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M;e,d~n1. ill !hi, i:.;x,k ther-e aro! 64 r~dpeli Lhu will show )IN hOw to rn;e,k~ me.lly d<!ili.:.ioll';; d.i~hlM with r .. i~itJ...-" dial-. for ..,....,.-y d"y in the yt:a~.

H,,", a .... m,my d"l,caci",s that you hRv,", lIever t,.~t.ed. H.e:..e io '"'. i:r.e:a! '\Iay;",y Qf tlallll-rs tbat will ""'Rbloe YO'" 1(1 p1-ee,:te the wbole fMl"ily with "'noew t'hillili' o:~ry now Md t~t.n_ The !.IX of IIlL' bock w~il mllko:: the .,..~II etlli"r to pl~. .And il will 8uirgut m )'Oil milony food!' of :glrol f,.~n4il fOI botb ~hiIdrc:n and

AU Prize R~t.fP~$

Neee !O.lope.:iall.,. the I;e,re;e= number of .. hlormil"lg dt.:;t".bi to whi",t, r"i~ili~ .. dd till' """'t. Muo;~ mom lik .. d"""""rt~. and Ifl(M.t men want them GOI1.IOI.mtly if there Eit'" pi.",,;:,' "f new R"vDm to t..,mpt t"..,m. H..,,,, a,.., 1"0'" ""v£lm. in d~""",~t.I thai ""'C' h~1t},J",t--d..:~~I~ that are E="",d f". (ilildT(I1.. And }u;no; :c.r~ I'. ~ffido;nt -"_I)mbtr ... f redP'C' 'toe> p:r.evc:r:>t «,roy '1'Oll.Oto:t'ly

All IIIre pri~ recip_.uIe<;Icd, Il'(>m thoullnd. W<: haY<:

dimi.nllt~ 11.11 thOR that are <::ommonpilloc We have; p~int.:d in thi! book O.IIly those thllt produce; t~e; men ddie&.le; I!.ru::I mo.s.t palatable food •.

You 0_ rbese 1m.!'! to your ramHy, Madl!.r.n, for ri;.i~i,,~ arc d:uli "genl~ of food." They [I~ TioJ. in food vl!.lu!:, ~,Il<l th..,.. have on ;nvElh.",b!" s"ntl .. .... tive .. ffr><:t.

Note the Food Value

P. S.-For our 1915 Panama.Paci~c World', Edition we are cbenging thcse: rC!l:ipe~.E1~d ne ..... ~e(;pl'"~ in which rai~i'l1~ play an important p;;.tt wi II be tha~kfunl' received. M a il recipes to Recjpe DepaJtm.e:nt,


One po."Ulld of Calilemia·sSull·M-i!.d1! R&.i~in~ are ~ual ill fOoXl

val".c lO~ 14Ibs.of~f 41/~ ibll. (If p<tIU0e3 I lb. of b,ead

-4 IbB, of milk

4:)14 Ib~ . of n~h

2 Ibs" (]-F ,",&I':~

6 Ib~" OJ-f app1e'l

5 lb, of be.inn!l.1

Thr: Ef:onom~

Rai~im. th"n. u" r=nQmic .. 1 h4!<-"1I1'C t)."y !l.lpply the body wi th n....d.,d food,p,oP'=n'c-, No-thin!: thu i~ 'ood ~I wu~-e R~i_,j.,,. "'e riot ~ Il)xvry. Eeonomiae by doinl! witr.OlJt orher ediblu thnt do not prod ... ce healrh. ~lr~n:8:I'" and energy. N-e>"H be without rai~inl. Kup tl'lell'l ~1'W~y8 in Iht-IH~'''''''. Give Ihem to Inc. childrel'l afler school in pi""", .,1 q""'~t,on"bl" candy.

Mro.ny peo:>ple e;;1 fI few ""i_,.ina 10 d;s~f f";nln"",,. M<lllnlll'" luidoe!'l ""d .,the,s who tee.vel lonl< d; .... n~o:~ Ih,ou:II;!. Fo."'~u ohc", d"p"'nd only on .si~in. ~.,d ~ liHle tlo .... for flXld

A handlul of ~aisins -eat-en every ni,hl II an excellent natural I ..... tive. The fruil ju.<::o:, A"d Ill" bulk !!;«p- the bo .... et. In per_ feel (:Ondition

It II thcK: food a.nd medi<::;I'II.t qUllhrie* ,I'> ,,,,~in~ 11. ... , m .. K .... diem IKl heahhful. a.nd it l~ bee ... .,,.e 01 II ... , lUI Ih"'l 'Sl~i,," or,! "10 ~h'!althfLJl lhu yeu should ""rv" Ihem "v"r;y d"y i" o"e oltloe utn(:tive wiLy$ de...:r.l:oeol j" tl,i ... book

in whj<::h a. smaU .iu. teedle .... r.E",~in liVe;!! the bul ruuh •. &uu thon the fc,re~ti:n C.Ulra.f1l men lion...:! il"l M""Y eook boo!:;;, 1"1'1"(,,, .-....euY. lu,,~iotls II.fIod dwner.

J. The: LAYER n"i~ (lOOK:. or i~ du,ten), rhe , .. iain th.u is seeved In.1I hOlel. u a dessert .... it~ nLJtl. II conlai~. tne INd.

How Rui.inJ Ar.: Pu}(/uccd

We lire .",."rin&: n..,w (0 C.hll.'lrni,,- ~!li,inl. ,he- fmc:.!E al~H'U '''''' world produn·.

They .r.: ml\de- [rom dclicioul ember-colored 1I'''r- Ih",t "OW in Ihe crUI San )OfIquln Valley. C.ldorr.i.. 1l'.P""~!OO delicately tender and sweet thAI tl'.ey will nol "ref' Ion;: .. nru'!i:h 10 .Ilip I,uh to di.lanl "",,,rk,,, ...

Ihue t1;r;fl.pc" .r .. laid out in Iray" in t"" vin"yftl,l~ ~nd "eueed" fOf ,h,,,,,, week ... in C.ljlolOi.·. lj;o;>lrl .. n >un.h",c Tfle lun .10",: br'n~~ m.1 rhe .ul .... · Th .. r .. i~'n~ "n; "l,lIQio,ndy Iree Irom '""fly aolifici .. 1 louch. T.he H.lin·like akin pro let'! them 1,0)", ",>le'y r;lUt"d-e C(:lnt.''I'I.Hler.tion TIle:y .!II,e 1.1 'PUI"C. ~ood lind whol .. · ~m ........ "yd""lie!On be

Don'l MI,3 The:se Dclid<1u, Food,

Don't 'Put ,hll book down before you have It ... ted 10 prepare: .. dud! after one of theM! reerpea.

