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A Life Fully Devoted to Others
Rev. Bishop Deodatus Barwan Mwamba in Profile
Deo Mwamba and his wife Sarah govern their
lives by a simple principle: serve others. And that
service takes many forms. The couple lives in
Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of
the Congo (DRC) with their four children and work
as missionaries in French-speaking Africa. Officially,
the Mwambas are ICM country directors of the
Congo DRC. If that isn’t enough to keep one busy,
it’s only the beginning for the Reverend Deo and
Rev. Bishop Deo (center) poses with Deo at the Pygmy’s Disciple-
The Mwambas founded Compassion Outreach ship Training Center in Kiri, Africa. This people group has almost no
Mission to reach people groups such as Muslims, exposure to the world outside their small tribe.
Pygmies and Animists. They give guidance through
counseling to women in Eastern Congo who have Rev. Deo oversaw the startup of Africa Theological
been traumatized by rape and sexual abuse. Since Seminary satellite campuses and ICM’s Leadership
2008, they have been assisting vulnerable teenage Training Institute to the Christian leaders in
prisoners in Walk Thru the Bible classes. They’ve Kinshasa and Mbuji Mayi. Rev. Deo has his BA and
recently organized a prison ministry at Central MA in Muslim studies and also has a BA in Bible
Detention Centre of Kinshasa and provide food, and Theology. He is currently enrolled in the M.Th
medicine and clothes to the prisoners. program in Missiology, concentrated in Islam to
further reach out to Muslims with the Gospel. 4
Rev. Deo was
as an Anglican
Bishop in
February 2007
and works with First Presbyterian Church partners with ICM
All Nations
Sarah and Rev. Deo Mwamba, ICM Coun- (Independent) in What others are saying about ICM
try Director of Congo DRC, live out their
lives fully devoted to others as evidenced the Congo. WHAT MAKES ICM UNIQUE?
by their involvement in nearly countless Seven unique qualities of a trailblazer

Open the Flood
by Dr. Phil Walker, ICM President
It sometimes surprises people to learn that Africa is
Partners to the Kingdom the second largest continent in the world (behind Asia)
First Presbyterian Church, Bakersfield and holds about 18 percent of the world’s population.
Partnership… a simple practice in action. Where Maybe even more surprising is that an estimated 20,000
there is a shared interest or goal, and where two or people are added to the Church in Africa every day!
more people interact regularly on that interest or With the rapid expansion of Christianity and increased
goal, that’s partnership. In 2004, First Presbyterian emphasis on discipling leaders, Africa holds the
Church (FPC) of Bakersfield partnered with ICM. potential to contain the most potent missionary force in
Raising up local church leaders is a core value the history of Christianity. It’s like a dam filling up, and
of FPC’s mission effort and education is held in that potential is being released around the world. For
high regard by the church as a example, the largest
whole. Thus, we are blessed by our church in Europe was
partnership. started by an African,
and one denomination
Regular contact through emails, out of Nigeria has
short term mission teams, visits already planted over
into homes, teaching at the 400 churches in North
school, and going to the refugee America.
camps has fostered a wonderfully
fruitful relationship. We at FPC are The ICM team of country
enriched by serving alongside Mary directors during a working
and James Kamau [ICM Country meeting.
Directors, Tanzania]. They help
shape our mission values, provide
an outlet to act on those values, and challenge us ICM is committed to engaging the leaders in Africa with
to step out from our comfort zone in faith. We know authentic transformation so that they might engage
we can count on their prayer support. the world with authentic Christianity. It is only through
partnerships like the following that the flood gates will
For our part, we give financially to the Kamaus, to open wide sending missionaries to pour forth out of the
the school’s operating budget and to special or continent of Africa taking Jesus to the whole world. We
unforeseen projects that arise. We send missionary must join together as a complete expression of the Body
teams every two years, we send teachers to the of Christ to fulfill His call for us and for Africa.
ICM school, we extend hospitality during the
Kamaus’ California visits, and we pray for them Mission is both global and local. Every believer is called
regularly. Unexpected but fruitful relationships with to be active where he or she is planted, but also to be
others in Tanzania have enabled FPC to participate part of the global Body of Christ reaching the world
even more deeply in Tanzania’s development. for Jesus. You can come join the ICM team by teaching
FPC is building a sister church relationship with St. English in Burundi, teaching Bible in Kenya, building a
Columba’s Presbyterian Church of East Africa in Dar campus in Tanzania, training leaders in a seminar in
es Salaam, and we have become partnerships with Nigeria, hiking in the jungle to share with the pygmies
Wycliffe in a project to develop Bible translations in the DRC, or just coming to love your African brothers
for a cluster of unreached people groups in and sisters. Of course, you could also join the team by
Northern Tanzania. Our relationship with ICM investing financially in a continent where the flood gates
Tanzania is the model FPC desires in all its mission are about to open!
partnerships. Thank you, James and Mary, for being
our partners.
Follow Dr. Phil Walker’s leadership blog at:

