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Account settings

Domain name First give it and then you can add

And ok

Manual setup
Pop or imap
Amir.shahzad at the rate
User info(Amir.shahzad at the rate
Add a file
Data file and ok
How to add a laptop on the network
First of all check the network address
By the following way

Then go to the Ethernet and properties

Disable the ip v6
And configure the ip v4
And put the related info which is the provided by the Ethernet cable
And then ok it’s the connected.

How to add a printer

Go to control panel
Select hardware and sound
Select devices and printers
Click on add a printer
Select there is not a printer which I want to add
Select the add a printer using tcp/IP address
Enter IP address which is assigned to the printer
Then add a printer name model and finally done.

How to check our network running r not.

Go to command and then gave the ip Address of the network.

IF receiving then ok.



Ip config/flush DNS

For the group policy update

gp update/force
ping sbo for the checkup
Wan (wide area network)
LAN (Local area network)
DSL(Digital subscriber line)
SAP(system application products)
DHCP(Dynamic host configuration protocol)
POE(Power over ethernet)
It is a technology for wired Ethernet lans that allows the electrical current necessary for the
operation of each device carried to by the data cables rather than by power cards.