Rai~ln", 'lood to ell!. "I\d iee good jrlr )'01.1 to nt!lI'lr!ct. when y"" pl .. o yo", m"".I. Not6illl( Nal"'e "v ... · arew w .... b-c:1I.,. lor "h;ld,,,,,,. R~i.i .. s ecsr less than <:andy. Child ... n lik .. t!."m "l> ,,·,,"11. And II,il'lle 01 the ben<;fi",1

I" evt"ry recipe In Ihill book r .. i,Jn~ IV.Id =. fI ...... or In ... 1 til'" be p,oouc"d in food m 1'10 o'''cr WII,..

H=rr! ere recipes for -eVIo"Y day, ellery meal, ellery kind 01 ent"'C.~I1\,,, .. m. ""d .ev-ery ~fe.fere", .. of the palalt.

Se,v" 0"" of I""'"" ~a..:I Ihini:~ to the I.""ill' .1 dinn ... 10- "'shl. See now d .. h"ht.,c .,,, .. ry member will be.

Til1'" ee VlId ... /ie,. &id by ~U R.rlailaJ Th"r" al'l!: t!1r~ varielie(l oi Cali(orni .. r~i~;nm."~ 1 .. 11 ....... ,

I. The SE:.EDED I,,,,.in. Irom whiCh In" ~s a.e ulTo<lei.

Thi, variety;" ".....:I for ordi"",y """kins:; pmP'»C"". I!" 'M3i" bread. in pudding3. et" .. where .. dclie"",,,,, ..... "IX:I r,,"in 01 r.ifly 1 .... le Ii"" isd.,sir..d.

2. ·me SEE.OLESS ai!ill. mll.d" from a !!eedle.~. IiUpt!.

TIi, i. 1lR«! il'l ma.kin:; ,man e.i:u and c.lXilci~, lone oc~''''. {ood~




o~hly. Lee clol.llJla rll'''''.well Ih"", punl;" dow:n M.d I~~ ~!liu llQ:lin. M(o~l-d ill round loav(le end wben TlI).id b.k~ in hot I'l~ of "bmlt 450 d"".-eee. Whtr'l potMo yeau i! IJ.~

, pint 01 yelLBl R",3 I pint of rnilk ilI'T wu~r


R ... isin Bread Cake

Tw-o <:\l~ lilht doulIOh; I'll cUp-' .u .... l,Ih.lec! IUII_r; 1 "up short~ mitll; '/1 butter; '/1 GUp lWe.!t milk: 2 e;:g~; I IlCanl ~~pMl1 mlll; 1 Clip chopped laYitl.: .~i«o to tUle. Mi,. with hlM'd.

Prjze Raisin Bre!ld

Roll in !lOour ta inlu~ (lVUI .:Ii&trib"tion. s.;....I. I ye .. e e .. ke in. Ph cUpil of ""liter; mix ="Ilgh flQllr 10- matt " ~titf blltter: bC:!Iot five minuto.". Let atand ,.WCI"n;:rJ..t. I ... the morning scald 2 ""P' "",...,t milk. into wh;eh Pllt I rounded lablupoon Iud, 1 tabl-pcml _,..h. 3 ta.blCllpoonl BU8aL When mill. is luk&-w"Jn mix. with the yran: add enourn Reur Ie;> mak .. 8 :Iliff batter; be"l about ten minul~: nile; when ,uffidently ro.i:red. 'll.dd I p!l.c:kage of Seeded Rai.iD.; mil!: edd ~ore flour 4U1d knc.d until dough i:.! !U'tIOOth; let rile. into loaves and bake one hour. When b .... ked. '"In top of leevee wilh sugar and hot ..... I-ur to ,,~v.,nt the (nut be,eoming hard.

One pint water, I pint 8W~t 1 OUIl(~""f1'r: I '>'Uncc salt: 1 QUIl(~ h'lrd;.ll/~ oun~ftj. ""mpr"""e.;I yeto~t; ~ pl\ckll.goC"ll 5.!:~~ R .. i,iI'l9; " poClnd, (tour (wh,tr: Q~ whelewheat). HI!.V<!= I'tlHk lIJ'1d ...... ate ...... ~"m: o;Ii~iIOlve YCto,t in water. Mix d<llJII'h IIiDT-


Home Mede Raisin Bread

.. HUll .mooth .. II ineudii!ntl Hlccpt mil'" .. _nd,. wili.,h .hould ,hen be .dd.ed. 11 too thin .dd -I. little flour: oven .low:

pc",1 mi!,>~: I/~ po1J.nd "lmond,: 2 teupoont cinnill.mon: 2 t ... • lpoonl ,round ~~r: III tellpoon pep~r; I .am.1I leupoon urbonI.u of 5Odll, I l.fllC lellpoon er~"M (If tartar: I eup milk or just Id mueh •• b.rely moiste""" ,I .U. Mi. IhoO)"ihly

lind p"t il't 1. .. p;o.n .. I ..... dy lined with pulo:. "I .. "inll: '"",",TV.!.

P'"'''''' of p lo: on lOp. B.uah avo:. with milk in"h o;Ii.J&QlvfI

'''''';po<>Il of ~ugar. and pn"k ,; ... er will. (or,,"_ Attenl;on II drawn t,-, Ih", 1..,.1 Ih"" ,hi, hu nci~her butter nor qj:1: depends lur r",hn",n""d illl,"'Qron t,i,in.

will bake in }a_50 min\ltea.

