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KI br man ‘eee atoees @ ete ees PROJECTS DESIGN AND CONSTRUCTION DEPARTMENT Ftiity Projeds Division Ref. No, PCD/FP/ONDI/O10/15. May 25, 2015, M/s Al-Jalhami Cont. & Trad. Co. King Abdul At Street, P.O. Box 136, AL-KHAFI 31971, Kingdom of Seu Arabia “el. # (03) 766 0140)1605/3433 Fax # (03) 766.0164 ‘At: Joho Thomas (Gover Manager eM Liburaj Project Nenager Projeds: 1. Replacement of 10° Hout Waste Water Transfer Line with RTR Line 2, Installation of New Submersible Pumps & Local Control Panel. Gontract No, GO 257 BCL3} Subject’ QC Supervisor and OC Mechanical Inspector With reference to your leer no, 3CC/119/2015 dated May 06, 2015 regarding the above subject, ‘in ne the folowing 1, 6 Supervisor - Harun Chandran Approved for a period of 3 Months lied for this Project only (See attached QAQC letter which is set-expianatay) 2. QC Mechanical Inspector — Rieahrd P.- Provisional Approved fora pera of 3-Months Tite to this project only (coe attached QAQC letter which i sa expianazoy)- “Tis is fr your information ard necessary action, Best Regards allah S. A-Humaidi Project Manager, POD/FPD & ‘tachment(s); As stated above Response Required: Yes] Mo x] eS Stl) (pill cibelos ‘ AL-KWAFII JOINT OPERATIONS B gph Lid Ags Lg tn gash Qed gt JAS Kawait Golf Of Company ‘Avance Gulf Operations (KGOO) a’ QA/QC Inspection Section From: Mohd. Habesb. Arnaz, ‘Suponisor QAIQC Section, Inspection & Corrosion DW Mohd. Haboob. Al Anazi To: Mr, Abdullah S.Al-Humaid Ret. No: ESDIGAQCAMDEDON'S Project Manager, PCDIFacily Projects Diision Date: May 17, 2015 Project: Replacement of 10" Hout Installation of New Submersible Pumps & Local Control P (Contract No, GO 787 PC13 Subject: CVs of Mechanical QAQC Inspector. Reference: PCD/EP-ONDIO03/'5, ESD GA/QC Project Inspection Section has interviewed the contractor's proposed Mechanical QC Inspector Mr. Richard P. and based on the urgent requirement of the project,he is provisionally approved for a poriod of three months. This approval is limited to this project only. His field performance will be monitored by ESD QA/QC during aforesaid period. ‘Should you require more information and clarification, please contact us. Regards, na meget esocteche 2