated pipe spool.
28. Involved in Maintenance of Fire Tube Boilers, Repair of Fire Tubes, Tube Plugging
and Hydro Testing.

Mechanical Engineer with over 8 years’ Experience in Construction, Maintenance,
Offshore and Shutdown Projects.
1. Organization: LNTMFY(Larsen &Toubro Modular Fabrication Yard) OFFSHORE

Designation: Quality Control Supervisor.

Duration : January 2018 to Till Date.

1.1. Projects Involved \ Handled Successfully:

HASBAH Increment II (Construction of Offshore platforms and Jackets)
Duties and Responsibilities:

 Understand the scope of work and minimum quality requirements as per Schedule
 Assign daily inspection activities to QC inspectors and brief inspection
 Surveillance of valve testing facility, prepare NCR for Test failed valves and send
it for repair.
 Surveillance of piping erection activities, Welding, welding consumable control,
valve storage & handling, gasket storage.
 Attend weekly meetings with client and higher management and discuss quality
 Review of check sheets and reports of daily inspection activities.
 Co-ordinate with engineering team and production team to sort out technical
issues related to quality.
 Conduct focus assessments, ensure client quality requirements are met and find
root cause & corrective action for non-compliances.
 Conduct monthly audit on welders, welding consumables store, welding
accessories ensure all quality systems related to welding is functioning efficiently.
 Review of Hydro test packages prior to submitting to client.
 Review of Client log book entries, NCR’s and respond immediately, Logging
internal Log book entries.

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

 Preparation of monthly Quality management report and submit to higher

 Monitor preservation activities and maintain track record of all inspections.
 Take part in final walkthroughs and killing final punch points.
 Ensure all documentation are completed time to time and submitted to dossier in
timely manner.


Designation: Quality Control Engineer.

Duration : January 2017 to May 2017.

2.1. Projects Involved \ Handled Successfully:

2.1.1. Shutdown maintenance of Petrokemiya Plant (Affiliated to SABIC).
2.1.2. Shutdown maintenance of Hadeed Plant (Affiliated to SABIC).

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Understand the scope of work and minimum quality requirements given in work
order/contract documents.
 Preparation of Project Quality Plan and Field Quality Control Procedures.
 Review of Drawings, BOQ/MTO and Technical Specification.
 Inspection of prefabrication of Pipe Spools and release for hydrotesting.
 Update and maintain master Weld Summary and plan for Hydro testing, RT and
UT and Tie in Joints.
 Hydrotest Inspection of prefabricated pipelines with client QC and release for
transportation. .
 Check installed piping components and structural supports for piping as per Piping
isometrics and P & ID.
 Final Inspection of bundles of heat exchangers, replacement and repair of
defective tubes.
 Boxing up and get QC clearance for completed package.
 Preparation & Submittal of QC Dossier and Engineering Document.


Al-khafji, Saudi Arabia.
(A joint venture of Aramco Gulf Operations and Kuwait Gulf Oil
Through contractor,
Al Jalhami Contracting Company,
Al khafji - 31971
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3.1. Projects Involved \ Handled Successfully:

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

3.1.1. Combined OND Projects awarded under contract GQ 257 PC 13, a

Procurement and Construction project at AL KHAFJI JOINT OPERATIONS
as mentioned hereunder,
1) Replacement of 10” Waste Water Transfer Line with GRE/RTR
2) Refurbishment of Oily Water Sump Pit and Installation of Sump

Designation: QC Mechanical Inspector.

Duration : April, 2015 to July 2016

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Understand the scope of work and minimum quality requirements given in
Schedule Q of contract documents.
 Preparation of Project Quality Plan and Field Quality Control Procedures.
 Review of IFC Drawings, BOQ and Technical Specification.
 Conduct shop floor Inspection of materials against P.O/approved GA Drawings
and prepare Inspection Reporting.
 Prepare NCR in case of any non-compliance of material specification.
 Material receiving and Inspection as per given P.O/Specification/Drawing.
 Review of MTC, NDE certificates, Pressure Test certificates, coating test
certificates (like holiday test, adhesion test, and DFT test).
 Maintain and archive all documents related to Material and Material Traceability.
 Prepare and getting approval of Inspection Test Plan (ITP) for project activities.
 Prepare and getting Client approval for WPS.
 Witnessing of Welder Performance Qualification Test (WPQT) for welders and get
 Attend Weekly meeting with PMT, Client QC, Safety personnel and discuss quality
related requirements and Issues.
 Check installed piping components and structural supports for piping as per Piping
isometrics and P & ID.
 Perform inspection for GRE/RTR joints and prepare Daily Bonding Reports.
 Make sure all activities are done in accordance with Standard Code of Practice,
Drawings, applicable Job Specifications, Quality Control Procedures (QCP), and
Inspection Test Plan (ITP) at job site.
 Monitoring of storage and usage of welding equipment’s and consumables for
assuring best quality.
 Inspection of welding activities including fit-up and welding preparation.
 Raise Request for Inspection (RFI) to the client, and conduct joint inspection.
 Witnessing of hydro test of Piping, Vessel and Equipment’s as required along with
Client Inspector.
 Installation, Alignment and commissioning of pumps.
 Final Punch list clearance and walkthrough.