Graham Rai&in Bread

I Quarl wate.; 2,d; 2 oum: .... aUII.r, 1 Ol,i.nee.o 11\01._:

I'll oun~ ".,11; 21/z ounoea comp'''Moed, Z p"",k"gd Se-eded R~i,inl; III pound ehoppo:r; nul,,: 2- pound. graham Rour. Let doulh r.ille ewiee .nd ""her> 1"I'...,.,j ,,-g,,-in. bak ... in medium hot even

Raisin Brown Bread

Thn;<: cup. )'cllcw corn mc~l: 1112 cU'P. tr,,,h,,m Rour; 11/1 ",1,1,"

",h;lc !lour: I eup N. O. mollLNoEl; I t· ... "POOn K>dolJ di"""l ed in 1j~

Cl.lp ho-t ..... at-er: I re .. 1poan uh~ -!:noll(h 'IQ\.!_r milk ~o m Ic".lQ1t

blLtt-er. Mix fi.ollr .. nd u.k then mollLlKI »od •. Ilir ._mtil F,-,,",lfI)', then "dd mak IIl'Id I p;.cb.11I!= 5~1!d. R!l.i~illi. Fill mold h"lIll,IlI and LLeam ,llIef: hmlr •.

Fruit Cookies

Sweet Raisin Rolls

One qU.ll1H mil~:" ol.lncoe.l.,d:" -ounCCF ,urat; ~I/z oun« ..... It: yolk. 5 ~I".: Z euneee c:om])r'l!:l.Ird y<:lLIt; -1- polJr>d, flolJ.: 1 p.&(;k"""i:~ n.";~'I1.; 111 O\lll(., Iij)tCU. Bakc in hat oven Wilen cold w".h Oy"r with t"'~!1 w&ttr ieil'll

One po ... md !l.IilL.l. I pound d.luk brown ."lrar: I plIllnd bult~,:

Jlh pacil.!.ael Seedless R .. i~il~l: 21/2 IKHlnd. 11,,"r: liz '-'''!') "'0- I&.~....,~; 8 "i"~~; "'",,,.moll urod .::Iovu 10 IMle: I reaepoon 1KIoC!!i. di""""I" .. J in ~ lilLlc Ilol ,," .. te,. C' .... m buner and 11.111"'" u for a '''&l.Ilu, ""I.;" ILnd mix ''''CQ~dinlfly_ D'll-p II. IllblupOo;)J't11.l1 on IL bUllun::l I,"",n "Jld it ~hQuld epre .. d li~e Il. cooki=. II [= tr.i" a lltll~ mQ'~ 1101,1' ''Illy IJ.e Lldded. Thill ill II. vcr)' I~'K"

German Nut Loaf

One-h.1I pack ... ., Seeded Railin.: I evp ehoppco:l nul~: I ,,;:;:: 2 (uP. milk: 1/2 cup .\111:"': 1/. t'l!:.lpOCn Hit; 4 IClI..pOQ'!U book in. powaer: 4 cup. Aou,. To Ihe flour add the b&kinl powder. .... It. IU.U. r" •• rn:I nul •. Mill; thorOUi:h1y. lh'l!!n add bcucn q, II"nd milk. Cr""'lIt:I. pan .na pour in chi ... ".,idurt. Put m!c moden.ce eveo ,,"d 40 minult.!-.


Two cuI» IUil": I cup butter; III paCk.i"" s.....dn::l R"i"j,,~. thoppcd: .3 "III: liz ce.a!poon .sede, dluolved in "J. t ... bl-e,poo"fllil of milk: " lImlll! arliLe.d nulmo:t: t teupoon ",ach cl clo"llC!- .nd einnalT>Oll .Ild 6 C'"poI of Royr. Roll about II. inch thick a.nd b.&.J.: .. in ~ qu,,:J. ov • .".

Scotch Bun

Teke 11/1 br".ldut cupful. 01 HOlJr .. nd rub into it 'Iz pound of ,"orlcn'nll: • nd III leupoon of po".-(\",,: mil: 10 firm pute with thc water .nd roll '-'lJt in a thin sheer. Cre ..... the in,id" cl • 1 .. ,(01: eake pan IlM "ne il n ... mtly will, tili. pule. rUervinl II. pitee lor th. top -01 the C'!l.kc Now mi~ tQtr~lI,er if> • l .. r-tt bowl Ih" 101l<"l...,i1"l1 inlredientl: I _pQl.lnd '/z pound .1.1. .... 1': 3 p.d,,,"c. SMdl~ •• R"ili1"l1~ ~'l poulld or .. nl"


M~kc ~ pute cf • cup. cf chopped nulll and" h"lf P""C,,"I,C 5e«i<:d Rai!in!. mixed wilh bc .. lecI icinff. Spread on w.ler c,.II.ckl!;rs lind p\ll in io hut ovcn fOIl. minulc on1)· to live Ih"rn .. d~l; .... to, brown. Vcr)' nice with eheeelare cr colfe.!o lor ita-hi ,~hemhrn"nlll.


H"II " p""lu,<: Seedccl R .. ilm •. ,hopp..::!: 1/% (yp chop..,..d ~_ nUh: I I;;UP powdered IlJl.r: I 1,,1'£" t ... '6I"p4>On of nour and ..... h~c-t:~ 01 2 C'I". Drcp mi:,-,lJrc on buu",.d p";l<':r and b.kc IIli",hl brawil.


Ont Meal Cooki~

&ar I ,up of bT(lWn .u,.r 10 a. Cr=In with )/. I:UP or ahorten. ill, (h~lf buU .. r, h.lllard): a.dd 2 qgs well br:lltl!:n: Yz 1"'''~pOOn

va.t\illaj y~ ("P bOI wu",r in hich h .. , been diuol..,ed Ih 1.:6'

IIpOOn ~ •. Then.dd 2 0::" ,ift<:d Royr: 2 ''''peI 0.1 me-I:

1/2 pa,,~ Secd'cd tqieil'l~, "h(lpped: 'h ltliupoon _Il. Drop on fk,ured bottol'Nl 01 illv",ri.,Q p;lDl!.

