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St. Mary’s THURSDAY, APRIL 25, 2019


2 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Jennifer Cord, 5th grade teacher at White Marsh Elementary School, is the county’s top teacher

Contract bus drivers protested this week for better wages, benefits.

Calvert Marine Museum hosted a sunrise service
Rockfish are big and running.
this Easter

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Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Local News 3

Commissioners Hear Calls To Hold

The Line on Taxes, Spending
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

Residents called for the Commis-

sioners of St. Mary’s County to bring
to a halt their plans to increase both
property and income taxes in the fiscal
2020 $259 million operating budget
at Tuesday night’s public hearing at
Leonardtown High School.
Still others praised the commission-
ers for being willing to spend money
on a planned community center in
Lexington Park as well as synthetic
turf fields for sports practice around
the county.
Deb Rey, head of the St. Mary’s
County Republican Club, spoke mul-
tiple times against raising both taxes
and against the budget as well overall.
“The citizens in St. Mary’s County
clearly do not want either of these tax
increases,” Rey, a former state del-
egate said. “This goes against the Re-
publican principles you were elected
The entire commissioner board in
St. Mary’s is Republican.
She also criticized elected leaders Chief Financial Officer Jeanett Cudmore goes over plans to increase taxes for the upcoming county budget.
for using the Kirwan commission leg-

islation, which seeks drastic increases “I’d correct your opening statement

& Sunday
in education funding, and hikes in the that you get your main source of reve-
minimum wage as “an excuse to raise nue from income and property taxes,” THE BLACK
taxes.” he said. “I’d argue your main source of
The Forgotten Tragedy
“Money is freedom,” Rey said. revenue is people.”

27 & 28
“You’re taking our freedoms when The rising costs of living mean the
on the Potomac
you’re taking our money.” county could “lose coaches, we lose
It was an oft repeated mantra that mentors… we lose friends,” Bergen

10AM - 5PM
night. said. • An American Civil War Weekend •
In planning to increase property Several residents called plans to
taxes, said Joseph Gardner of Piney spend money on turf fields a luxury, ST. CLEMENT’S ISLAND MUSEUM BOTH DAYS
Point, it put some of the most vulner- but others said it was a positive invest- 38370 POINT BREEZE RD, COLTONS POINT, MD CEREMONY 2PM SUNDAY
able in the community at risk. ment in the county’s youth.
“You just keep whittling away on “I voted for all of them [the county FREE Museum Admission • FREE Water Taxi Rides
people on a fixed income,” he said. commissioners] and I appreciate that Civil War Era Tours of Blackistone Lighthouse
Judith Mattingly, of Hollywood, they are willing to develop things for
said any claims by commissioners that our children,” said Mike Pinkel, spe- Wreath Laying Ceremony Featuring
they run the county government like a cially on turf fields. “I’m tired of hear- NAS Pax River CO Captain Christopher Cox
business were false. ing it’s not a good thing.”
“You need to sharpen your pencils William Hall, president of the local Civil War Reenactors • & Much More!
and really run it like a business,” Mat- chapter of the NAACP, pressed com-

tingly said. missioners to move up the construc-

The proposed budget represents a tion date for the community center
7.5 percent increase over last year’s in Lexington Park by years from its

budget; the commissioners are propos- current 2025 date in the construction

ing increasing the property tax rate to schedule.

.9078 per every $100 of assessed value, “We can do better,” Hall said.
generating an additional $7.9 million. Melissa Willey, mother of Jaelynn
The proposed income tax increase Willey who was killed by a class- A 1924 SILENT MO TIN
would raise the rate to 3.2 percent, mate at Great Mills High School last STARRING RIN TIN
generating an additional $3.2 million year, pleaded with the commissioners FAMILY FRIENDLY
in fiscal 2020 and rising to $6.4 mil- to add more money to the budget for

All events
lion in fiscal 2021. school security.

open to
Commissioners have said the need “Our children need school security,”
to fund public services such as public she said. “The school system needs the

safety, education and county govern- funding.”
ment salaries, require tax increases.
Matt Bergen, a local realtor, said
increased taxes and fees would drive Call 301-769-2222 for more information
4 Local News The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

It’s Spring Time

“Time To Grow Your Own” Senator Details
Legislative Successes
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

Sen. Jack Bailey, R-Dist. 29, said St.

Camelias 1 Gal.
ONLY Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry
Mary’s and Calvert counties faired well
Spring Blooming Size $ 1288ea. BUY GET 3 1 FREE in this year’s legislative session, his first,
though some bills which passed could
cost Southern Marylanders in the long
“I felt like we did extremely well when
you look at the resources we brought
back to Southern Maryland,” Bailey told
The County Times Wednesday.
He pointed out getting the funding
Rhododendron 3 GET Hosta
BUY NOW ONLY secured to begin construction of the
3 gal. size
4 FREE Albo Marginata & 1 Gal.
Hosta Undulata Size 5 ea.
Lowest priced rose is FREE
unmanned systems and autonomous re-
search center at the University System
of Maryland at Southern Maryland, also
Now ScheduliNg For SpriNg iNStallatioN known as the third building, as a major
call today to Schedule aN eStimate 800-451-1427 victory.
“We’re going to start the building this
Sen. Jack Bailey
year,” Bailey said. “It’s an $86 million
Bailey said $11.9 million is currently
available to begin construction.
The Kirwan Commission legislation,
which seeks to increase statewide fund-
Choose from pink, white
SAVE 20%Off Azaleas
Traditional and New SAVE 20% Off ing for education by $4.4 billion over
Any Size the next decade passed the legislature
and red flowering. Encore Varieties When you buy 3 or more
or Variety this year, Bailey said, but for at least the
first year, counties do not have to worry
about paying for the funding increases.
The Commissioners of St. Mary’s
County have said they will have to raise
taxes for the coming fiscal year in part
because of the Kirwan legislation.
“There is no trickle-down mandate
Fruit Tree BUY 3 GET 4
Tomato Plants ONLY this year,” Bailey said. “The Kirwan leg-
Many varieties to choose. FREE Market packs of 4 plants $ 99
2 /pack
islation was funded through the [state’s]
surplus this year.”
Purchase our “Tree Planting Success Kit” for $21.98 per tree. A bill that also established more re-
Kit includes (1) Tree Stake Kit, (1) 3 cu. ft. bag of Mulch, sources to help prevent veteran suicides
(1) Bag of Leaf Gro Soil Conditioner, & (1) lb. Plant-tone Fertilizer “who are in a desperate time” was also
Pick up the coupon at our store and get a $25 per tree credit a significant achievement for Southern
at time of purchase of any Native Tree priced at $75 or more. Maryland given the large veteran com-
(NO MAIL IN REQUIRED). munity here. Del. Brian Crobsy
*There is a list of qualifying trees on the
Still there were failures. Del. Brian Crobsy, speaking last
$ 25 Off The purchase
of one tree*
A bill that would have extended the
probation time for sexual predators, al-
week at the full meeting of the Tri-
County Council in Great Mills, said he
From Our garden Shop lowing them to be under greater scrutiny
and providing penalties if they violated
their probation, failed in the legislature
had heard fears of coming energy cost
spikes due to the Clean Energy Jobs Act
which requires 50 percent of the state’s
Bayer All-in-One C&S Nuggets Shredded he said, as did a bill that would have energy come from renewable resources.
Rose & Flower Care Berry Nuggets, Orange Hardwood Mulch made opioid dealers open to charges of “Rate increases may happen in other
Nuggets & 3 cu. ft. bag second-degree murder if buyers died parts of the state but SMECO’s require-
1 quart size Peanut from an overdose of narcotics they sold. ment was 2.5 percent” for solar power,
Nuggets “I’m going to work to bring that bill Crosby said, adding that the legislation
ONLY 10 back,” Bailey said of the so-called fen-
NOW would create more than 70,000 new jobs
24 88
$ 99
BAGS tanyl bill as well as the sexual predator
across the state.
He hailed the passage of a bill that
reg. A major defeat, Bailey said, was the would allow utilities such as SMECO
$4.99 ea. $
passage of legislation that increased the to lease out their right-of-ways to broad-
minimum wage to $15 by 2025, also band companies.
Wentworth Nursery
Prices Good Thru April 30th, 2019
known as the Fight for $15. This would allow broadband to spread
Oakville “I’ve had business owners say they’re to residents, “the last mile,” he said, who
Charlotte Hall Prince Frederick
30315 Three Notch Rd, 1700 Solomon’s Island Rd, 5 minutes North of Hollywood going to close up here and move to other traditionally had no access to it.
41170 Oakville Road
Charlotte Hall 20622
Prince Frederick 20678
410-535-3664 Mechanicsville 20659 states,” Bailey said. “Or they’ve said
800-558-5292 1-866-535-3664 301-373-9245 • 800-451-1427
they won’t be able to hire as many em-
SPRING Hours: Mon.-Fri. 8-7, Sat. 8-6, Sun. 9-6 Hours: Mon.-Fri. 7:30-6, Sat. 7:30-5
ployees as they had planned.”
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Local News 5

Few Bus Drivers Ditch Routes in Protest

By Guy Leonard owned bus as it drove out of the Ban-
Staff Writer neker complex parking lot.
“They get holiday pay… we don’t get
Only a small number of contract any of that,” Murphy said.
school bus drivers made good on their Karen Grumbine, another contract
threat of not making their routes to pick driver, said their wages were poor and
up students Tuesday to protest what they they often didn’t get in a full work day
claim is a need for higher wages for their to earn a full pay check.
work. “No drivers get eight hours a day,” Gr-
Weeks prior to the planned protest at umbine said. “If they do they’re lucky.
Benjamin Banneker Elementary School “And we have to pay for benefits.”
April 23, contract drivers had been She said the average salary of a con-
pushing a petition to get their compatri- tract school bus driver is about $25,000
ots to also take part in the walkout un- a year.
less the county government acceded to “But take-home pay is more like
their demands for more pay and better $18,000 a year,” Grumbine said.
benefits. Ben McKay, another driver, said he is
Drivers speaking to The County able to continue driving during the sum-
Times said there could be as many as 25 mer months to take students to and from
drivers who would not drive April 23; special activities but that offers much
the total number of protestors at the pro- less in the way of pay.
test along Route 5 in Leonardtown was “That pays only about half of a regu-
just five as of 9a.m. lar pay check,” McKay said.
Some said more drivers would join The school system is heavily depen-
the protest once they had finished their dent on contract drivers to run student
routes for the morning. pick up routes; there are 190 routes for
They held up handmade signs pro- Contract school bus drivers protested Tuesday at Benjamin Banneker Elementary School for
contract drivers and only about 12 that
higher pay and better benefits
claiming : “Higher Pay for Bus Driver” are owned and operated by the school
and “Retirement Plan Needed.” system. percent increase in funding in the latest bursed to drivers by the company owner.
Dawn Murphy, the key driver who or- School transportation officials have school system budget but those monies
ganized the protest, looked at a county- said contract bus drivers received a 3 are first paid to the contractor and dis-

Regions' Sheriffs Announce

Crackdown on Distracted Driving
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer

Calvert Sheriff Mike Evans, along

with St. Mary’s Sheriff Timothy K. Cam-
eron and Charles Sheriff Troy Berry
announced Monday that deputies in the
three Southern Maryland counties would
refocus their efforts on curbing distract- Sheriff Timothy K. Cameron, along with May 4
ed driving and motorists who do not use Calvert and Charles sheriffs Mike Evans
their seatbelts. and Troy Berry announce increased traffic

enforcement this summer.
Part of the effort, of which the Mary-
land Department of Transportation calls Evans said the increased enforcement
Buckle Up. Phone Down., seeks to edu-
cate drivers on the dangers of distracted
period would last from April through
August; fines for simply not wearing a
Loveville Produce Auction
driving and the risks of not wearing a safety belt while driving would be an $83 40454 Bishop Road | Loveville, Maryland
safety belt. citation.
The other pieces of the program are “These laws save lives,” Evans said.
consistent monetary fines and points on Cameron said distracted driving, par-
licenses if motorists continue to disregard ticularly the kind due to use of smart
traffic laws, the region’s sheriffs said. All stock will be available in small quantities for the homeowner
phones and other hand- held devices, was Kitchens will be open | Restrooms on site
Berry said between the years of 2013 one of the greatest threats on the region’s Cash or Check
and 2017 there were a total of 814 vehicle roads. A buyer number must be obtained for all purchasing
crashes on Southern Maryland roads that Between the years of 2013 and 2017, No Buyer’s Permissions

involved unrestrained occupants; those Cameron said, there were some 15,000
drivers could have been better protected distracted driving crashes throughout
if they had only taken a moment to use Southern Maryland.
their safety belts. “The average time it takes to look at a
“Buckling a seat belt takes just three text is five seconds,” Cameron said. “That
seconds,” Berry said, adding that motor- is the equivalent of driving the length of
ists could expect to see greater levels of a football field blindfolded for the same
police presence on Southern Maryland length of time.
roads. “People continue to use these devices
Fines and points, he said, would be at an alarming rate.”
used to change behavior.
“In Maryland driving is a privilege, it’s
not a right,” said Berry.
6 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

KCA & St. Mary’s Co.

