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YASREF PROJECT EXECUTION DEPARTMENT Interconneeting & Utilities Projects Division ‘SP4- PMT Site Office Yanbu Industrial City, Saudi Arabia Tel: (966-4) 398-1409 aayals Yesref DOCUMENT TRANSMITTAL DATE: Mar. 24, 2043 TRANSMITTAL No. YERP-SP4/T-1254/2013 REFERENCE TO: —BNTBISA-YERP-SP4/T-1074 RA TO: GIANFRANCO LILI Company Representative, Bonatti 2nd floor,Bseel Center, Feras Bin Al Nadher Street, P.0.Box 1988 Al Khobar 31952 The following: X] Document cD | Drawings ‘Are transmitted herewith for Information Action/Process Comments/Review Correction/Re-submit Reply required: Yes x No SUBJECT: REVISED QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURE FOR FIELD HYDROSTATIC TESTING OF VALVES & TRANSPORTATION TO THE LOCATION Procedure is accepted with comments. Please find attached for your reference For further questions, please call Kim A. Rodgers ~ T: 04 398 1408. Bonatti S.p.A Branch Office YERP Utilities Package (SP-4) Job No.: $A2201 24 MAR 2013 Contract No, 6600027548 Osamah Info. __[Act- Engineering RECEIVED BY: | Sracuroment ‘tachment: yes Construction ce: KaRMTransmntiabiy TT Branch Mer. Y Utility Package (SP4) Jakhil, Sr Project Engineer, 3124 [IF pest Yanbu Aramco Sinopec Refining Co. Ltd. ‘YASREF Projet Execution Department Pret Gay Management On ‘cota Oe, Buln Yanbu Te 56-58-28 Fs 6647 44 En 3884 ‘ite |o- Pee era Tero fines Lo [Comments [00 tho comments Below: 1. Contactor must make Ist of valves 98 pe ne Sst to make sure there is no mistaken conducting vee tsting. Make alist of votes that are [tobe tested and nat tobe tasted, 2. Contractor must inoxporate the mothod of removing water and the preservation ofthe valves after the testing fo make sure corosion vil not Taner Terran Page fiom we | Quit Erie r i i