Raisin Tarrs

Cook '!l pack.qe of Seedl_,! in % .::up Qf walCI 'Until 1IOf!: "dd ... few drolJ~ 01 \.emom ]Utc.!!, SIl;i.tir m,,-y be: IIIIdd«l or nol -llCeordinll" to h1dlv.idual I .. te, a~ the .. i.i~ ..... ill be .",,·ed ~0U8h for motl I .. I~. Cool. fill lut •• II::U.: or it may b<c "Pr-uod On (:r .. clo.".~

Raisin Chocolate Cookies

Two ~.: I '"'''P brown .u,p.r; ./1 =p flO'J'r: I tHJfpoon b..lJng powdcl". tift...!. .... ith flour: III lea ....... " d'll'll&mon: '/l L""".,oen alll,:Dke: 1/2 gl"M brall.d)': '12 p .. "kal!'" s-dleu Rai~n •. millCed toaelhct -with walnut .. CilrOl'< and candied o .. n.~ peel: " tllbleIpOOl'I.I' choeot.l.t~, Drop IAoI-poonhll lnlO plin •. nd bake in rnod,mlte o"en 1II'bou~ ten gr fihcen minut.e.ll_




Raisin Cookies

Oee pc'Illnd ."l(1Ir: I pound '!luI: brown .u;.ar: I pound 'butt.,,: 1112 .,...,I.agesS.",.,.U_ Rai~M: 21/tpound.llour: l!lwpr'N)l.a_; a "lfV: "i'ln8mi>n ,nd elevee to ~ute: I Ee.luipOOh mod. diuolved in ... litlk 'hot wiler, Cru.m bUI:ter, and ,""1.1&:'-' "'"" l-ar g,kt. Drop tenpoonful -an buttered. tin..nd halo .. _



A piece of rilLiKd doulfh: 'll CUp bIlU"r; J ~~ well bc:&len: I eup ",,,,, chopp«!: I pollnd Seeded 1~ .. II;,in,: ! lILbb1XlQ1l. cinnamen. Mil! ~II ",~d 1,,1 r"i8e umil I; .. h~: bll.k~ il'l. " rnold ,

10 • frOlh. Work _II until th .. rni,.tu'e hall' " light (l(~My "p~r"no;e. Ih~ add I p.ehle Seadm RAil!",. finely ehQP~ ano;! ,prinldn:! OVer W;I.I\ I. bu"lol:ful ~up flour to m~kc ti"~m mix euie._ Po"r the mll1t1. .. e ;'rlM " tin. or mold hned with well buttered peper, g.lce l'lz houn. tum Ollt when done: it i~ r~dy lor uee. A few reee leave_ ~t_ped. in the bn.l'ldy will add 10 th .. l1._vor of the (:I.kc

Raisin Loef Cake

Raisin Layer Cake

CrCli.m I;' Cl,lp bulll:r witl:! ~ cup,. . .u~I.'. add ytllk! of '" egg. well beaeen. Mix:J. cup. fkll.lJ". 21j! ~poxion! powd"r. Add Ehl05 a.hllomalil=ly ....... ill'l 1 cup mill<: 1 tC;lI.!poon lemon ".I'""(:t. Bloke in fgu, j .. lIy cake Ii",. PUI tOfuh". wilh (:ream mad" of 4 whites of eSt' be..lcn well, ....-ith Vl cup po-wduied SURa. and Ih ~CJ.'IC of Seeded RII!I~in .. choppo:d fine.

Lighl RaiSin Cake

One eup bIlEt!r: 1 ~up. "ug"': 3 e¥~~: I CI.Ip mill.; 4 "u~ FlOl,lr: 1/] p~ck;'l;xe 5.,.,..31""",, R"i~ins: 4 Icnpooll!'i" pawdcr Th~tI will milk" two lcav ... ~.

Potato Cake With RlI.isins

On" m"p butter: 2 eup. 'uru; 2 CI.!IH flo\lr; I cup mll$h .. d. pot.u.",; 1/2 cup milk; 1 eup ~hc.p~ "Walnut,: V1 po.~k!>le Seo:dl~ Rai,;n_; 1 cup "hocol.t~, " eti': '/~ teaspoon emnamon: IA te .. apoon dove-: 1/. tea.p<><Io'i. :ll,Ilmea: 2 Ie.uPOO~!I bllkin;: pawd"r. Spro:.d deulj:h in bread ~n ;fIol'ld blke ,n medil.lil"i oven.

Corfee Cake

Oee cup moliii_, I I;Up b",uc': I cup 'Ulil.t: I eup cokl cenee: rtlll4r...-..on of Sod,,: 111 1.,11&1'<)(:>" 01 dove: allllPir;e and clnn.mon: '/: p"'"k,.g" 01 S.,.,dless Ra;~ins: cup eUrl';o,llt" and ~moll pie-ce


Crand Duke Cake

8"'''.e Kood ""i1ilt: ukc in 10n1[ Iheocl{l: put fiHing in .. .a. I"i"k ,,~ c.k" 1 .. ,.".. FilUnR-1 poollnd filf"; 1 plQl.lnd citron: 1 p.;mnd bllln"h~ 1I1mm'ldll; I p.d:~$Ce SeKIu:! Raisin!: I pQund .... "lnUlli Chep all finl;and mix with boiled ieinv. ma.dc with 2 C.U{>.!Ulfll.r. whit!!! of .. eli'. Mix wdl with lrui! and add juice of }. lemon, .M }. oranges and Yl cup brandy.

Graham Fruit Cake

'rhr~eUp!llirah~tr:o flou~; 2 cups wh;~e fk,ur~ _II mi..,.j Add 2 c~p~ .tug"",, I "up mol .. "",,,,; 2 cup. milk; 1/1 pad.".-" Seedl",,Rlioill'n~: Ij~ ]X'un-d CUrl'll,,": I teUpaofi ~(!.: 2 lell~poon, dove': ~ 1=-O~poX!nllfinger: :2: leUJ>O<IGIi einnamcn: III t<l",~poon !.II.ll. ThL! makca :2 Irood ~'1eo.1 IClivell When Mnl" t"i, mI.)' be Ile.a.meci and u~d ~~ puddinlj:

F resno Raisin Cake

T W()_thirdJ cup 01 .honclli" •• nd 2 "U~S ,""ugar creamed tQ~ ~"th"t; I (up "weet milk: ~h packlllJc Seedle30ll Ra~9ill': J cups Ilour. ~;fI.,d 3 time~; 2 te ... ):)OOnl b"kin.g powder: wl1itc:. of 4 q'il be""t-en ~Iirr.;r1 ~ I.y,,(~. Put t-Giu"er with r(ti~i" 1111ing pr~lIr«l u folio""., I ~up wh;tc ~UII .. r: 1/2 Cl.lp wot..". Cook toaerher UntIl il ti1rll'.,,:1~ th.n IlT",du ... Hy stir in the be"leo w"it"", of Z elliS: t~en .. dd If. p.!:~",e of <:'~QPpcd u.i~in! lind Y2 cu~ chopped w",!nul •.