St. Mary's All-Star Eagles
Principals, Teachers & Staff
St. Mary's College - Gym The King's Christian Academy

May 3, 2019 6:30 5:30

10 12 12 15 20 35 or For More Information

Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Local News 7

Commissioners Approve Governor Hogan Calls Special Session

School Security Grant House of Delegates to Elect New Speaker
Governor Larry Hogan on chael E. Busch, Speaker of the
By Guy Leonard While it does not place more security April 18 signed an executive Maryland House of Delegates,
Staff Writer personnel in a school it does offer up to order calling for the Maryland passed away on April 7, 2019,
date tactical data. General Assembly to convene causing an outpouring of grief
The final piece of a $2.5 million grant “It improves emergency response a special session on Wednes- from the citizens of the State;
from the state to improve school secu- planning and preparedness,” Wyant day, May 1. Whereas, Speaker Busch
rity will now go toward the purchase of said. “The dynamics inside a school This special session, which was the longest-serving
special electronic mapping equipment to change every year.” comes at the request of the speaker in the State’s history,
be used to provide law officers with up- The imaging models would be up- presiding officers, will allow and was widely respected and Del. Dereck
the House of Delegates to elect admired for his lifelong dedi- Davis
to-the-minute views of a school’s hall dated on a yearly basis, Wyant said, and
ways and interior. would supplement the static floor plans a successor to the late Speaker cation to service to the State
The remaining money, about $49,000, of a building. Michael E. Busch. and its citizens; and
would also be used to purchase emerg- The new imaging technology would There are reportedly three Whereas, the House of Del-
ing technology that turns an I Phone 8 show if furniture such as cabinets or candidates for the position: egates, in accordance with its
into a scanner that can detect concealed desks had been moved or if there were Del. Adrienne A. Jones, 64, of rules, must elect a new speak-
weapons. objects in hallways not shown on basic Baltimore County; Del. Mag- er to succeed Speaker Busch;
“It’s a really interesting piece of tech- floor plans. gie McIntosh, 71, of Balti- Now, therefore, I, Lawrence
nology,” said Mike Wyant, schools se- The weapon scanning kits, which also more; and Del. Dereck Davis, J. Hogan Jr., Governor of the
curity chief, to the Commissioners of St. claims to have the ability to use facial 51, of Prince George’s County. State of Maryland, by virtue Del. Maggie
Mary’s County Tuesday regarding the recognition technology, are essentially “It is my solemn duty to of the authority vested in me McIntosh
imaging technology. a smart phone casing that uses radio call a special session of the by Article II, Section 16, of
The commissioners approved the waves to detect concealed weapons. General Assembly in order to the Maryland Constitution
grant request unanimously. “We’ve seen a couple demonstrations elect a successor to Speaker and the Laws of Maryland,
The equipment would be used to take of this technology,” Wyant said. “It’s Busch,” said Governor Larry hereby proclaim and convene
a two-dimensional image of a school’s different from a metal detector… it’s Hogan. “As we close a sig- a special and extraordinary
interior and those images could be up- something much more proactive.” nificant chapter in our state’s session of the General Assem-
loaded to a smart phone used by law of- Both pieces of technology would be history, we will continue the bly of Maryland to commence
ficers or school security who might have used in the schools upcoming safety and critical work that Mike Busch on Wednesday, May 1, 2019,
to enter during a high threat situation. security evaluation process required by dedicated so much of his life in the City of Annapolis to en-
“What does this do to improve school the state. to doing.” able the House of Delegates to Del. Adrienne A.
Whereas, the Honorable Mi- elect a new Speaker. Jones
security?” asked Commissioner Presi-
dent Randy Guy.

European Granite FREE




301-254-8906 ESTIMATE & KITCHEN DESIGN! 301-579-3905
8 Local News The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

USDA Report Shows St. The St. Mary’s County

Mary’s Agriculture Strong Technical Evaluation
By Guy Leonard
Staff Writer Committee Agenda for April
Officials with the U.S. Department
of Agriculture (USDA) presented data
to the Tri-County Council of Southern
Maryland last week showing St. Mary’s
County is among the leaders in agricul-
ture in Maryland.
According to statistics from the 2017
Census of Agriculture St. Mary’s Coun- est production levels for corn in South-
ty ranks No. 7 in the state for the number ern Maryland, the report showed, with
of operating farms. almost 1.3 million bushels in 2017.
Comparatively, Charles County St. Mary’s also proved to be among
ranked No. 14 for the number of farms the highest producers of soybeans in the
with Calvert ranking near the bottom at region with a production total of 670,000
No. 22, according to USDA statistics. bushels; Prince George’s produced just
There are 24 jurisdictions in 143,000 bushels of soybeans in 2017.
Maryland. Still the report shows that farming in
St. Mary’s also made an impressive general in Maryland has declined in the
showing in specific categories of agri- last nine years.
cultural endeavors; the report showed In 2008 there were about 12,800 farms
that compared to the other Southern operating in the state with 2.05 million 1. CONCEPT SITE PLAN # 19-13200007, O’BRIEN WINERY (Zoning Or-
Maryland counties, which also includes acres engaged in agriculture. dinance 10-02) (Use # 12b and 12c) Critical Area
Prince George’s and Anne Arundel, St. That number has dropped to 12,200 OWNER: Harold Grube- O’Brien
Mary’s has the most cattle on farms in farms for 2017 with 2.03 million acres AGENT: Harold Grube-O’brien
the entire region. involved in farming. LOCATION: 19860 Pear Hill Rd TM-057 GRID-07 PAR-0037 ED-02 TAX
For 2017 there were 3,600 head of The USDA estimates the total agricul- ID-010585
cattle in St. Mary’s with the next highest tural production for Maryland is about LAND USE: Rural Preservation
number being in Charles County with $2.5 billion in Maryland. ZONING: RPD/ RCA ACREAGE: 132.5
1,900 head of cattle. ACTION REQUESTED: Review of a 3,993 square foot winery and farm brewery.
St. Mary’s also had amongst the high-
2. MINOR SITE PLAN #19-13100007, Zimmerman Gravel Mine (Zoning
County Appoints Communications Director Ordinance 10-02) (Use # 82)
OWNER: Harlan Zimmerman
The Commissioners of St. Mary’s nications and on behalf of all the Com- AGENT: Chesapeake Trails Surveying, LLC.
County have appointed Alisa Casas as missioners, we are looking forward to LOCATION: 25283 Friendship School Road TM-019 GRID-22 PAR-150 ED-06
Communications Director. working together.” TAX ID-071376
Casas comes to St. Mary’s County “I am grateful and excited to be offered LAND USE: Rural Preservation
Government from MAG Aerospace, for- the position of Communications Director ZONING: RPD ACREAGE: 12.42
merly Ausley Associates Inc., where she for St. Mary’s County Government”, said ACTION REQUESTED: Review of a Minor Site plan for a 226,512 square foot
was employed as an Export Compliance Casas. “It is an honor to serve the com- gravel mine.
Analyst and Associate Director of Com- missioners and the residents of St. Mary’s
munications for the F/A-18 program at County and I look forward, with great 3. MINOR SITE PLAN #19-13100008 Fisher Processing Plant (Zoning Or-
NAVAIR. anticipation, to getting to work.” dinance 10-02) (Use # 1)
“We are pleased to appoint Ms. Casas Casas’ appointment is effective May OWNER: Noah Fisher
as our next Communications Director,” 6, 2019. AGENT: Chesapeake Trails Surveying, LLC.
said Commissioner President Randy LOCATION: 36723 Dixie Lyon TM-008 GRID-07 PAR-318 ED-05 TAX
Guy. “Ms. Casas comes to the County Press Release from ID-055938
with tremendous experience in commu- St. Mary’s County Government LAND USE: Rural Preservation
ACTION REQUESTED: Review of a Minor Site plan for a 2,400 square foot

processing plant.


(Zoning Ordinance 10-02) (Subdivision Ordinance 10-01)
OWNER: Rose Disclafani
AGENT: Robert E. Trautman LOCATION: 38819 Doctor Johnson Road TM-018
GRID-014 PAR-070 ED-04 TAX ID-032519 LAND USE: Rural Preservation
REQUESTED: Review of a 2 lot minor subdivision.


SUB (Zoning Ordinance 10-02) (Subdivision Ordinance 10-01) Critical Area
LOCATION: 17827 Clarke Rd TM-065 GRID-11 PAR-0191 ED-02 TAX

County Times
St. Mary’s LAND USE: Residential Medium Density
St. Mary’s County ● Calvert County COUNTYTIMES.NET ACTION REQUESTED: Review of a 2 lot minor subdivision
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times 9



$16.48/$29.48 $47.48
750 ML/1.75 LITER 750 ML 750 ML

1800 READY
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750 ML
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P R I C E S E F F E C T I V E A P R I L 2 6 T H R U M AY 9 , 2 0 1 9
10 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Cops & Courts 11

St. Mary's County Sheriff’s Office Crime Report

Wanted for Escape- The St. Mary’s the reported disturbance. Investigation Theft/Drug Arrest- On April 12,
County Sheriff’s Office is seeking the revealed Jamar Marcus Young, age 32 2019, Joseph Dale Thomas, age 60 of
whereabouts of Brandon Lee Bates, age
26 of Charlotte Hall. Bates has an active

through the course of the investigation,

Russell was developed as a suspect. Af- of Lexington Park, came to the victim’s Lusby, was observed in the area of 44900
ter Russell’s arrest, numerous items that place of employment and began causing Worth Avenue in California. Thomas had
had been reported stolen were recovered. a disturbance and threatening the victim. an active warrant for the charge of Es-
warrant for the charge of escape second CASE# 9149-19 The victim was escorted home from work, cape. Thomas was then observed enter-
degree for violating the conditions of his and Young was discovered hiding outside ing a store, and removing an item from its
pretrial release. Bates was previously ar- Violation of Protective Order- On the victim’s residence by deputies. Young packaging in an attempt to steal the item.
rested on theft charges. Bates is 5’10” in April 11, 2019, Dep. Edelen responded to continued to cause a disturbance outside When confronted, Thomas attempted to
height, weighs 175 pounds, and has brown the 21800 block of Tulagi Place in Lexing- the victim’s residence and yelled and ha- flee. Thomas was apprehended and when
hair and brown eyes. ton Park, for the reported violation of pro- rassed the victim in the presence of depu- placed under arrest, two metal suspected
Anyone with information on the where- tective order. Investigation determined ties on scene. Young was placed under CDS smoking devices were located on
abouts of Brandon Lee Bates is asked to Cornelius NMN Fenwick, age 41 with arrest and charged with Harass: Course of Thomas, as well as a baggie containing
contact Detective Austin Schultz at (301) Conduct, Stalking, Disorderly Conduct, suspected cocaine. Thomas was arrested
475-4200 extension *1953 or by email at and Disturbing the Peace: Hindering Pas- and charged with the outstanding warrant Citi- sage. CASE# 21323-19 for Escape, Possession of CDS: Not Mari-
zens may remain anonymous and contact juana, and Theft by Cpl. Worrey# 152.
Crime Solvers at (301) 475-3333, or text CASE# 21501-19
a tip to “TIP239” plus their message to
“CRIMES” (274637). Through the Crime
Solvers Program tipsters are eligible for
an award of up to $1,000 for information
about a crime in St. Mary’s County that
leads to an arrest or indictment.
For official news and information, fol-
low the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office
on Twitter @firstsheriff.