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

3.1.2. Projects and Work Orders associated under contract HT 003 SS 11, 5 Year
Contract Services for T & I projects at AL KHAFJI JOINT OPERATIONS as
mentioned hereunder,

1) Full Overhaul of Water Desalination Plant M-102F

Duration: From Jan, 2015 to Feb, 2015.
Designation: Quality Control Engineer.

2) Repair of Misaligned Pipe Line at Ratawi ATK-31

Duration: From Dec, 2014 to Jan, 2015.
Designation: QC-Mechanical.

3) General Maintenance of Crude Oil Tank TK-130, Bottom plate

Duration: From May, 2014 to Dec, 2014.
Designation: Welding Inspector.
Duties and Responsibilities:
 Understand the scope of work, Preparation and getting client approval for
 Conduct WPQT for Welder’s and getting JCC.
 Maintain welder continuity and conduct periodic training.
 Material receiving and Inspection as per given Drawing/Specification.
 Conduct valve testing in site with client QC.
 Monitoring of storage and usage of welding equipment’s and consumables for
assuring best quality.
 Inspection of welding activities including fit-up and weld preparation.
 Generate RFI and conduct Joint inspection with client QC.


Tamilnadu, India.

Through contractor,
Babu Engineering Corporation,
Neyveli - 607803, Tamilnadu,
Designation : Asst. Mechanical Engineer.
Duration : Sep 2010 to Aug 2013.

1.2. Projects Handled \ Involved:

1) Erection of SME, Techraft-1, Discharge Boom.
2) Maintenance of SME, 1421 Spreader.
3) Maintenance of SME, 1422 Bucket Wheel Excavator.

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

Duties and Responsibilities:

 Material receiving and Witness Material inspection.
 Witness stage wise inspection of Beams, Columns and Web.
 Witness calibration and documentation of measuring instruments, gauges and
 Review of documents such as Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Procedure
Qualification Record (PQR), and Welder Qualification Record.
 Conduct periodical tool box meetings for welders, foremen.
 Work allocation and monitoring Welder Performance, Repair Rate and Production.
 Welding consumables inspection, monitor storage and handling of consumables.
 Inspection of Fit-Up and preheat for welding joints.
 Visual inspection of completed welds for Weld Profile appearance and
Discontinuities if any.
 Track Repair Joints, Monitor, Repair and Non-Destructive Evaluation NDE.
 Documentation of Inspection and repair records.
 Generate CAD shop drawing.
 Review of Posts Weld Heat Treatment Procedures.
 Witness final inspection of completed pipe spools and structural components.

 Student Engineering Training - EID Parry Ltd, Murugappa Groups-
- Undergone 3 Day’s Training from 18.06-2007 To 20.06.2007 in shutdown
maintenance of Sugarcane Mill.
 Student Engineering Training – Thermal Power plant I, Neyveli Lignite
- Undergone 14 days training from 21.05.2008 To 03.06.2008 in operation of
thermal Power plant which includes Lignite handling system, pulverizing mill,
Fluidized bed Furnace, water desalination unit, pumping station, heater,
condenser, boiler drum, turbine, cooling tower, and scale prevention system.
 Graduate Engineering Training - Ashok Leyland, Hinduja Groups-Chennai.
- Undergone 8 days training from 23.06.2009 to 03-07-2009 in machine shop 1,
2, 3 & 4 which includes Chassis assembly line, Engine assembly line, painting
shop, Engine testing shop.

 Successfully completed WHP-40/43 fabrication of entire offshore platform on
 Completed and successfully commissioned the combined OND projects, though
project manager left in middle of project.
 Completed 7000 Dia inch Pipeline shutdown project.

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E-Mail - Curriculum Vitae
Ph. +91-9003213044/+968-96735708

Date of birth : 20th Dec 1988
Sex : Male
Marital status : Single
Nationality : Indian
Passport no. : H4933986
Father name : Periyanayagam
Mother’s name : Jayamary
Address : C-22, Electric Lane, Block–26, Neyveli-607803.
Country : India.

I hereby declare that all information furnished above are true and correct to the best
of my knowledge and belief.


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