Raisin Cake

PUt 1 pOUnd butt .. , ;nlo '" basin. wum if, beat it \0 a cee .. ,n ."cl add gTadually. I pound .i'led flour; th" ~rne of crushed loal IIU'''' and the yolkll 01 6 ew", Slir these well .... nd when they arc in-oorporaled add a wineviull brandy: I g,aled !lYtmeg: I leupoon waler. ~nd 1.,1Iy the Whl!=>s .,1 (:, r:~Ii" .... hipped





Raisin Fudge.


. of .eod,,; 1 tea~p=n _It: 1 le>o.:fpoom Ilu.tml!-g: 2. illill': I ~mij,lI cup milk. Mix f10U.T, ;;; "nd sod ... tOEl"-lher, ryb in I!\rd ~I\d butler, '''il'' '"-dd nlltmci. , ... t!illS I!.n.d ~L.lIr'1ot ,ijllld m;" ... ll well '''c"th ... wi do the ..,gg3 >I."':! milk. Pili into .a.miLll w.e:lI glH.iII!d b;;.kirllr t~n~ I!.nd be.kll in ;Ii, '1L1ieJ.. 0"'''11. tm half nour

M",lt 2 t"bl~apo."u butt"-,, .. dd 2 ~Upl :!-uiI!!.r; ~.~ (lIP~ mil!:;! h-MI It> boilini: pt};!lt. Add ll1Cjl.l.rc-t thoc.olat .. : boil 13 minute-. Remove /rom fire; .add I teespoon v.niH .. "Old slir until.c:rumy Ju~t bdou: it hec,om,",s ""'''my .. dd 'h[e Se!!d£d R .. ;.i. .... and '11 ""'p "101111; thtn 'pour imo 0&. bl.nt~rtci plt'l t-er ~~d m!!.rk

Mahogany C .. k~

T"ree =:g:g~: 1111 ~l.Ip~ 01 augl!.r: '12 .::up bull,.,f or I"-Cd> Ill. e"p ""',,. mitl<: I t~a"prxm "'<'Ilill!\: l leiUpoon .MIl in thl! milk; 2' ~l.Ip~ flour: 1f1 p".::bg" 5m:ded R"i_d'n~ thmu!,:" lh<:, "'["lit chopper Cook 112 <:'IJP thOoC,oIIHC: in ~h Col.lj) m~lk .... d ",dd wfoile I;ot.

Raisin Chocolates

Select ~mooll; Seedle!;!! Rai~in! Pue IIi. peeed <;;"ke Qf .... I!.nilll. :iwet!t eheeelete ~n 011. n'!:~e pan QV"~ boiling wakr. "nd wfo"n lI"dteo:l ~dd 2 level t""~pOO"" bUII.t-r ;Bond 1 ",I boilin,'f w"rer. Dip r",s,l\s ;e.r.d 'Put (Ion cau:! pa.p:r ..

Splendid Raisin Cake

R;)isin Brittle

OneAourth ~LJP Seeded R;.iilin~. I/~ cup 'figB, YI cup Bruit n.Ub 14 ""P Oili.;.e,d GreilllC tin pl~tel end K~~t<:r nuh and fn.~it o .... u them. Theon ooil "nlil &C>G<i and bT'ttl" the fGIIQwin1:; 1 ~up~ .. ugar: I ff:"'~pOO-'r> buuer: Ij~ cup vine~a.r: III ClJp ",at",r, Peur ~r.IC- P~iUU ~onillining Iruit Bre~k in pi<;;c<;;1 w"'e-n c.(J~d.

On..,-quancr ~up buller 0" ~".d I cup ~ul'lar: l/l cup- mltk: l'h I!:UPOOIl.I v;a.nitlc.: I~/~ cvpe. flour; I/~ j)II.dl:l<ll:oe. .s.....:U,,"" R,,",~in, Cream butter and add ""UK'" f:f,,-du~IJ}': IIdd beaten C'Jj1l~ e.nJ milk: edd the tI(IoLJr 5ihed wilt-. bilking powd",~ "dd "afiilJ~ lind

'I'i,in'_ 8;e.L.e in ~ yer lira. llboUI zc CQ ~o roin<aoe.~. Fillin€

Wflip I'/~ ","ups hea y "r",,,-m unlil ~tiff ~ ,,-dd 1/2 teupooDl1 vill1illll.

1 t",e~poon~ po ..... de,ed !UJ~i1r~ I P;fl,oC:k.!oi:i: Seeded R..'ain~. chopped

Raisin CELke

Two "'IfI!:S .... "H be .. t"l"i I cup butter: J CLJP! !u.gar: '5- ~Up!l flnur: 2 ""P8 rtIilk (!lOur): I cC:lllpoon n!ll: I PltCk::lie Seeded RoCILlira!:

I .:up walnun; I te",~poon e;nnMru:lIl: I I""~pooll cloves. Cream b..,ller 8nd ~uga~: .. dd ""Sg'&, milk, flour ,",,'i,t-. olOde. 'lf~ed throuah ;t: ;._dd ~pi.:u ILnd r.!o'~iTlI and w-slm.n

Raisin Cup Cekes

Or.e pound S«d.I<;;u RBi~in': I po1".nd flo- ... r: 'Ii poOJnd b-e ....... n !ug;;o.r; IA po..,,,d l(lrd: 1/. p<;>LJnd butt",-: I t,""MI)QOn bi"ubo""I'"

Raisin 'Filling for Cake

OtBe lind Qn",.h8li o;up~ of ~ulj:a~~ Ih e\lp "'liter: p:!.~k,,~t Se-..d~ Raisill.a: whites IJ"f 2 "gg~. Boil ~UI>M and w,,,,,,r untiJ it ..... ill ,,_pi!! e. IIm::o.d .... hen dTQPpi!d f~Lom I. ~poor.. l:!i,,~ t Lh" whil"~ of CgjI~ '-1 .. "il ~ti-ff like r .. r;»lir>l: ~Iowly ... dd ,h~ il~H ~l'ruJ.l. b.::-&Ii'\i: lX,mafanlly. odd t he .'"i~in~ .:nm"d '"'' ""~I'""" luuJ ~,iIlJt'. ~'1d l).Cb L Ih", miUUTt!' un'ril it ,hic.k ... n~. I-'I~~ ... "p<>n th ... ~ .. k" ",~d., still warm and &et iI.,..;,jY tc h<lo~dc-n. A cup <If r:r. .... "pcd "~I""I mCIll1 ""'Y b .. ,,_,Jdo:d tv d,,~ if d,",~"",;rJ





Raisin Pie

One.hil:llU'pe.ekIl.8e ~~ R.!..i~in~~ 1 ~up ~U'&''"'~i 1 eu_" .... u~ ~~""m: 1 I18g: 1·16 l,eUp«In dovu: a few irain.~ of nutmll!:ll' and "llipke, ~k tl1~ R~I~n' until t.ende-r, drrun, fldd beaten en:. 'Urlr ~~d fOur Cl"IeI!.m, 8" .. t w~1I tog .. tluoq add. .8pi""",, put in cru~1 and bllk6 from 2:5 ee 30 minutes.

