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Performance Task on the Use of Particular Kind of Sentence for a

Specific Purpose and Audience (with ESP Integration on Politeness)

7. Evaluation

Create a dialogue which contains asking permission, accepting or refusing the permission
showing politeness and perform it in front of the class. (Dyad)


4 3 2 1
Content Used 3 modals Used two Used 1 modals No modals
in the Dialogues modals in the used
Time About 1 minute 2 minutes 3 minutes Less or more
the required 1
Voice Voice is clear, One element is Several Most of
confident, missing elements are elements are
enthusiastic & missing missing.
loud enough for
all to hear
Eye contact Makes eye Makes some Makes little Minimal eye
contact with eye contact eye contact contact.
audience and depends
doesn’t have to heavily on the
read from notes. board