Burglary/Theft- On April 11, 2019, no fixed address, contacted the victim in

Det. Schultz made contact with James violation of an active court order prohibit-
Michael Russell, age 34 with no fixed ad- ing him from doing so. Fenwick was ar-
dress, and charged him with Burglary and rested and charged with Violate Protective
Theft. In February deputies responded to Order. CASE# 21293-19
the 30400 block of Potomac Way in Char-
lotte Hall, for the reported burglary to Stalking- On April 12, 2019, Dep.
some mini storage units. Numerous items Edelen, responded to the 21500 block of
were taken from the storage units, and Great Mills Road in Lexington Park, for

Legal Notice
The Commissioners of Leonardtown will hold a public hearing on May 13, 2019 at 4:30
p.m. in the Town Office, located at 22670 Washington Street, Leonardtown, MD. The
purpose of the hearing is to present for public review and comment, a request for Final
Site Plan Approval for a self-storage facility at 25850 Point Lookout Road, Leonardtown,
MD also known as the Clark’s Rest Subdivision Commercial Lot on MD Route 5. All
interested parties are encouraged to attend or to submit written comments by 4:00 p.m.
on May 13, 2019 to the Commissioners of Leonardtown, P.O. Box 1, Leonardtown, MD
20650. Special accommodations will be made for persons with disabilities upon request.
By Authority:
Laschelle McKay, Town Administrator
12 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

SMECO Nominating Committee to Meet

Southern Maryland Electric Coop-
erative’s (SMECO) Board of Directors
has appointed 10 members to the 2019
Nominating Committee scheduled to
meet on Wednesday, May 15, 2019, at
SMECO’s headquarters at 15035 Burnt
Store Road in Hughesville. This com-
mittee will select a slate of candidates
for the five Board positions to be elect-
ed this year. Elections will be held to
fill one position in Calvert County, two
positions in Charles County, one posi-
tion in Prince George’s County, and
one in St. Mary’s County.
The 2019 Nominating Committee SMECO members interested in being members acting together may make Election results will be announced at
members follow: nominated should complete a Board of other nominations by petition by Fri- the meeting, but no voting will occur
• Calvert County: Kimberly Freeland, Directors Candidate Application. To day, May 31, 2019. Members running on-site.
Prince Frederick; and Terence N. obtain a candidate application, contact by petition should also complete and Selection of the Nominating Com-
Gibson, Prince Frederick. Terrie Barringer at 240-528-9747 or submit a Board of Directors Candidate mittee members is in compliance with
• Charles County: Joseph L. Gardiner Com- Application. SMECO’s bylaws. For more informa-
Jr., La Plata; Edward Holland III, pleted candidate applications should be SMECO’s Annual Meeting will be tion regarding the committee, nomina-
Waldorf; and William B. Young Jr., submitted to SMECO, Attention: Jo- held Thursday, August 29, 2019; how- tions, and qualifications of directors,
Waldorf. seph Densford, Board Attorney, by Fri- ever, the election will be conducted refer to Article IV, Sections 4.02 and
• Prince George’s County: Charles E. day, May 10, 2019. Applications may be by mail and online. Co-op members 4.03, of SMECO’s bylaws. Bylaws may
Clagett, Accokeek; and Ernest H. mailed to P.O. Box 1937, Hughesville, will receive ballots in the mail. Mem- be obtained from a SMECO office or
Riess, Brandywine. Maryland 20637, or delivered to Terrie bers may vote online or return their online at
• St. Mary’s County: Edith M. Bell, Barringer at 15035 Burnt Store Road in completed ballots by mail prior to the
Chaptico; George A. Brown, Hughesville. Annual Meeting. The meeting, which Press Release from SMECO
Loveville; and Catherine Brenda In addition to nominations made by will be strictly a business meeting, will
Coates, Lexington Park. the committee, any 15 or more SMECO be held at Middleton Hall in Waldorf.

Sell it - Buy it
Real Estate │ Business & Inventory │ Personal Property/Estates
│ Farm Equipment & Machinery │ Livestock │ Storage Units │
Benefits/Fundraisers │ Certified Personal Property Appraiser
Spring Flower Auction @ St. Leonard VFD
SAT - April 27th @ 4 pm

Southern Maryland
Spring Home, Lawn & Farm/Garden Auction
Ice Cream Social Day
Free Serving of Ice Cream to all Registered Bidders (while supplies last)
Tack (Mostly New Items) - Spring Flowers – Bedding Plants – Combo
Planters – Mother’s Day Baskets - Shrubs - Handcrafted Quilts –
Lawn/Garden items & More
SAT – May 11th @ 4 pm
Westfield Farm Arena
26689 Laurel Grove Rd. – Mechanicsville, MD

Grocery Auction – St. Michael’s School

Ridge, MD - May 18th @ 6 pm

A Southern Maryland Professional Auction Company

Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times In Our Community 13

Assembly Exclusive
Hallmark Melissa
& Delivery and Doug
Wooden Toys
on Sale!
on grills $399 & Up


TORO Friendly, Hardworking,•Qualified • POLAR
to help you with all your DIY•needs!
Email: leon_ace1@
Email: charlotte_ace2@
Leonardtown Glass and Acrylic Sheet Cutting • Mower Special Order Services
Hardware Tune Ups & Servicing • Screen Repair 20 lb propane exchange Charlotte
Keys Made (House & Auto) Specialty items for plumbing, welding,
Breton Bay Computerized Paint Matching and air compressors AceTRIANGLE
30134 HardwareDR.
Merchants LnLN.
Home & Garden Rental Equipment Galvanized, brass, and stainless steel CHARLOTTETriangle
30314 HALL, MDDr 20650
Leonardtown, MD 20650 In Store Lock Servicing nuts, bolts, and screws by the eaches Charlotte Hall, MD 20622
Blade Sharpening • Small Engine Repair Household and automotive supplies 301-884-0300
RENTAL 301-475-8799
Rental 301-475-8799 RENTAL 301-884-5393
Rental 301-884-5393
14 In Our Community The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Museum Receives
Humanities Mini-Grant
Easter Sunrise
 Other projects funded in this round of
awards include discussions about gen-
der to complement a stage production of
Pride and Prejudice, audio guides to en-
Friends of St. Clements Island and hance a history tour on the Lower East-
Piney Point Museum has received a mini ern Shore, and a conference about writ-
grant from Maryland Humanities. A to- ers and fictional characters with autism.
tal of $5,200 in mini grant funding gas Maryland Humanities provides mini
been awarded to organizations in Mary- grants (up to $1,200) and major grants
land’s Capital Region, Southern Mary- (up to $10,000). Funding goes to non-
land, and Maryland’s Eastern Shore. profit organizations that use the humani-
In addition to the St. Mary’s County ties (literature, philosophy, history, etc.)
museums, awards were handed out to to inspire Marylanders to embrace life-
Friends of Cunningham Falls State Park, long learning, exchange ideas openly,
Heart of Chesapeake Country Heritage and enrich their communities. Grant Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church, with members from St. Mary’s and Calvert counties,
Area, Maryland Ensemble Theatre, and criteria encourage free public program- held its annual Easter Sunrise Se5rvice at Calvert Marine Museum. Photo by Joan Hoerning
The Writer’s Center. The other recipi- ming in many forms. for Shepherd of the Bay Lutheran Church.
ents are located in Frederick, Dorches- Maryland Humanities’ Grants Pro-
ter, and Montgomery counties. gram is funded by the National Endow-
Friends of the St. Clements Island and ment for the Humanities, the Maryland
Piney Point Museums received a Heri- Historical Trust in the Maryland De-
tage Day grant award of $1,200. On June partment of Planning, and the Maryland
1, 2019, St. Clement’s Island Museum’s Department of Labor, Licensing, and
Heritage Day will provide the opportu- Regulation.
nity for the public to visit the island— To learn more about Maryland Hu-
the site of the first landing of English manities Grants Program, eligibility,
settlers in Maryland in 1634—and learn and deadlines, visit www.mdhuman-
about its history, culture, heritage, and

Prompt, Personalized, Professional


25741 Three Notch Rd. • Hollywood MD

Turtles have been around for 220
million years. There are over 300
species of turtles. Antarctica is the only
continent where turtles don't live Some land
turtles can outrun a human! Hello, my name is Tommy the Painted
Turtle. Painted Turtles are considered some of the most beautiful
turtles and we live in 45 states! I'm about 10 years old but don't
let the phase you. I can live up to 25 years with proper care! I'm
not asking for much, just a clean tank with a rock for me to climb
up on, a lamp for me to bask under and my yummy turtle food. If
you're able to give me the care I need, come on down to TCAS and
meet me today! Be my miracle! When you adopt from TCAS you are
literally saving a life.
Come meet me and the wonderful gang at Tri-County
Animal Shelter (6707 Animal Shelter Road, Hughesville)
or call 301-932-1713 for more information. To see more
of my amazing friends available for adoption, “like” us
on Facebook @ Tri-County Animal Shelter Southern MD.
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times On the Cover 15

Teacher of the Year Strikes

a Cord With Her Students

Deborah Urich has spent 28 years at Greeview Knolls Elementary School, first as a volunteer
and now a staff member and paraeducator. She is Educational Support Professional of the
Teacher of the Year Jennifer Cord with her 5th grade class and superintendent Scott Smith
teaches so she can maximize their learn- herself either helping a student through
By Guy Leonard “I wanted my kids to go to these ing potential and also keep their parents a behavioral issue or teachers with any
Staff Writer schools,” Cord told The County Times. informed. number of tasks.
“I wouldn’t want them to go here if I She often takes pictures of her stu- “I never know what I’m going to be
For more than two decades Jenni- didn’t believe in them. dents when they successfully complete doing when I first come in,” Urich said.
fer Cord has made her career teaching “I think they’re amazing.” a project or do well in a lesson and send “I’ll help in classrooms if teachers need
some of the youngest and most energetic To have received the award from the them to their parents; it keeps them help or I’ll sometimes substitute teach.
members of the St. Mary’s County pub- county and to be in the running for the abreast of their child’s performance and “Sometimes I’ll take over reading or
lic school system; 4th and 5th graders. statewide award is a bit daunting, she helps them stay engaged in their own math groups.”
Far from draining her, she loves her said. child’s education. Whether it’s reading aloud to a group
work and has made such an impact in “It’s very exciting, it’s overwhelm- “We have supportive parents,” Cord, of 3rd graders in the morning or walking
her students’ lives that her peers at ing,” Cord said. 42, said. “They’ve put their faith in us.” a student through the halls to work off
White Marsh Elementary School in Me- Her job has never changed much at She also credits her fellow teachers some energy, she’s always on call.
chanicsville nominated her to be the St. White Marsh Elementary School and and administrators with making White “I love what I do and it makes com-
Mary’s County Teacher of the Year. she likes it that way, she said. Marsh Elementary a good place to work. ing to work every day very easy,” said
She won that honor and is now in the “That job, that classroom that’s the The teachers, though they may teach Urich.
running to the be the Maryland Teacher way its been for 19 years,” Cord said, different grades, all work together to Cord said that helping to instill
of the Year. adding that the first few years of teach- support each other and their students, confidence in students makes them
Born in Riverdale in Prince George’s ing she had 4th graders as her charges. Cord said. able to learn any subject, no mat-
County, she has lived here since she was “I got hired there [at White Marsh] and “The teachers are high energy,” Cord ter how they felt about it before.
about two years old and calls St. Mary’s I’ve never left.” said. “We are one giant team; we lean on “You have to know your students so well
County her home. She said her school is the perfect place each other, we support each other.” that you know what makes them tick,”
She went to what is now known as to teach and train young children to As an elementary teacher, Cord in- she said.
Mother Catherine Academy and gradu- achieve their full potential. structs students in virtually all founda- Cord is one of two 5th grade teachers
ated from Chopticon High School before “There are less than 300 students tional subject matter from mathemat- at White Marsh and she and her class-
moving on to earn her degree in elemen- there, about 270 total,” Cord said. “Ev- ics and science to social studies and room partner divide the 48 5th graders
tary and middle education from Frost- erybody knows everybody.” language arts; this week she took her there in half.
burg University. The teachers are ones who have cho- students through Earth Day themed A 24 to 1 class ratio may seem like a
She has known employment only in sen to stay lengthy amounts of time at projects. lot but Cord has come to manage it.
the county school system as an adult the school and parents with larger fami- Her experience and her training has Cord said she has seen different jobs
and only at White Marsh Elementary lies continue to send their children there given her insight into what works for become available over the years and
School; she couldn’t be happier. to receive their formative education. students at such a young level and it has some of them have even been tempting
“I’ve lived here all my life,” Cord “I’ve taught kids from whole fami- everything to do with connecting to stu- but she has always chosen to stay with
said of St. Mary’s County. “I’ve put a lies,” Cord said. dents to ensure the best instruction. the children she is dedicated to teaching.
lot of time into this county; it’s really At this age, she said, they are both “I show them that I care,” Cord said To her, teaching children in school
rewarding.” independent and yet still needy, en- of her teaching strategy and tactics. “I is about more than just skills and
Cord said her experience in learning ergetic but desirous of guidance and believe in them and give them goals. knowledge.
in parochial and public schools alike in encouragement. “I help them achieve those goals or at “It’s about how to be productive and
St. Mary’s led to her wanting to pursue a “They are fun, very fun to be around,” least get close to them.” to go out there in the world and live and
career as a teacher. Cord said. “They’re independent but At Greenview Knolls Elementary be good people,” Cord said. “If you don’t
One teacher she had at Mary Cath- they still need help. School in Great Mills, Deborah Urich, teach that everything else is pointless.”
erine was her instructor year after year “They feel like they are ready to go on who has won the award for Educational She has no plans now to leave White
and even attended her wedding; she to middle school, to be big shots.” Support Professional of the Year, has Marsh Elementary.
taught Cord how to teach, Cord said. “I spend a lot of time getting them worked there first as a volunteer and “I don’t know why I would leave what
She and her husband lived briefly in ready for that transition,” Cord contin- then as a paid employee for 28 years. I love,” Cord said. “I like being here; I
Charles County but Cord was so ada- ued. “They are still totally engaged in She, too, has worked at only one love my job.”
mant about having her own children en- learning, they love school.” school in St. Mary’s and loves it.
rolled in county public schools here that Cord said she makes sure to develop She is the ISIC (In School Interven-
they moved. close relationships with the children she tion Center) coordinator and often finds
16 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019