Some ICM Partners and What They Are Saying
“God is a missionary God. Coming to grips with this “For more than a decade, Walk Thru the Bible has
statement has revolutionized how we think about our enjoyed a very special partnership with International
church and missions in particular. Because God has a Christian Ministries. We share a common commitment
heart for all peoples everywhere, and because we want to life-changing discipleship, financial integrity, and
to exemplify God’s heart in this world, it is vital that we empowerment of national leadership. ICM provides the
as a church are involved in the things God is involved ideal environment for the translation and distribution of
in. There is no doubt in our mind that God has worked the resources WTB creates. Truly, this has been a match
and is working through ICM and their efforts to minister made in heaven!”
and train God’s people for ministry. By partnering with Phil Tuttle, President, Walk Thru the Bible
ICM we are partnering in a global way with what God is
doing all around the world.” “Several years ago
Brian Murphy, Lead Pastor we looked for ways
Living Grace Community Church of accelerating the
introduction of the
“ICM was a big help to EQUIP on the launch of the Global Leadership
Million Leader’s Mandate. Seven years ago, EQUIP Summit in Africa.
Leadership had no ministry in Africa. ICM gave us a We were searching
deliverable stream through nationals which has led us for someone
today to be in every nation in Africa. We partner with who shares our
the key influencers of ICM in Africa to penetrate the values and vision,
current leadership culture with a new positive culture and having the Bill Hybels, Pastor of Willow Creek Church, Kenya’s
of leadership that is trust and support Vice President Kalonzo, Phil Walker and Stephen
Mairori (ICM Kenya)
beginning to change of key leaders in
the face of Africa. That key African countries. Several of our trusted partners
is partnership at its pointed us to Phil Walker and ICM. We have been working
best!” with several ICM organizations in Africa to our complete
Tom Attema, V.P. for satisfaction and have become a trusted partner and friend.”
International Ministries Gary Schwammlein, Executive Vice President
and Strategic Partner- Willow Creek, Global Leadership Summit in Chicago
ship for EQUIP 444
John Maxwell presenting Partner of the
Year award to ICM President Phil Walker.

WHAT MAKES ICM UNIQUE? • ICM’s training programs have a focus on discipleship
and transforming the hear t with practical application.
• ICM trains existing leaders through seminars,
conferences, and formal programs at its • ICM has trained and equipped, and transitioned all ICM
Africa Theological Seminaries. ministr y in Africa to national leadership.

• ICM has represented the major training • ICM is a net work of ministries bound together by a
organizations in the US, across Africa, and common mission – purpose, values, and vision.
the Middle East.
• ICM is big in faith and conser vative in finances.
• ICM pioneered an “in-ser vice” model of
training that allows leaders to remain in their
ministr y and immediately apply what they’ve
“We have trained over two
learned in the classroom.
million leaders internationally.”
International Christian Ministries ∑he Back Page
For the Glory of God We praised God for the over 475 women who attended
the conference, representing 32 denominations. There
by Sheryl Giesbrecht, ICM Director of Public Relations were at least 20 first time decisions for Christ with 100
Two weeks after Paul ‘got a better offer’ and went to re-dedications and over 250 women coming forward for
heaven, our son Ben asked, “Mom, what do you need specific prayer. One healing was in the life of a woman
from me?” I said, “Why don’t you go with me to Africa?” In who fled Mt. Elgon for her life in 2004. Located near
June, Ben graduated from Davis and in July, we headed for Kitale, Kenya, Mt. Elgon was ravaged by tribal wars. As
the Congo, Kenya and Egypt. Our trip’s goal, besides for villages were attacked, livestock was stolen, houses
me to teach, was robbed and burned to the ground, people were maimed,
fellowship and women raped, and many people were murdered. Those
encouragement who were able literally ran for their lives. Upon this
to the ICM staff. woman’s return in 2008, she found all her cattle were
Though the trip stolen (the people know their cattle by the brand) and the
was at times very same people who had stolen the cattle had also robbed
difficult, it was her house. After they stole everything she owned, they
also very healing. burned her house to the ground. She knew who they
A highlight of were. Just the week before the women’s conference, the
the trip was woman hired someone to kill these people. After hearing
the women’s God’s message of forgiveness at the conference, she
A woman testifies of God’s healing power at Mt.
conference at called off the murder for hire! Thank you for your prayers.
Elgon, Kenya, where over 475 women gathered
for a women’s conference. Sheryl Giesbrecht was Mt. Elgon. Praise God along with us for His glory that fell at Mt. Elgon!
one of the teachers at the conference.

theological educational and training.
quality, in-service, culturally relevant
her leaders through providing
church by discipling and equipping
service. ICM exists to serve the
women in Christian ministry and
training and equipping of men and
organization, dedicated to the
interdenominational nonprofit
ICM, founded in 1986, is an

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