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How to: Play Conjugation

Objective: Students should be able to correctly follow
steps to conjugate and play the game appropriately
while learning Spanish!
Identifying Infinitives
Before you begin conjugating, you must be able to identify
an infinitive! An infinitive can be defined...

By the phrase “to do an action,” or, “to do a verb.” That

means that the phrases ‘to wait’ or ‘to sit’ are infinitives!

Now in Spanish, they can be identified much more easily!

An infinitive in Spanish will normally end with -ar, -er, or

Therefore, the word “correr” is an infinitive in Spanish!

How to Conjugate in Present Tense
Step 1: Chop off -ar, -er, -ir ending of verb/infinitive (in
this case we’ll only be using -ar verbs)
Step 2: Using the Present tense conjugation chart, add the
endings relating to the proper subject and appropriate
ending (ex. I, we, etc.)
Step 3: At this point, you should have a fully conjugated
verb corresponding with its subject!
Examples of Conjugations

Examples: Spanish: Yo Spanish:Nosotros/as

English: I English: we
Given the subject ‘Yo’ and the verb
‘montar en bicicleta’ which means ‘to o amos
ride a bicycle’
Spanish: Tu Spanish:Vosotros/as
1. Mont__ en bicicleta English: you English: y’all
2. Mont__+o en bicicleta
3. Monto en bicicleta
as áis
Spanish: El/ Ella/ Ud. Spanish: Ellos/ Ellas/ Uds.
Bonus: Do you know what the phrase English:(s)he,you(f) English: they,yall (f)
in number three means? a an
Translating Conjugations

Examples: Spanish: Yo Spanish:Nosotros/as

English: I English: we
In the previous example, you ended
with the phrase: o amos
Monto en bicicleta
Spanish: Tu Spanish:Vosotros/as
English: you English: y’all
Now to translate this phrase, we will
take the definition (to ride a bike) and
as áis
change it to the ‘yo,’ or, ‘I’ form. Thus,
Spanish: El/ Ella/ Ud. Spanish: Ellos/ Ellas/ Uds.
it means: English:(s)he,you(f) English: they,yall (f)
I ride a bike. a an
Rules & Expectations
1. First, students will roll the dice to determine which player will go first (the higher
the roll, the better).
2. Then, you can roll to start the game, move the appropriate number of spaces
rolled to receive a subject for the verb given.
3. Now that you are given the proper information to conjugate, try to correctly
conjugate the verb. If you are unable to conjugate correctly, go back to where you
were before you rolled.
4. The farthest player from the start at the end of the game is the winner!

Students please note that in this certain activity, pronunciation isn't what we’re looking
for! Additionally, if you have any questions, just ask!
Present Tense
1. bailar - to dance Conjugation Chart
2. cantar - to sing Spanish: Yo Spanish:Nosotros/as
3. dibujar - to draw English: I English: we

4. escuchar música - to listen to music o amos

5. nadar - to swim Spanish: Tu Spanish:Vosotros/as
6. trabajar - to work English: you English: y’all
7. usar la computadora - to use the as áis
computer Spanish: El/ Ella/ Ud. Spanish: Ellos/ Ellas/ Uds.
8. enseñar - to teach English:(s)he,you(f) English: they,yall (f)
9. estudiar - to study a an
10. hablar - to talk