L e o n a r d t o w n
In Downtow n
5 P M - 8 PM
M AY 3 •
Check out the First Friday Specials
240-309-4061 301-475-1630
WINES Join us for a very special poetry reading
by Dr. Janice Talbert Walthour - “Sharing
The Thank You is made of banana, greens,
coconut manna, cacao, cinnamon,
FROM LOCAL My Story Through Rhyme, Reason and & date with almond or coconut milk. This

VINES Song”. A retired educator & community

activist, Dr. Walthour’s presentations
cake batter like smoothie is our way of saying Thank You to our
customers for their continued patronage over the last 20 years.
use mediums of poetry and song. These
Please stop by between 5PM & 8PM on May 3 so that we can say
presentations involve telling stories of her family, of African
Thank You in person!
American history, cultural experiences, advocacy, life’s lessons in
general, & more.
The presentation time will be from 5:30PM - 6:30PM, doors
Live music every weekend! will open at 5PM. This is a free event with a door prize raffle to BOOKS & MUSIC
301-690-2192 • be held also, must be present to win. For more info visit www. 41655A FENWICK ST.
Open 7 days a week Noon - 6 pm • 23790 Newtowne Neck Road or call 240-309-4061. 301-475-2859

The audience participation Drum Circle featuring the SoMar Elana Mugdan will be signing copies of
Drummers will follow from 8PM - 9PM for their new summer book two in her series, Dragon Child from
hours, bring your own instruments or use ours - all skill levels & 5-7 PM on Friday May 3
ages are welcome to attend. For the first time ever, Keriya Soulstar is
truly happy. She’s a hero among the Galantrians, having returned
NORTH END GALLERY triumphant from her battle with Necrovar; she’s been reunited
41652 FENWICK ST. with her dragon, Thorion; she’s even daring to think she’s found a
301-475-3130 place she can call home. Things are good.
“A Taste of Art” is the theme for North Unfortunately, things beyond the towering walls of Irongarde are
End Gallery’s new exhibit by local artists most definitely not good. The Allentrian states are gearing up
BARRE • YOGA • PILATES opening May 1 - 30, 2019 that reflects the for war, and when a surprise attack reveals that Thorion is sick,
CIRCUIT TRAINING • HIIT challenge to create a “small taste” or miniature in their style &
preferred medium. The results are a myriad of small oil & acrylic
Keriya’s happy life crumbles apart.

22715 WASHINGTON STREET • SUITE #1 • SOMDSPICE.COM In a race against time, Thorion’s allies must delve into the past to
paintings, watercolors, photography, fused glass, ceramics,
provide hope for the future. And as Keriya uncovers unsettling
woodwork, & jewelery that are perfect “tastes of art”.
secrets about the dragons’ role in the first great war against the
The First Friday Reception is May 3 from 5PM - 8PM. North End Shadow, she begins to realize her battle has only just begun.

St. Mary’s
Gallery is also pleased to host a “Meet and Greet” for the German
performance artist, Henry Thedens, who will give a gallery talk at
7PM about his new show, An Evening with Marlene Dietrich.
Do you want to advertise on this page?
Nursing & Rehabilitation Refreshments will be served & the public is invited to meet all Contact Jen Stotler
Center the artists. 301-247-7611 or
21585 Peabody Street
Leonardtown, MD
• Long-term care
• Rehabilitation
services MARKETPLACE &
• Respite care
d s Old Field M


To schedule a tour or

speak to admissions,
please call Available
301-475-8000 Call 240-753-3332
22725 Duke Street | Leonardtown |
The County Times 17

Thursday, April 25, 2019

e S h o p
Savor th Crazy for Ewe

& e n j o y w h at
Co me o ut o o ff e r.
h a s

i t t h e S h o p s &
Vis a t
s fo r a g r e
Res taurant
Lessons for all levels.
Get started today!


g i n t o w n

eveni n Fesnwick Street

ed Books & Musi
U c

Hig her Stand

Elana Mugdan will be signing

ard s
copies of book two in her
series, Dragon Child from

5PM to 8PM
5-7PM on Friday, May 3rd.

on the Squa

3 01- 475 -1 6 3 0
41675 Park Avenue, Leonardtown •

First Friday Participants

22725 Washington Street 22696 Washington Street 22715 Washington Street
41655 Fenwick Street 23190 Newtowne Neck Road 22725 Duke Street
41652 Fenwick St. Leonardtown MD 20650
41625 Park Avenue 41675 Park Avenue Inside Shepherds Old Field Market

22740 Washington Street BETH GRAEME PHOTOGRAPHY 2 BROKE GIRLS BOUTIQUE u 22760 Washington Street Inside Shepherds Old Field Market
41658 Fenwick Steeet
22660 Washington Street
Inside Shepherds Old Field Market
22715 Washington Street SPICE STUDIO “YOUR SPECIAL PLACE TO BE” The LBA gratefully acknowledges the 22715 Washington Street EVERY FIRST FRIDAY! generous support of our Platinum Sponsors
18 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019
8th Annual Hiring Event and Apprenticeship Fair

Sponsors and Businesses

APRIL 30, 2019
General Admission
10:30AM - 4:30PM SPONSORS:

Join us at the
Hollywood Volunteer Fire Department
24801 Three Notch Rd.,
Hollywood, MD 20636





Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Entertainment 19

Rescue Squad Hosts Annual Bluegrass Festival

The Hollywood Volunteer Rescue
Squad will present its annual Bluegrass
Festival on Saturday May 11, 2019 at the
St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds. Gates
open at 11 a.m. and the show starts at
noon. The event will be held inside, rain
or shine. All proceeds from the day’s
event will go toward the Hollywood
Volunteer Rescue Squad Building Fund.
At a time when most people feel con-
stantly distracted by technology and
barraged by the news, authenticity and
straightforward honesty are paramount.
There’s something about the music of
The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys that cuts right
through the noise of the world and
speaks plainly to the soul. Formed in
the Smoky Mountains, The Po’ Ramb-
lin’ Boys are at once exactly what you
would expect and not at all what you
would expect from a tattooed East Ten-
nessee Bluegrass outfit.
No strangers to hard work, the boys
are as much at home riding in their 1965
GM Tour bus as they are crawling un-
derneath to fix it when it needs mainte-
nance. But they take pride in being am-
bassadors of their genre, and the group
has brought their music from rural blue-
grass festival stages to the rock clubs
of Europe, with stunning results. In
today’s modern world of “Candy Grass”
and “Bubble Gum Bluegrass”, as pro-
moter Jay Armsworthy puts it, every-
one is just craving music that they can
feel. The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys are putting
Bluegrass right where it’s least expect-
ed. Every once in a while, a band comes
along that gets everyone’s attention be-
cause they are doing things right, have
the perfect chemistry, and are creating a
sound that resonates. The Po’ Ramblin’
Boys could very well be the salvation of
the struggling traditional festivals while val in Alberta, Canada, and a week later Bluegrass music has left such a mark on doing the sound for the festival.
being the ‘ambassadors of real’ to the they went on a two week tour of Europe. them that they feel they owe something The event will be held inside. Chairs
fringe events. And it’s been all uphill from there for back to the music. will be provided, but feel free to bring
C.J. Lewandowski was working at Ole the Po’ Ramblin’ Boys. As Lewandowski puts it, “There’s no your own lawn chairs if you’d like.
Smoky Moonshine Distillery in Sevier- Their debut album, “Back to the telling what could have happened to us, There will be food & non-alcohol bever-
ville, TN when the band first formed. Mountains”, was a combination of origi- what we would have become if we hadn’t ages available for purchase and feel free
The distillery employed musicians to nal songs and old numbers that honor found this music. It’s gotten us through a to BYOB. There will be 50/50 raffles
play for visitors seven days a week, the group’s mentors and bluegrass he- lot, the good and the bad. When I think and a raffle for a full scale John Deere
and Lewandowski, who primarily plays roes. They love to dig up old songs that about all of the damn medications that I Green Wagon at $5.00 each or 3 for
Mandolin and sings, was occasionally haven’t been heard in years and bring didn’t have to take because I had music $10.00. Tickets are available in advance
hired to fill in when the entertainment them back into the spotlight. It’s no sur- to turn to; We didn’t have to go to the for $20.00 per person by mail or online.
didn’t show. Eventually, the distillery prise, then, that their latest single “Next doctor and pay for something to make us To purchase using a credit card, go
approached him about forming a band Train South”, is a song cut by one of Le- feel better, because we had this music, to:
for a full time slot, so he reached out to wandowski’s teachers from his native so we really want to honor it by bring- event/4043274. By mail, send a check
long time music friends Jereme Brown, Missouri, Dub Crouch, along with Nor- ing it out of the shadows and onto new or money order made payable to: Hol-
who plays banjo for the group, and Josh man Ford and the Bluegrass Rounder’s stages and wider audiences. Because we lywood Volunteer Rescue Squad along
Rinkel, who plays guitar. Jereme was back in 1974. It’s old and rare songs like know that if we can bring Bluegrass to with a self-addressed stamped envelope
doing welding work at that time, and this that they love to sing because when new folks, those folks will come with us to: P.O. Box 741, California, MD. Tick-
Josh was running a sign company. They they bring them to a larger audience, and support the bluegrass community.” ets can also be purchased at the gate for
were all ready to do something new that their heroes and their music will not be Also keeping the traditional sound $25.00 per person and under 12 are free
included their music but didn’t know forgotten. will be the Virginia Ramblers from with a paying adult. The festival gates
when or how. Bassist Jasper Lorentzen The Po’ Ramblin’ Boys passion for Charlottesville, VA. The band is back will open at 11:00 am and the event runs
happened to be working in the tasting bluegrass is as clear as it is contagious. by demand from their performance at from 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm. The St.
room at the distillery, and turned out With a heavy touring schedule across the 2017 Bluegrass for Hospice. Mary’s County Fairgrounds is located
to be the perfect final addition to the the United States and Europe and re- Each year the Hollywood Bluegrass at 42455 Fairgrounds Road in Leonard-
band. The four friends played multiple cently signed record deal with the es- Festival also has many local Bluegrass town, MD. For more information, go to
times a week for a year and half, honing teemed Rounder Records, the Boys are groups who perform throughout the day.
their band sound, meanwhile word was well on their way to becoming the quint- This year enjoy the likes of Recycled or call 301-737-3004.
spreading about their music. Their first essential bluegrass band of their genera- Bluegrass, 15 Strings, the Wednesday,
gig they played out of town was a festi- tion. Despite all of their recent success, Anderson’s Bar, Hump Day Band, and Press Release from HVRS
they maintain a humble perspective. The Dixie Ramblers. Troy Jones will be
e w s
20 PAX River The County Times