Cool< 1(IOg"th.." 'I.! p.a<:!..Elfl" of Seeded Raia;n~. !liz CliP" WE>t",. I ':;'U,", ~ulra,r. I level u.bk!pcon flour (.ift ,ugaT I!.nd !lCiour). butter ~i7;l' QilLn egg. pinch of salt, Wrum coo! add I w,.,_lllo ..... len Cit ~n.-d b"ILe wLtb two crultllt P(ll'~ for p(~: I (UP flour well 1I,~hed: :1 tabl~p,>'mm l ... rd well r<)llndo:d; Jl/1 table,poonll told wat",. pi,u;.h $11.11.


Raisin and Rhubarb Pie

One-half pack"le Seeded Roilin. and one cup rhubarb c.hopped ~et}""r: I "up 101.111_', the grdoed tind and jui~", of I I",mon. 1 well beaten egg_ Bake in double CfUII. Serve with whipped

Mock Mince Pie Meet

Mix three p;l'll .. chopped appl~ and 3 pinu i.-ft:n tom"t~. cbo;'ppcd.. Dreie, Illen todd 4 eu,pll brown 11/4 c:u.~ vine_ gu: 2 p"d;'g"" s....ded R.ieil'll; :} t,e,upocllll .. l1~plC": ~/.t reaspoell mace: % Ic.II-&poon ~ppcr: 2 t<:lII.lpoor1:1 uh. Srin.i:

I!Tadu"lIy tg boilirog pOint II.nd l~l ~immer :3- h",,,u.,. th .. n add % cup blutcr. T ... tn into gilln jar ••• ~eon 1.1 made.


Rai",in Pie-withol,lt E~8$

Onc ;)IIek.;,.j'C &eded Rluln.: liz Ic .... poo .... IlinnlLlTlon; III tab!... ~poon bUllet; 1/2 ""I' ~u:g .. '; laubpoon AolJr II.IId pinch .... It. Co ... ."" .ai~i"1 willl boilil1l1 WI~"", !odd (;.t>n!lIJ1Oll .nd COlIk 2(J minut.",~. Mix i;Ull:a1 ...... h ",on flr.,1,I' ,,-"d Iprir>I.I", h.lf on I" we r pi .. "r'-'~t: "-M ... i,il\l 'Iond Iprinlcu. '","h other il .. U 0' ""I", "II:;.: .udd few d.:.!~ .of butt"" on upp.e' em,1 and 1.>.1o_0:


Rice Pudding

Boil rice '-'Tltil tl;!nd ... : I quart mille J ejlia ~ltL1 lillht:·t IRblll' ~poom eupr: I IUllfioOC'n v .. nille : IV~ ~UpB o;lX)ked riec: 1/4 p-acilille Secdkn R"i,j". p.ut in d.i~h, .. rate n\ltm~1I o .... er top and 6"k", un,til brown.

Mince Pies without Brandy

T emperanee ..... i,., .... pi", is made: a" 1.,Jlo ...... : llh pll\t.a <:hopped mp,al: '~rec pintll chopped lIopplei: liz "i"t ea~h "I "in .. ".r "tid fruit 'yrup: l.l'inl. 6uB"r; IIIl p"elrlli":'So:<::d~ R.II.LIInI; ll. .. bl~. ~P'X:"'S cilln ... m",,, ""d ~ IIrll.t«i ILUI.rrM!j,t, Befor .. pulttnll con to;> <:;'I.IH1. drop o .... er each ~-=. L't~ "f butler.

G~latin Puddlnw;

So..t.k I/l pllck .. ,e gelulin in V~ cup ol cold willer: add one cup of lIulllr. Let .lAnd a .... hile. add juice of lemon and grated rind aTld I pint 01 h...,.~ water. Let thi .. "tit".:! until it begin" co Kt. I".", b~t jl'l the niff whilu o.f Z ~ lind '/2 .,w.ek"i'c of See.i!:d Ra.ilinl_ Se-ve with creAm o~ "",,U,rd SllUU.

R ... isin and Cral'lberry Pie

O".c: ptll:ki'gc Soeckd R&is.llUl. I ""'p ull .... be .. i"". ~hoppood tci,;thcf; I "up "upr; 1/: o:up w{llo:r; I flour; I lea. ~PQQIl ..... pilt..: pin<:h -01l1li11.

f.I..! and Apple Tapioca

Boil JJ~ ~up tlLP'oc.n in {)Cli: qu ... r! b4)Hing Wolll~i:1 with I/Z t'l:;e.IPOO" .. It. in double boikE, ~il t'tI""p" ... "t, p"r" ~11(1 eor .. '} or II IIpple •. Ilut ti'. .. m;I;I" -dl:t:p round di!h.lill.a.ilplel with 1/2 ~ck"-Ic s-dJ.eM R.i.inl. 'P,inkk til eup '":g''' 0 ... .,' th" appl,,~ rhen peru. on .1." boiled '"p10(.1I. Bah until chc IIpplu Me .!10ft Wht.n cold 1"''''= with (;~m.