Thursday, April 25, 2019

Patuxent River
Naval Air Station
Nimitz is the first aircraft carrier to process, a single Sailor can create a new
have the CSM installed. The ship’s crew terminal on the end of a purchase cable
will soon be the first to use the technol- in no more than one hour.
ogy to swage a terminal onto a purchase The CSM system, designed by engi-
cable, which is used to arrest aircraft on neers at NAVAIR and New Hampshire-
the ship’s flight deck. Purchase cables based contractor Creare LLC, is an ad-
connect the arresting wire to the arrest- vanced hydraulic system that employs
ing gear engines and “pay out” as the an 800-ton press and an automated
arresting wire is grabbed by the landing process to swage the terminal onto the
aircraft’s tailhook to allow for a smooth, cable, eliminating the hazards of molten
controlled arrestment. metal socket pouring and significantly
“I am elated to see the CSM’s integra- reduces the number of man-hours re-
tion into the fleet getting underway,” quired to create new cables.
said Paula Parsons, Mk-7 and CSM Each carrier in the U.S. fleet is slated
Team Lead. “The benefit it brings to to receive two CSMs, as ship availabili-
both Sailors’ quality of life and opera- ties permit.
tional readiness is significant.” The CSM is one of 48 systems man-
U.S. Navy Air Boss, Vice Adm. DeWolfe Miller, III, commander, Naval Air Forces, left, The CSM replaces a decades-old aged by the Aircraft Launch and Re-
discusses the fleet’s first Compact Swaging Machine aboard USS Nimitz (CVN 68) socket-pouring process that requires covery Equipment Program Office
three to five Sailors to work with molten (PMA-251).
New carrier-based system benefits tion of the first Compact Swaging Ma- zinc on a moving ship, and takes up to From Aircraft Launch and Recovery
sailors, improves aviation readiness chine (CSM) to reach the fleet, during 12 hours per swage. A ship’s crew will Equipment Program Office PMA-251
Commander, Naval Air Forces earlier a visit aboard the aircraft carrier, USS pour 16 to 25 terminals during a typi- Public Affairs
this year had a chance to view the opera- Nimitz (CVN 68) earlier this year. cal six-month deployment. With the new


Anthropology Professor Earns Trailblazer Award

St. Mary’s College of Maryland Presi- served as an appointee to the U.S. Presi- Local History for the book, “Archaeol-
dent Tuajuanda C. Jordan presented the dent’s Advisory Council on Historic ogy, Narrative, and the Politics of the
2019 President’s Trailblazer Award on Preservation. Past: The View from Southern Mary-
Thursday, April 18, to Julia A. King, A prolific writer, King’s major pub- land,” in 2014.
professor of anthropology at St. Mary’s lications include “Archaeology, Nar- In 2018, King received the J.C. Har-
College of Maryland. rative, and the Politics of the Past: The rington Award from the Society for
“When I created the Trailblazer View from Southern Maryland” (Uni- Historical Archaeology to recognize a (L-R) St. Mary’s College of Maryland
Award in 2015, it was inevitable that Ju- versity of Tennessee Press, 2012), which lifetime of scholarly achievement. King President Tuajuanda C. Jordan, Professor of
lie King would receive this award that received a book award from the Ameri- received the award – the society’s most Anthropology Julia A. King, Charles County
recognizes notable “firsts” in the history can Association of State and Local His- prestigious - at its annual conference in Board of Commissioners President Rueben
B. Collins II, and Michael Sullivan, local
of the College,” said President Jordan. tory in 2013. She co-wrote “Indian and New Orleans, Louisiana.
developer and entrepreneur.
“When I began my tenure as president European Contact in Context: The Mid- According to King, “My most impor-
in summer 2014, many members of the Atlantic Region” (University Press of tant achievements I think are the archae- African American student to graduate
campus community personally wel- Florida, 2004) as well as “Pathways to ological discoveries I have made with from St. Mary’s College’s four-year pro-
comed me in a myriad of ways. But Julie History: Charles County, 1658–1958” St. Mary’s College students since 2008. gram, followed by President Emeritus
welcomed me by inviting me to my first (Smallwood Foundation Inc., 2008), the Archaeological sites that many people Edward T. “Ted” Lewis, who shepherd-
archaeological dig site, the Zekiah Fort! latter winning the Maryland Histori- had been searching for decades, my ed the “public honors college” moniker
Julie is truly inspirational, as an explor- cal Trust’s Preservation Heritage Book students and I approached as ‘problems and the unique funding mechanism
er, as an investigator, and as a mentor Award in 2009. to be solved’ and we found a number of through the state legislature. In 2017,
and professor.” Her major accomplishments include very important sites. However, we could Julie Croteau ’93 received the Trail-
After more than 30 years in the pro- being named founding director of the not have found these sites without the blazer Award for being the first female
fession, King shows no sign of slowing Maryland Archaeological Conservation funding support of a number of private to make the St. Mary’s College’s Divi-
down. “I wake up every day excited Laboratory, a state-of-the-art archaeo- parties, especially Michael and Laura sion III team as a freshman and the first
about archaeology and discovering new logical curation and conservation facil- Sullivan, and state agencies. With these female to play NCAA baseball in the
things with my students,” she said. King ity for Maryland archaeological collec- discoveries, we could only do our work men’s league. Last year, The Patuxent
has been successful in the pursuit of tions, in 1998. because of external support.” Partnership (TPP), whose support has
more than $1 million in grant funding, In 2003, King was the first archae- King teaches courses in archaeology, enabled St. Mary’s College’s physics
several from the National Endowment ologist appointed by Pres. George W. Native American history and culture, department to become a national model
for the Humanities and the National Bush to the Advisory Council on His- and historic preservation. and enhanced the reach of the Center
Park Service. She has held fellowships toric Preservation, a body that advises The President’s Trailblazer Award for the Study of Democracy, received
with Harvard University’s Dumbarton the president and Congress on matters was created by President Jordan in 2015 the award. The College and TPP have
Oaks, the Virginia Historical Society, of national historic preservation policy. to honor those individuals or enterprises enjoyed several long-term partnerships
and Winterthur Museum in Delaware. King served under both Presidents Bush whose actions are notable “firsts” in the furthering the advancement of educa-
She is currently a member of the and Obama until 2011. history of the College. Previous Trail- tion and programming.
Maryland Advisory Council on His- She received an Award of Merit from blazer Award-winners include Trustee
toric Preservation and from 2003-2011 the American Association of State and Donald “Donny” Bryan ’73, the first Press Release from SMCM
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Sports 21

Local Boxers Win Golden Gloves Honors

Richardson, Alexander, Hinmon

The Tackle Box Fishing Report

Hinmon, Almaraz, Richardson

On March 25 at Rosecroft Racetrack give it my all.”

in Ft. Washington, Knowledge Box- On Saturday April 6th, Great Mills
ing Center’s own Phyllis “North Phyl- resident Devante “Quiet Storm” Al-
ly” Almaraz won her second Golden exander won the 2019 Golden Glove
Gloves Championship. Championship in the 141 pound weight
Almaraz won three, hotly contested class at Rosecroft Racetrack in Ft.
two-minute rounds against Katrina Washington. Alexander, who trains at
Simmons of Baltimore in the 106lb the Knowledge Boxing Center in Lex-
weight class. She earned a unanimous ington Park won his very competitive
decision to secure her second consecu- bout via third round stoppage against
tive Washington D.C./Maryland/Dela- Tre’Von Wells of Prince George’s
ware Golden Glove title. County.
The Leonardtown resident trains at Before the bout Alexander thought Craig Melvin landed this 37 pound, 42 inch rockfish in the Potomac off Stewart’s Pier using a
the Knowledge Boxing Center in Lex- “This is where I am supposed to be. This trolled tandem rig.
ington Park under the tutelage of Head is my destiny. I am here for a reason.
Coach Daryl Hinmon and Assistant God put me in this situation at this time By Ken & Linda Lamb inch white perch which leads the newly
Coach John Richardson. Hinmon says and place because it was predestined. Contributing Writers instituted monthly big perch contest for
“Phyllis is one of our hardest and most It is my time to show the world who April. Micheal Proctor caught the big
consistent workers in the gym. Her I am.” He said “I trained for multiple Opening day of the trophy rockfish perch fishing from the bay shore on
dedication, mental strength and stead- hours each day at Knowledge Boxing, season started with rain and wind, but bloodworms in Spring Ridge.
fast training is really what allows her to along with a steady running schedule. I conditions steadily improved until the Catfish continue to be caught from
be so successful.” fed off the energy of my teammate who afternoon was bearable for bigger boats. most every body of water in southern
Alamraz stated “I felt very prepared already won the Golden Gloves (Phyllis The fish were not cooperative as a rule, Maryland. Catfish were caught off the
for this fight. Anytime I was not at Almaraz) to push through. This was the but there were some trophies taken, public fishing pier in Solomons at the
work, sleeping or eating, I was work- hardest we’ve trained for a fight. It was some at the 50 inch mark weighing 50 boat ramp on Saturday morning. I ob-
ing on becoming a better boxer whether worth it.” pounds. The Tackle Box had two fish served a cooler full of blue catfish that
it was training at our gym, sparring at Hinmon said “Devante is a silent brought in by late Sunday, one from the were caught on the rising tide there be-
other gyms, running, swimming or warrior. He never complains and puts Potomac and one from the bay. Charter fore 10am. The afternoon crowd was
watching boxing videos.” in that good, old fashioned, hard work. captains were catching a hand full on not catching, and were waiting for the
She says, “My opponent was very He had a goal, he put that work in at the their trips trolling for the big ones. Um- tide change to trigger the bite.
tough, but I just kept thinking about gym, he achieved his goal. He executed brella and tandem rigs with huge lures There are rumors of croaker being
how hard I worked to prepare for this our game plan to a tee and we couldn’t were successful. There were better caught in the Potomac near Bushwood,
fight. My coaches put me through some be more proud of the young man. Coach stories from the Potomac than the bay but we have not confirmed them yet.
very vigorous training and I always John and myself love him like a son.” proper. The next few days promise good There was a croaker bite reported in the
pushed through. I made my mind up Alexander said “My opponent was conditions and results will improve. Rappahanock last week. They are head-
that I was not going to let anyone deny very tough. During the fight, I stayed The white perch are now active in ing our way.
me of victory. This was for the Golden focused, executed my skills and stuck the rivers and on the bay shore. Several Fresh water fishing for crappie, bass,
Glove Championship, so I knew it was to the plan my coaches made. We came good catches were photographed this bluegill, and pickerel is excellent at St.
going to be war in the ring and I had to out victorious.” week at The Tackle Box including a 12 Mary’s Lake and in local ponds.
22 Contributing Writers The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

F & GA M E
u n S
there 12. Space station
41. Ridicules 14. Gene
43. Allied Powers vs. Central 19. Satisfy Arabian peninsula
Powers 23. Livid
45. Produce
47. Ancient kingdom near
24. It comes after “et”
25. More (Spanish)
3. Pointed parts of pens
Dead Sea
49. Hebrew unit of liquid
26. Electronic data processing
27. Buffer solution to separate 4. Lake __, one of the Great
capacity DNA and RNA
5. Peruvian region

Somebunny enjoyed Easter

50. Type of sword 28. Primate
55. “Sin City” actress 29. Scattered
56. Female reproductive cells
57. Afflicted
34. Evergreen tree
35. What engaged couples
6. State capital of Georgia
59. One point north of
will say
36. Barbie’s friend
7. Those killed for their
60. Garland
61. Spiritual leader
37. Midway between south
and southeast beliefs
62. Negative 39. A position from which
63. Tooth caregiver progress can be made 8. Typeface
64. Cheek 40. Showed up

41. Insecticide
42. Type of milk
9. Shrill cry
CLUES ACROSS 17. Type of horse 1. Form of “to be”
2. A hand has one
44. Verandas
45. Annoyingly talkative 10. Sends via the Postal
1. Sacred bull (Egyptian 18. Volcanic craters 46. Abba __, Israeli politician
3. Thought

myth.) 20. Type of graph (abbr.) 47. “Heat” director
5. One-time European money 21. Supporters 4. Physical body

5. Removes 48. Plant genus
8. Disfigure
11. Polish city
22. North and South are two
25. Spread 6. One who perpetrates 51. Swiss river
52. Prejudice
11. Holds grain
13. Move quickly on foot 30. Adjusted wrongdoing
14. Landlocked West African 31. Vietnamese offensive 7. Make one
8. Kate and Rooney are two
53. Actor Idris
54. Freedom fighters (slang)
13. Occurring at a fitting
country 32. Nazi architect 58. Criticize
15. Used in aromatherapy
16. The greatest of all time
33. Nigerian peoples
38. When you hope to get
9. __ Ladd, “Shane” actor
10. Makes fun of time
17. Vogue
24. Born of
25. Get the job done
26. Teletype (Computers)
CLUES ACROSS 44. Grass part 27. Small southern
1. Tenor 46. Trivially constellation
5. Panthers’ signal caller 47. Serve as a warning 28. Decaliters
Good morning! Or evening, de- Waste not, want not, right? Now,
8. Systems, doctrines, 49. Centers of activity 29. Area near the concert
pending on when you get to read the reason for eating up all the left-
the column. I hop, oops I mean over jelly beans, Reece’s peanut theories 50. An electrically charged stage
hope (too much Easter bunny hap- butter eggs™, etc. is not so easy to 12. Rulers atom 35. Social insect living in
piness I guess) everyone had a justify. 51. Small swelling of cells organized colonies
14. Indonesian coastal town
lovely Easter. I know our family One grandchild, the youngest, 56. Irritates 36. Winter activity
did. Wasn’t it the most beautiful little Alan, did get wiped out by 15. Type of cuisine
16. Kids 57. “__ your i’s, cross your 37. Snakelike fish
weather for Easter in many years? Mindy. It was an unfortunate case
All those memories of sunlight of him running while holding her 18. Single Lens Reflex t’s” 38. Not wet
flooding through the Easter baskets favorite ball over his head. I saw it 19. Extra seed-covering 58. Removed 40. In addition to
like a prism came true again. We in time to yell, MINDY, NO! just 20. Force out 59. “Death in the Family” 41. In league
had lots of family with us at church as she leapt with both paws head- author 42. Barrels per day (abbr.)
and lots at home for the Easter buf- ing towards his little back. Muddy 21. Feline
22. __ & Stitch 60. When you hope to arrive 43. Monetary unit
fet. So perfect. We spent the whole face plant for little Alan, but all
23. Semantic relations 61. German district 44. Marked
day outside with the egg hunt for was well. Did you have any Easter
all the grand kids and eating all “incidents”? We had a few minor 26. A larval frog or toad 62. Turner and Kennedy 45. Emerges
the great food. I love having lots things, but it all goes down in the 30. Sport for speedsters 63. Midway between south 47. Shape by heating
of family and friends over, nothing memory book of life. The house got and southeast 48. Early Slavic society
31. One who is learning
makes me happier. We have a wash as clean as our house is ever going 64. Emerald Isle 49. Italian automaker
and wear house and lifestyle. Have to get, and anyway, I have become 32. Request
33. Famed WWII conference CLUES DOWN 52. Racing legend Earnhardt
fun and enjoy. attached to the little spiders in their
Is everyone still thinking of webs. Dust bunnies are first cous- 34. Relieved 53. A type of name
1. Mathematical 54. __ Strauss, jeans maker
ways to eat ham and all the other ins of the Easter bunny, aren’t they? 39. English broadcaster
leftovers? We are trying hard to get It’s funny how Christmas deco- optimization search method 55. Famed garden
42. Car signal 2. Country along the
rid of all the dessert leftovers, espe- rations you leave up for twelve
cially my step-daughter Michelle’s days, and know that you have to,
delicious Easter lamb-shaped cake but Easter decorations are usually
– a tasty tradition. She sets the lamb gone by Easter Monday. When it is
in a bed of edible Easter grass, so it over, it’s over, except for the good
is quite an amazing creation. My thoughts left from our priest’s
husband and I have just left a fork sermons and thoughts of hope
siting on the cake plate under the and peace. At home, I do keep all
plastic wrap. Every time I lift the my bunny figurines out through
wrap, I notice more of the lamb is spring. I love bunnies. They are
gone. I bet my husband thinks the everywhere. Even our guest room
same thing every time he lifts the is called the bunny room. Does
plastic wrap. Well, Really, how this sound normal, or on the scale
often do you get lamb cake with of one to creepy. Hmmm…that’s
homemade icing? It’s a sacrilege okay, I still love bunnies. I hope
to not eat a family tradition. And your Easter was wonderful and that
the same goes for my sister-in-law lots of new memories were made in
Sherry’s potato salad and her pine- your family as well.
apple upside down cake (wow, the To each new day’s adventure,
piece I heated in the microwave Shelby
this morning was Heaven), the bar- Please send your comments or
becued chicken, green beans, my ideas to: shelbys.wanderings@ya-
ambrosia, macaroni salad, mac and or find me on Facebook.
cheese, and the few leftover rolls.
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 23

In Remembrance
The County Times runs complimentary obituaries as submitted by funeral homes
and readers. We run them in the order we receive them. Any submissions that come to after noon on Mondays may run in the following week’s edition.

Steven Lyle “Steve” Bayles by her side after a 10-year battle with Flowers can be sent to the Brinsfield lic Church Valley Lee, MD with Father
Stage 4 Metastatic Breast Cancer. Af- Funeral Home, 22955 Hollywood Road, John Nguyen officiating. Interment will
Steven Lyle fectionately known as “Peanut”, she Leonardtown, MD 20650. In lieu of follow in the church cemetery.
“Steve” Bay- spent her first 55 years in Hagerstown, flowers, memorial donations may be Arrangements provided by the Mat-
les, 70, of Hol- MD where she graduated from North made to Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. Box tingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A.
lywood, MD Hagerstown High School in the Class 625, Leonardtown, MD 20650. Leonardtown, MD.
passed away of 1960. She was a beautiful and viva- Condolences to the family may be
April 13, 2019 cious teenager who excelled in sports made at
at his home on the school’s Varsity Softball and Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- William “Bill” Brady Hidey
with his loving Basketball teams. After graduation she neral Home of Leonardtown, MD.
family at his Wi l l ia m
went to work at Martins Food near the “Bill” Brady
side. Valley Mall where she retired in 1998. Hidey, 73 of
He was born She was blessed with two daughters, Celestina Reyna Macaboy Mechanicsville,
on March 30, Pamela Myers and Michele Brock, who
1949 in Maryland to the late Hubert Celestina MD, formerly
she loved with all her heart. Over the Reyna Ma- of Hyattsville,
Bayles and Pearl Zygar Bayles of Cali- years she became Memaw/Mammaw to
fornia, MD. caboy, “CC”, of MD passed
2 granddaughters (Lindsey Rambo and Leona rdtow n, away on April
Steve was a 1967 graduate of Ryken Stephanie Brock) and 2 grandsons (Josh
High School in Leonardtown, MD. He MD passed 18, 2019 in
Keyton and Ryan Miller) who gave her away on April Wa s h i n g t o n ,
was employed for over 35 years as an 6 great grandchildren and 1 step grand-
insurance auditor, working as an inde- 18, 2019 in DC. Born on
son that brought her countless special Wa s h i n g t o n , December 19,
pendent contractor, before his retire- moments.
ment in 2016. On July 5, 1997 he mar- DC. She was 1945 he was the son of the late Zona-
In 1998, she met the love of her life the daughter of bell Hacker Hidey and Miller Hidey.
ried his beloved wife, Julia French Bay- and “Sugar Daddy”, Don Peeling. De-
les in California, MD. Together they the late Maria Bill was the loving husband of Renee
spite being torn over leaving her loved Reyna Balibali- Sharon Hidey whom he married on
celebrated over 19 wonderful years of ones and friends, she moved to South-
marriage before her passing in March ta and Fermin Balibalita. CC was the July 31, 1964 in Montgomery County,
ern Maryland where she was further loving wife of the late Francis Bakwell MD. She is survived by his children;
2017. He was an avid reader, loved hot blessed with 3 stepchildren (Lynda,
sauces, and was a “Dead Head.” He Macaboy whom preceded her in death Elisa Bowles and William Hidey both
Barbie, and Gary), 8 step grandchil- on February 25, 2006. of Mechanicsville, MD. 3 grandchil-
had a love for theater and was a mem- dren, and 6 great grandchildren; and
ber of The Newtowne Players. He also A Mass of Christian Burial will be dren, 1 great-grandchild and 1great-
was welcomed into the Eagle Systems celebrated on Wednesday, April 24, grandchild on the way. Bill is preced-
enjoyed riding his Gold Wing. His fam- family. Her engaging smile, comical
ily was always a priority and he loved 2019 at 11:00 AM in St. George Catho- ed in death by his daughters, Theresa
sense of humor, and energetic persona
spending time with them. quickly endeared her to everyone she
In addition to his mother, Pearl, Steve met. Corrine was a member of the St.
is also survived by his siblings: David Mary’s Quilters and Quilters by the
Bayles (Cheryl) of Mechanicsville, MD, Bay where she was known to spend
Linda Guy of California, MD, and Lori hours-on-end making beautiful quilts
Spier (Edward) of Hyattsville, MD; his and afghans for her family, friends, and
nieces/nephew: Jessica Guy, Kaarin wounded service men. She was a long-
Spier; his great nieces/nephew, Char- time member of the Hollywood United
lie Sue Kerril and Michael Kerril; and Methodist Church where she was loved
many extended family and friends. In by the congregation and enjoyed a deep
addition to his father, he is also preced- and personal relationship with God.
ed in death by his beloved wife, Julie. Corrine was well known as a coura-
A Memorial Remembrance will be geous “Super Hero” by those undergo-
held at The Three Notch Theater 21744 ing cancer treatments and could often
South Coral Dr. Lexington Park, Md. be found bringing encouragement to
on May 25, 2019 2:00pm – 4:00pm those having little hope. Her infectious
Memorial contributions may be made laughter and hilarious kick-butt humor
to Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. Box 625, will forever be remembered by her
Leonardtown, MD. friends at the Drayden Campgrounds
Condolences to the family may be and at Friday night dinners with her
made at special self-proclaimed “A _ _” family.
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- Corrine’s heart was bigger than life
neral Home, P.A. itself. She is now free of pain and rest-
ing in peace for eternity in the arms of
Corrine Elizabeth Peeling the Lord. We are forever grateful and An Independent Family-Owned Funeral Home
blessed that we were able to share in Serving Southern Maryland for over 100 Years
Corrine Eliz- the life of this special woman whose
abeth (Haugh) memory will never be forgotten.
Peeling, 77, of Michael K. Gardiner, C.F.S.P., C.P.C.
Corrine was preceded in death by Funeral Director/President
the Mulberries her parents Pearl and Marshall (Butch)
on Breton Bay, Haugh and Sister Donna Jackson. In
Leonardtow n, addition to her daughters, grandchil-
MD donned dren, great grandchildren, step grand-
her angel wings children, and step great grandchildren,
and left this life she is survived by her siblings Robert Providing trusted service to the community for over 100 Years
for her journey and Terry Haugh of Hagerstown, MD, 41590 Fenwick Street • P.O. Box 270 • Leonardtown, Maryland 20650
to Heaven on Gary Haugh of Boonsboro, MD, and
Saturday, April her younger sister Linda Blubaugh of