Three- o!!gg~; I ""P ... ( ... uga.~: I C'"I> ~'~m, ~ .... -eer or wut (11 .... r J,lld"n..d): liz ~'P'J'On d(J .... C!~: III [l~d;.iI" So..:!..d R~IIN!I' BCoIIol Ih~ yolkf or exx~ ~",d tl,,,, ..... ·lllt"=' d ene. lo.«p.inr the re.r1!li". inj! 1 .... 0 Ill,'o~ Add ~U:ll:.a1. C"'; ... m. d" ... .,~ ... nd u.,ina B~k.c in Ii. rich "i" '"'"el in ~ .1" .... <.l"'C~· When don"" be.1 the whitr..o of the 2 c¥!j:' I.In'i~ .Ilif; edd 1 l",bl"'p<Xlfill of g""'1"lucd _Ulllf. Pta.::!!! in ov..,. ~ .. d bai<" until lid,! bro .... n. Thi. will ,'o"W,l:" otic ple.

Sw~t Plum Pudding

, (Not too rich) 1 O;:\IP 'UI:I. "h",,~ fin.,.; I (.ujl mot:.~; 1 Clip mal. (IOU' pref-erred)~ ~h PIi:lCBgCl s-dcd Rai",n' ."d I pound fi~~. ~hoppcd fi~ e : llh cup~ (l0l .. : 2 r-gog~i teupoXt" o:1OV"'B; l te"epo:;<>l'Ie eil'1D1mon: ~ ITitul ~lI.lIll'tei': a liuk u.h: I tll{l~pDOn .,;xlB d,_,.l ... c-ti i" .... li •• I" WAlc~. Fill 1Tl00ki~ Iwo·tr.inle fulillmi ~'.,..m 3 hour..

Fo¥.'ler Rai:iin Pie

F nj;~ Puddina:

On~ cup .dried 1111[.; I <;up chopp..d ptlJl\ClI: hfllf ptlckaae See.d~ ~6.i.\nI-: 1 1 (k un m6r.hrna.llo'l'l5 cut in qUlrterl: I cup ehopJ:l..d. w.l"ul.: I eup of powd",,-.,d m8(;.ILo'ool1l1 of l)"biRe.) .... "f""fi: III (;Ilp .Jll,.r. Mil!; w~H ud serve wilh ri~h cre"rn·




Raisin and Nut Dessert

A very ho!l&rty, wholesom .. ~~t ""n be mllde by .klng raj,;nl • few minute! in warm w .. te-r ;IiIl1d ml:lling with rut equal quanlit)' of ilOY kind ",r nu",. Whipped cream is a very d",,;rr Able addition to thill.

Cocoanut and Rais-in Pudding

Put ~il pound .a-hrdded eocoenut il'l~o eo pl,lddinil pan S",=,~k in pi,,=:g 6 sm,,1l 8Jl<ln~ ""I<u; over thlMl: pour b<lilinll: q".<1 af milk with table.!lpo::oon of buuer melt~ in it; IIdd 4 'a.ble~pr.:ot.:In, ''''i"r. Lei jote.nd lin hour, eevered dQlJf!!ly. Mi. I :cad'r ;l>,gc of Secd.ed. R.;";n. with 4 wI'!n boaten cn-. ;a.n.d bake in II. slow oven .. Thil is delicioul either hot or ~ld


Raisin Puffs.

Two egga; VI cup bUlter; J teupoons baking povtd..r: 1. t..blespoons IUillr; 2 cups Bour; 1 cup mill.:.: VI package Seeded R.u.nns. chopped fine_ Steam VI hour in "maJi rup$

Steamed Indian Pudding with Raisins

Sedd 2 CLIP'! Indian m!!!"l with boiling .... a.ler; add I tea.lI'POOIl. :!{lit; I/~ cup lI!olllllll!~: liz piH:kag" 5-de<l RaiBiIl.!I. DiMDlve 1/2 lel"lpoon tods ;n wllrm water. add t¢ Ih ... m""I, adding WiEI.lfll water e:ftourh to make bau"r tf.ot will pour. Tum in!" 0 well g.-..iI".,.;I pail, covcr tl,htIy, &.lid IItu.1ll ",h'lldily J hourll,


T apiece Fruit Pudding

So.k I cup UI.piOoC" in ql,le.rl of .... 1I.~r o\lcrnllj:ht: ",dd cup .uKlI.r and l/l padca¥c Seeded RlIi,.inm; 1 pinCllppl" .IiGCd \luy thin or 5 I.ppl0::5 pared lind sliced thin. If ne.;dtd .. dd .. Inue .... um witter. Bake lYl hourl_ Bell ..... hilcJ of 2 qjlP 10" nlR 1r<Jlh: odd 2 tablC$poon, pulve~iz.ed "u!CIn.~p.c .. d ovc. pudding a.nd brown. 5(,rvewitll cr .. al'tl.

5UI(II..r ever Ihe top ~nd w.t'Iler enough to COY"" th e bottom <If 1"0:- pnn. Bake until the "ppb .. re tender: covcr wilh mcringuc m .. de of th ...... hilu of :) egg,. bellolcn with J tto.blC$poon, of pewdered !upr. Il,vorcd with lemon j ... i~.

Take I polund Seeded H."l."n, nil"; with II. pOulld of cUTunl •. .. ed III !X'und minced Ofiinll'! poet. dUd I ov""~ ... ilro '/4 pound AOlJr. Cflop CUI': I po"nd , ... er. Ildd to i\ I/~ pound or brown ~llg"'.: Ill. nutmcy. O:U lcd; % pOulld st.ale bread "rlJm_b.~: rni,., .. tl rhe il!'llrrOOlUll1 l-Gil"ther. Belli 5 I!II11:S wilhou, ""pl&.al;II" un til lillht. <idd 10 lhtJl1 III pinl ,r.c.pc cr or.JIn~e juice. pour 0"'." tl,~ dry inllrcdi.cnl9 ... ",d mi" lflO.OIJHhly. Tht m'Jt~"'C' B~'Ould nbC be Wei hUI each p.aorliclc n'IVi3ceno!d. P ... cl< ,.hl~ Inlo ~milll ~reJI..oo ~tHlc~ or fUOJ-ld [~wlll fill t,.,·Oo J'pound ket rlee Put rbe co ..... ..,r9 en Ih .. kcuJ",. and 5t .... m "'leiLdily For 10 hGUI~ Tro", eiI.!Si .. i .",.roy i~ co Irel the inifredie:nl5 reedy th"" r.i'iht bcFc)r .. then 1":1 'team ifill d"y. Take rrQm Ih..: ·Jlum..,T. remove lids. until puddin¥ .6 cool, Ih"o r.,pl",,.c lid5 .. nd put puddinlit~ a ....... y Th"y WIll k~p In Ii ecoi place lor !IoCovl!n.1 n)onth~ or "- y .... r.