20, 2019. Corrine died peacefully at Ocala, FL, as well as many nieces and
home with her daughters and husband nephews.
24 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Hidey and Heather Groht as well as his death on April 4, 2004. Duffy is sur- St. Mary’s County and was happiest #290, Baltimore, MD 21202.
sisters, Nancy Blankenship and Debra vived by his children Karen Jean Smith when he was spending time on the water Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
Edmonds. (Timothy) of Waldorf, MD, James “Jay” fishing and crabbing. He also enjoyed neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char-
Bill moved to St. Mary’s County MD William Owens of Waldorf, MD, Mal- walking the local farmer’s fields when lotte Hall, MD.
in 1985. He was an Operator/Foreman com David Owens (Tina Louise Owens they were plowed to hunt for arrow
for City Contractors, Inc. for 35 years, Deceased) of Mt. Jackson, VA, and 3 heads. Over the years he has amassed
retiring in 2015. Bill enjoyed old cars/ grandchildren. Along with his brother quite a large collection of Indian Arrow Kenneth Emil Sola
motorcycles, camping, playing cards William L. Owens. He was preceded in heads and other artifacts. He was soft Ken neth
with family and especially spending death by his sister Marjorie Owens. He spoken with a great sense of humor. He Emil Sola, 79,
time with his grandchildren. was a lifelong St. Mary’s County, MD enjoyed spending time with his friends of Abell, MD
The family will receive friends on resident. He attended Margaret Brent and family. passed away on
Friday, April 26, 2019 from 10:00 AM High School. Duffy served in the Army He is survived by his mother, Nancy April 15, 2019
– 11:00 AM in the Mattingley-Gardin- National Guard and was an Operating Jane (Harris) Kiger, of Lexington Park, at his residence
er Leonardtown, MD where a Funeral Engineer with International Union of MD; his son, Zachary Alan Kiger, of surrounded
Service will be held at 11:00 AM in the Local Engineers 77 for 40 years, retir- Lexington Park, MD; and his siblings, by his loving
Funeral Home Chapel with Joe DeHua- ing in 2008. Sharon Dement (David), of Summer- family.
rte officiating. Interment will follow in Contributions may be made to the ville, SC, Jerry Marlin Kiger Jr. (Jan) of Kenneth was
Sacred Heart Catholic Cemetery Bush- Seventh District Optimist Club P.O. Hollywood, MD and J. Scott Kiger, of born on July 19,
wood, MD. Pallbearers will be: William Box 53Bushwood, MD 20608. Denver, CO. In addition to his wife and 1939 in Jersey
Hidey, Robert Hidey, Daniel Bowles, Arrangements provided by the Mat- father, he was preceded in death by his City, NJ to the late Emil Bernard Sola
Joseph DeHuarte, Thomas Groht and tingley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. brother, Brad Lee Kiger. He is also sur- and Margaret (Riley) Sola.
Pete Richards. Honorary Pallbearers Leonardtown, MD. vived by his nephews, Brandon Dement Kenneth married the love of his life,
will be: Danielle Bowles, Alexis Groht, of SC, Ryan Dement of AR, Taylor De- Jacquelyn Louise (Wilson) Sola in 1967
Terry Wathen, Ginny Bagley, Shelly ment of NC and Dustin Reid of OR. in Manhattan, NY. They spent 52 won-
Fuller, JP Weber, William Chenault, Mark Alan Kiger Memorial contributions may be made derful years together. In 1969, Kenneth
Beau Hall, Oscar Perea and Israel Mark Alan to Hospice of St. Mary’s, P.O. Box 625, earned his Bachelor’s Degree from Co-
Saabedra. Kiger, 57, of Leonardtown, MD 20650. lumbia University; he went on to earn
Arrangements provided by Matting- Lexington Park, Condolences to the family may be his Master’s Degree from the Univer-
ley-Gardiner Funeral Home, P.A. Leon- MD passed made at sity of Pittsburgh in 1972. He was em-
ardtown, MD 20650. away on April Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- ployed as a Human-Factors Engineer for
5th, 2019 at his neral Home, P.A. the Federal Government. Kenneth was
residence sur- a member of the 7th District Optimist
James Aubrey Owens rounded by his Club. He enjoyed fishing, hunting and
James Au- loving family. John Walter Ambrose spending time with his family, friends
brey Owens, Mark was John Wal- and his dogs, Nina, Moppet, and Bo.
“Duffy”, 76 of born on July ter Ambrose, Kenneth is survived by his wife, Jac-
Leona rdtow n, 27th, 1961 in 53, formerly of quelyn; children, Kenneth Emil Sola,
MD formerly Washington, PA to the late Jerry Mar- Columbia, MD Jr., of Abell, MD and Jonathan David
from Hughes- lin Kiger, Sr and Nancy Jane (Harris) passed away on Sola (Roberta), of St. Mary’s City, MD;
ville, MD, Kiger. Mark was the second of five April 11, 2019 grandchildren, Carolyn, Lilly, Bella,
passed away on children. at the Charlotte and Evan Sola. He was preceded in
April 17, 2019. Mark attended Great Mills High Hall Veterans death by his siblings, Robert and Ar-
He was born School. He married Vicki Marie Sever- Home in Char- thur Sola.
on April 19, ns on 24 Dec 1983 in Lexington Park. lotte Hall, MD. The family will receive friends on
1942 in Leon- They were married 21 years before her John was Saturday, April 27, 2019 from 3:00 to
ardtown, MD, he was the loving son of passing in October of 2004. Mark spent born on July 5:00 p.m. with a Prayer Service at 4:00
the late Mabel Estel Dean Owens and his career working as a sheet metal me- 20, 1965 in Washington, D.C. to the p.m., at Brinsfield Funeral Home, 22955
William James Owens. Duffy was the chanic for both S&N Heating and Air late Robert Lee Ambrose and Carolyn Hollywood Road, Leonardtown, MD
loving husband of the late Jean Nelson Conditioning and Champion Heating & (Wynne) Ambrose. 20650. Interment is private.
Owens whom he married on July 22, Air for over 25 years. John served in the United States In lieu of flowers, memorial donations
1961 in Holy Angels Catholic Church The Kiger family moved to Lexing- Army from July 06, 1990 – October may be made to the 7th District Volun-
Avenue, MD and who preceded him in ton Park in 1967. Mark loved living in 23, 1992 before being honorably dis- teer Rescue Squad, P.O. Box 7, Avenue,
charged. He enjoyed spending time with MD 20609 or Hospice of St. Mary’s,
his niece and nephew and his extended P.O. Box 625, Leonardtown, MD 20650.
family. John was a wonderful uncle and Condolences to the family may be
brother. He was a gamer and loved play- made at
ing around on the computer. John took Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
great pride in his sobriety and had been neral Home of Leonardtown, MD.
sober for over 30 years.
He is survived by his brother, Greg-
Lynda J. Striegel ory Ambrose (Autumn) of Hanover, Herschel Vincent McLeod Jr.
Maryland, nephew, Joshua Ambrose Herschel Vin-
and niece, Jessica Ambrose both of Ha- cent McLeod
WILLS • PROBATE ADMINISTRATION nover, Maryland. He was proceeded by Jr. “Junior”
POWERS OF ATTORNEY • LIVING WILLS his parents. 75 of Califor-
SPECIAL NEEDS TRUSTS FOR DISABLED INDIVIDUALS John will be have funeral service on nia, Mary-
Lyn speaks to many groups regarding Estate Planning & would Wednesday, May 1, 2019 at 10:15 at the land passed
Maryland Veterans Cemetery, 11301 away on April
be happy to speak to yours. Lyn also offers complimentary
Crain Highway, Cheltenham, Maryland 6th in Wash-
Estate Planning Classes the Third Wednesday of Each Month
20623. ington D.C.
at 11AM at 8906 Bay Avenue • North Beach, MD 20714. In lieu of flowers memorial contri- He was born
301-855-2246 • butions can be made to the American on April 20,
Cancer Society, 211 E Lombard St, 1943. He was
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Obituaries 25

the son of Herschel Vincent McLeod, years of marriage and shared two beau- Crawford. is at peace, happily wrapped in her em-
Sr. and Nell Elizabeth McLeod. tiful daughters. Peggy was a dedicated homemaker brace. Flea is survived by his children,
Junior graduated from Charlotte Hall He worked for Corman Construc- who loved babies and enjoyed spoiling Stephanie Copsey (Ryan) of Upper
Military Academy where he played tion Company for 35 years. Archie was all the children in her life, as well as Marlboro, MD, Jason Copsey (Aggie)
Baseball, Basketball and Football. a dedicated worker and made life-long watching NASCAR, the Redskins and of Chaptico, MD, Tanya Copsey (Ja-
He held Maryland High State record friends. old westerns. For years she could often son) of Mechanicsville, MD and five (5)
of 80 career touchdowns until 1994. Archie lived a wonderful life with his be found under a pop-up tent grilling grandchildren, Paige, Gavin, Morgan,
Junior married Nancy Ervin and had 5 family and friends. He and Anita en- hamburgers, hot dogs and Italian sau- Laci and Emma. He also is survived by
children together. joyed being “snowbirds” and headed to sages in the parking lot of the Harley siblings, Roy Copsey of Surprise, AZ,
Junior went on to play for the At- Florida every January after the holidays dealership in Hughesville, at many mo- Lavonne Chase of St. Leonard, MD,
lantic Coast Football League (ACFL). to enjoy the sunshine. Archie consid- tor cycle races, or at her children’s’ high and Jeffrey Copsey of Prince Frederick,
1966 to 1968 Virginia Sailors. 1969 to ered Florida a second home. He would school sporting events. MD. He was also proceeded in death by
1971 Roanoke Buckskins. He was the visit Disney every chance he got and In addition to her parents, Peggy was his father.
winner of the 1969 All ACFL Award. shared this love with his family. Archie preceded in death by her son, Robert All arrangements will remain private.
Sports was a very important part of his loved the beauty of an old car especially Scott Lambert and daughter-in-love Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
life. You couldn’t pick up a copy the En- his Corvettes. He enjoyed time spent Cheryl Lynne Hillard Lambert. She neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char-
terprise newspaper without seeing his on his Harley and was a member of the is survived by her devoted husband of lotte Hall, MD.
picture or his name in the sports section. DC Ramblers and NRA. Archie’s great- 63 years, Thomas Wade Lambert, Jr.;
Junior played for St. Mary’s est love came from his family and his her children, Thomas Wade Lambert George Milton (Mickey)
County Baseball League precious five grandchildren where his III (Nina) of Waldorf, MD and Susan
and The Slow Pitch League. story telling shined through. Archie Diane Lambert Cable of Hughesville, Langley, Jr.
Junior remarried on December 30, much like his mother had a strong love MD; eight grandchildren: Thom (Me- George Mil-
1988 to Rose “Rosie” Connelly. for pets; including his grand dogs and lissa), Travis (Lauren), Tyler (Amy), ton (Mickey)
Rosie passed away on April 6, 2008. bird. There was never a dull moment CatieBeth (Richard), Emily (Harrison), Langley, Jr.
Junior is survived by his siblings: with Pops stories he certainly loved to Ryan (Allison), Anthony and Justin; and 95, of Mechan-
Robin Marie Clarke (Claude), Mark stay connected with old friends through nine great grandchildren: Felix, Pepper, icsville, MD
Wayne McLeod, Joanne Disbrow. Facebook. He will be missed by many, Amelia, Carl, Oscar, Corbin, Sawyer, passed away on
Junior is survived by his children: Mark but by none as much as his family. A Francis and Olive; a brother, Robert April 19, 2019
Steven McLeod (Rhonda), Deborah Lynn husband, father, Pop, son, and friend Wayne Crawford (Carolyn); her sisters: surrounded by
Bigsby (Stan), John Wayne McLeod, may have been lost, but heaven gained Janet Crawford Owens (Dick), Kaye his loving fam-
Michael Anthony McLeod, Katherine a kind soul. “Suzie” Crawford Bartley (Jimmy) and ily. George was
Ann Crouell, Michael Keith Bromwell. Along with his wife, Archie was sur- Betty Crawford Creek (Paul); and many born on Decem-
Junior is survived by his grandchildren, vived by their children, Kimberly Ann nieces and nephews. Every member of ber 31, 1923, in
Samantha McLeod, Derek McLeod, Branan, Kelly Marie Gray, son-in-laws her family was each secretly her favor- Washington, DC to the late George Mil-
Erik Bigsby (Katelynn), Kirk Bigsby, Tim Branan and Tony Gray of Mechan- ite and will miss her unconditional love ton Langley Sr. and the late Elizabeth
Kassandra Bigsby, Michael McLeod, icsville, and five grandchildren, Mat- and support dearly. Denison Langley.
Jr, Kayla Crouell, Connor Crouell. thew Smith, Lindsay Smith, Matalin Interment will be private. George served in the United States
Junior is survived by his great grand- Smith, Jacob Gray and Joshua Gray. Condolences to the family may be Navy during World War II. George
children: Dalton McLeod, Alyssa Family will receive friends on Sun- made at loved to travel (camping), especially
McLeod, Alexandra McLeod, Evan day, April 28, 2019 from 2:00 p.m. to Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- to attend spring training in Florida for
McLeod, Emma McLeod, Brennan 5:30 p.m. at Brinsfield Funeral Home neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char- baseball season. He had a love for golf
Bigsby, and Emmerie Bigsby. & Crematory, P.A., 30195 Three Notch lotte Hall, MD. and trains and loved going fishing. But
Junior was preceded in death by his Road, Charlotte Hall, MD 20622. A his most memorable past time is spend-
parents Herschel Vincent McLeod, Sr, Prayer Service officiated by Pastor Gary Louis Franklin ing time with family and friends.
and Nell Elizabeth McLeod. spouse Pomrenke will be held on Sunday, April In addition to his parents, George
Rosie Connelly, his sisters Brenda 28, 2019 at 5:00 p.m. also at Brinsfield “Flea” Copsey was preceded in death by his wife, Mae
Christgau, Barbara Lawrence, his neph- Funeral Home & Crematory, P.A. 30195 Louis Frank- Magdalen Langley, his daughters, Lola
ew Terry Clarke. Three Notch Road, Charlotte Hall, MD. lin “Flea” Mae Hunter and Daisy Lucille Hills and
A Funeral Service will be held at a Interment will be private. Copsey, 67, of his sisters Mary Anne Bott and Eleanor
later date. Condolences to the family may be Mechanicsville, Delinski. He is survived by his daugh-
made at MD passed ter, Nancy Anne Cochrane; five grand-
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- away on April children, six great grandchildren, and
Arthur C. Allard, Jr. neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char- 14, 2019 after a five great great grandchildren; his sister
Arthur C. lotte Hall, MD. courageous bat- Bernice Langley, and longtime girl-
“Archie” Al- tle surrounded friend Rose Marie Elliott of LaPlata,
lard, Jr., 74, of Peggy Jean by his family. MD.  
Mechanicsville, Flea was born A Funeral Service will be held in the
MD departed
Crawford Lambert on January 4, Funeral Home Chapel on April 25, 2019
this life on Sun- Peggy Jean 1952 to the late Webster Leroy Copsey at 11:00 AM. Interment will be private.
day, April 21, Crawford Lam- and Mary K. (King) Copsey of Prince Condolences to the family may be
2019, surround- bert, 82, of Me- Frederick, MD. made at
ed by his loving chanicsville, Flea retired from NASA after twen- Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
family. MD passed ty-five (25) as a Quality Control Man- neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char-
He was born away peace- ager. He lived in Southern Maryland lotte Hall, MD.
June 22, 1944 fully at home his entire life, but moved to St. Mary’s
in Washington, D.C. He was the son of on April 8, 2019 County 28 years ago. Flea was an ad- Linda Susan Shaffer
the late Arthur C. Allard, Sr., and Eliza- surrounded by venturous free-spirit who found happi-
beth M. (Davis) Allard. her loving fam- ness riding his motorcycle. He loved his Linda Susan (Richards) Shaffer, 62,
Archie met the love of his life when ily. Peggy was family and spending quality time with of Mechanicsville, MD died on April
he was only 13 years old and she a sweet born on Novem- his grandchildren. 5, 2019.  Linda was raised in Prince
12 year old. He married his forever love, ber 2, 1936 in Martinsburg, WV to the Flea was proceeded in death by his George’s County by the late Charles
Anita L. (Fox) Allard on January 8, late George Robert Crawford and the loving wife, Margaret (Burch) Copsey. and Dorothy Richards.  This is where
1965. Together they celebrated over 54 late Elizabeth Virginia “Sis” Bardino His children find closure knowing he she met her husband, John L Shaffer Jr
26 Obituaries The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