Craham Pudding

One and one·half cups graham nOll,: I I:UP milk: '12 pael<lIgo:

Seeded RlIi!in9: I/ll:UP "'ol~"",~: til t",lIlIpcx>n .... It _ I tea9pOOn ...,d". Mi,. w",lI. pul. in '2 (IU;ul pIOn ... nd 5tetl.M 4 hours. PUI in in<J,vid".,1 ",olds :'Illd ~I .. "m 40'l:!.

English Plum Pudding

Raisin F~lIin!'.: lor Cake

On",~h,,11 " .. ,,1.11.1':'" &cd~ H,,;Sil'la: jv;-c:c o! (Inc Icmon .rond one orfllig<!=: 1 cur ~ulo.'l!.r: III l!!.blupoo!l bultt:r. Bo~l 1!1I tOi'Clhcr: wilen eeel ,p'elld between [{lye'"

Mi~'tNflrlMII$ Dainlic:1

Raisin I ce Cream

11.""" ie M fll'l~r Fruit iCI! IIl"n C"hf()mia Seeded Rai~inl addo!:d to iee crearn 0' ""y fi~ .... .,r ThorO\lllhly di,...;olvo: hno;:ly o;hoppo:d <)' IImunri ~a:I ",-,,,ina in Ill", milk hefl)~ pUlling in reeeee •. U~., I pOund 01 r""~lr.~ 10 tAr" h.1f 11\1100 cream.

Make a custard of a qu ... t of milk, 1 ~g" and of ~""bl~pov", ."I!I:'It.(; edd bread in imalll)ie~ and '/} """,k,,IC" Seeded Rais,n~ Flavor .... lth vQmll. Qnd mnmcg end bake

Rai"in Butter

T"k", '; pound" 01 Seeded R .. ,~",s; cook well done. nun through «o1"r.d .. r TO take 01.11 ~kln~. th~" ftdd 2 cups sugar. Yz tcupoon ;::innomO"l. "lI~p":c. dov~ ... >(1 nutm~: Ihen pul ",II (m tln~·t "'nrl r",,]' d .. .",n

Raisin Bread Pudding

Apple Meringue with Raisins

Pare. core .. lid place in doojJ I,l"c ... } IJ't 8 .. ppl.,~ MOJ. Ih '11 Seeded RIl.I.ln •. chopped lin"" .. wil" I""'<ln. ~UIC'" lind nulmclC. lind fill th~ b",plo:~ ",itll ~Ilc rruxrure. Swirol.!e

Ml3celltJtleou:1 Rai:1in Dai"tie~

C~.1irornia Raisin Salad

Half,cup chopped lIppled: II! oCup diced ccl"ry: 1j~ I;UP Q.,,-na'" "ccli<l1'l8: I/~ piickagfl Seeded Rtol~ln~. 2 u.blI!5p<l<ln! chopped piffiento. MiK 1111 t~lller lind have reEtd;.- a plate or Ja~ :lal .... d be ..... l C'Q ..... ~.ed wiLr. dln..d.Jed lenw:c. rul ,.._I",d 011 tflo: ncsi -01



lettuce and pOUI o ... ~r aU 0 d",~ai"S' mode (JI I t='lll~paon Il.h. I 't>cil.ipOoOn ~ul!:&r, I_) cup of lenwll jui~ Put e. Bliu. of the yolk of a,n oagg tn th .. rn:"te~ 00.1 the nlad and I:I.IE pim.ento~ into shape rtprese.ntlnlj: e, poinRttll and IllY a.round the ~Ii~..d egg y~lk 110 .. " to Ie-m the poin!lol!=tlB flo~. 5pnnld" r;ho;>pped o-hvea on esll: yolk~ ""nd lay a circle <II mu"""t 5..Mo:d R:e.i"inl uound edllC 01 IJaI.d.


One padtillge of Californ;1I &edless Ra.isi~~ 2 ""P" "Ii.,.""j apples:

I cUp slioed «-lll:!ry. linc:: I cup walni.l~. I tllbl~pool\ suga.r: 1/, ''''''POOr! .. [t ; 1 cup whipped (;Fcan.. s,..,Ye warm at ence.

Raisin Salad

One (:up celery. chopped: ~11 eup wa.lnlJl&, chopped; 1,/2 p"ukllge Sn,cl"d R,,;~in~. (bopped. Combinlil lind Ilene on l"l~u~" h"'\iO:~ with Moyonllo; .... d.-.....;.injf or Cr.!IIm dl'Cuill,f

Society Sar-dwich

Dd.i.tiCUI for aft"'TIlQOn t" ... ~. picl'lica and.' children's luncile~.

Chop line 'I ... pa.o;:kl\gc Secdcd Ra'e;n~. together with 1 .. .,p of nutll; Mix wilh whipped cream or the white "I ,..-. "'IlK beat .. ": _"" with salt. Sprea.d between .liced or thit'lJ~" b ... llered bre",d

Raisin and Nut Sandwiches

T.kc May<mnai_,., Qr lirmly whippOd ._el ereem. Ihicken with Powdered or chopped :1 ... 1 meate. llnd Seeded R .. i&;m.. Wal n.,t&_ peaeanli. a.lmond •. filberts. or Br.~i1 nut, ~ .. mi"-iure of RVer,,1 v .. Tieti .... are ... tee.

Mad'! wi!b tel' biKUit, Qr linger roll. Ihey are good ILttd fo=quit .. no butler.


Raisin Sandwich Fillin-g

Ch<>ppol:d Seeded Railin! worked inlo neufchtd eheeee m"k~ a g=d sandwi~'_' filling.

R;)i~in Puffs

Two 0::1111': l/~ ''''P buller; 3 leupGOn" bDk'''':g powd",r; 2 t'!llblc!poon~ ,u,8'~r; 2 evps ilo u r: I cup miJ~: I ""P Seed .. d R"i~n!l, choJ)po!:d nne. St-c:a.m '/~ hour in ~m<l~1 (:Up.&



PIlFllfl .... L v_Ewe .. !:'.I!:<: ... T'v~ 0""::E9

C,PITAL $2'.500.000 M(M8E~Sl-IIP 6000 &lOWERS


Fresno. California.