and many life to be with the Almost five years ago they moved to never met a stranger. His greatest love
long friends.  Lord on Friday, Cedar Lane Senior Living Community was for his family, whom he enjoyed
After starting April 5, 2019. in Leonardtown, Maryland where they spending as much time as possible with,
her own fam- She was born have made many new friends and cher- especially his daughter, Lexie, who was
ily, she moved to the late Dan- ished their time together.  his pride and joy.
to St. Mary’s iel Taylor and Jean was preceded in death by her fa- In addition to his beloved wife, Mike
County where Jean Taylor, on ther; Daniel Taylor, mother; Jean Taylor is also survived by his daughter, Alexis
many may re- May 8, 1927 in Lappin, stepmother; Vivian Ray, stepfa- Nichole “Lexie” O’Bleness; his step-
member her Bradley Beach, ther; Merrill Lappin, paternal grandfa- mother Marilyn O’Bleness of Wart-
from working New Jersey. ther; Osmond Taylor and grandmother; burg ,TN , his siblings: Nancy Bradley
at the Hallmark Even though Myrtle Taylor. In addition to her hus- (Greg) of Maryville, TN, Charlotte
stores through- she shared a band Earl DeNeale, she is survived Tucker of Charlotte, NC, Christina
out Southern Maryland. Linda enjoyed loving relationship with her parents, she by her sisters; Susan Petz and Nancy Redden (Rob) of Charlotte, NC, Robert
her annual trips to the beach, lighthous- was raised by her adoring grandparents Carter, daughters; Donna DeNeale- Tucker (Bobbie) of Phoenix, AZ, Edie
es and collecting destination pennies Osmond and Myrtle Taylor whom also Norris (Mike) of Sunset Beach, North Parsons (Daniel) of Kill Devil Hills,
from her trips. She will be remembered resided in Bradley Beach, New Jersey. Carolina, and Betty Ratliff (Glenn) of NC, and Michael Tucker of Anchorage,
for her quick wit and sense of humor. Jean was a homemaker, daycare pro- Park Hall, Maryland, son; Bill DeNeale AK; his nieces/nephews: Allison Brad-
Linda is survived by her husband; vider, wonderful mother and grand- of Charlotte Hall, Maryland, grandchil- ley, Rebecca Bradley, Brandon Redden,
daughters (Jessica and Sara); grandchil- mother. She was a friendly neighbor dren; Blake Reeder (Rachel), Natalie Austin Tucker, Anthony Tucker, Sean
dren; and many close relatives.  and friend that always greeted you with Reeder, Evan Reeder, Karen Reynolds, Tucker, Devin Parsons, Noah Parsons,
A Celebration of Life will be held a warm loving smile. Jean spent her David DeNeale, William DeNeale and Timothy Parsons, Sara Parsons; Tay-
at the American Legion Post #238 in best years with her Husband Earl. They Hollie Ratliff, 4 great grandchildren lor Fuller; his great niece, Audrey Joy
Hughesville, MD on May 5, 2019 from enjoyed designing and building homes and 4 great great grandchildren. Bradley; and many extended family and
1-4 pm. together, she had a true gift of making a The family will welcome friends for friends.  In addition to his parents, he is
In lieu of flowers, memorial contribu- house a home. In their younger days you Jean’s private Celebration of Life at a also preceded in death by his brother,
tions may be made to your local animal could find them boating and fishing to- later date. Jean’s internment will be at Patrick O’Bleness and stepfather Rus-
shelter, the American Humane Society gether on the Chesapeake Bay. She was Arlington National Cemetery. sell Tucker. 
or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, a talented seamstress and enjoyed mak- In lieu of flowers, memorials may be In lieu of flowers a donation may be
organizations that were near and dear to ing clothing for her family and home made in Jean’s name to Hospice House made to The Center for Life Enrichment
Linda’s heart. décor items. She cherished her families’ of St. Mary’s County, P.O Box 625, 25089 Three Notch Road, Hollywood
antiques and her porcelain doll collec- Leonardtown, MD 20650. MD, 20636
tion. Spending time outside in her yard Condolences to the family may be Condolences to the family may be
Claudia Ann Nelson was her happy place; she took much made at made at
Claudia Ann pride in having the prettiest yard in the Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu-
Nelson, 70, of neighborhood. When she wasn’t out- neral Home, P.A. neral Home, P.A.
Charlotte Hall, side tending to her flowers she could
MD, passed be found in her kitchen baking for her
away on April “Hunny” and grandchildren, “No one James Michael O’Bleness Catherine Theresa Dean
13, 2019 in can bake a pie like Grandma.” She was J a m e s Catherine
Charlotte Hall. a passionate caretaker; she cared for her M i c h a e l Theresa Dean,
Born on June 4, grandmother and mother in law in their O’Bleness, 45 of Holly, MD
1948, she was later years. fondly known passed away on
the daughter Jean met her loving husband, Earl at as “OB” 61, of April 16, 2019
of late William Anacostia High School in Washington, Park Hall, MD at Johns Hop-
Page Whitcomb DC in 1942. It was love at first sight for passed away on kins Hospital.
and the late Ann Sheetz Whitcomb.  Earl. He knew Jeanie was “the one.” April 1, 2019 She was born
Claudia held many jobs in her life- While serving in the Navy, Earl and at MedStar St. on April 12,
time but none she loved more or was Jean would write love letters and talk Mary’s Hospi- 1974 in Leon-
better at than crafts.  She enjoyed danc- to each other on the phone. Earl would tal in Leonard- ardtown, MD.
ing, shooting pool, and spending time even show up for surprise visits, driv- town, MD with She was the
with her children and grandchildren.  ing from his home in Washington, DC his loving family at his side. daughter of Francis L. Tippett and the
Claudia is survived by her husband, to her grandparents’ home in New Jer- He was born on June 3, 1957 in Oak late Theresa A. Tippet.
Francis (Rod) Nelson, her son, William sey. Jean and Earl were married August Ridge, TN to the late Gene O’Bleness Catherine was married on October 3,
DiGregorio, her daughter, Shannon 5, 1944 and would be celebrating their and Martha Lynch Tucker. 1998 to William A. Dean. She had three
Brunelle, two grandchildren Jessica 75th wedding anniversary this year! Af- Mike attended Oak Ridge and Hamp- children, Christopher Tippett, Shan-
Vallandingham and Deanna Valland- ter getting married while he was serv- ton High Schools.  He married his be- non Dean, and Amy Dean. Catherine is
ingham and one great grandchild, Gage ing in the military they lived in Wash- loved wife, Tammy Jaye O’Bleness in proceed in death by her sisters Vickie
Michael. ington, DC and later moved to Prince Alcoa, TN on November 26th, 1989. Tippett, Karen Laymen, and Melissa
Claudia was preceded in death by George’s County to raise their children. Together they celebrated over 29 won- Tippett.
her parents, her brothers, James Hamby Every weekend they would make a trip derful years of marriage.  He was em- Cathy had been employed at Food
Lewis, John Francis Brunson and her to the “country” to visit Earl’s parents at ployed since 1991 by Exelon at Calvert Lion as office manager, she also worked
sister, Darlene Annette Whitcomb. their family home on the water in Hol- Cliffs Nuclear Power Plant, for many at Cato’s clothing sore. Her greatest joy
Condolences to the family may be lywood, Maryland. In 1972 they moved dedicated years of service as a Receiv- was her family.
made at into their dream home on Nat’s Creek in ing Inspector.  He enjoyed golfing with Contributions may be made to The
Arrangements by the Brinsfield Fu- Hollywood that they built together. Af- “The Wormburners” Sharing his love Living Legacy Foundation, 1730 Twin
neral Home & Crematory, P.A., Char- ter raising their children they moved to of music through playing guitar, sing- Springs Rd. Suite 200, Baltimore, MD
lotte Hall, MD Punta Gorda, Florida and then later to ing and memorizing lyrics to his fa- 21227.
Little River, South Carolina to enjoy the vorite songs. Mike was an avid college
warm weather year round. After they football fan especially the University
Jean Osmond DeNeale were done “playing,” as their grand- of Tennessee Volunteers. He also loved
daughter would say, they moved back motorcycles from an early age and en-
Jean (Jeanie) Osmond DeNeale, 91,
to California, Maryland in 2000 to be joyed many road trips on his Harley
of Leonardtown, Maryland, went home
closer to their beloved grandchildren. Davidson. He was a people person and
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Calendars 27

St. Mary’s Department of Aging & Human Services Garvey Loffler Senior Activity Center 301-475-4200, ext. 71658
Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4200, ext. 71050

Programs and Activities Northern Senior Activity Center, 301-475-4002, ext. 73101
Visit for the most up-to date information
Brought to you by the Commissioners of St. Mary’s County: James R. Guy, President; Michael L. Hewitt; Tom Jarboe; Todd B. Morgan; John E. O’Connor; and the Department of Aging & Human Services

are at their most colorful stage and are Dinner Roll, Pineapple and Ice Cream. on Tuesday, May 7, at 10 a.m. Class will
Celebrating Centenarians easiest to see. This outing will have very Advance reservations are required; be led by experienced crafter, Martha
Department of Aging & Human Ser-
little walking or physical exertion other space is limited. To make reservations, Baker who will guide you on how to
vices to Host First Annual Centenarian
than getting in and out of the van call 301-475-4200, ext. 71050. complete the kit and frame your work.
multiple times. Bring binoculars as If additional time is needed to complete
Do you know someone living in St.
Mary’s County who will be 100 years of
most birds are high in the trees and are Contribute Your Life this project, another session will be held.
difficult to fully appreciate with the na- The cost is $20 and includes all materi-
age or older this year? We want to honor
ked eye. The tour concludes with lunch Experiences als and frame. Payment is due at sign
at the Rivers Edge restaurant on the base. LifeBio 101: An 8-week Life up. Space is limited. To sign up and pay
The St. Mary’s County Department
of Aging & Human Services is proud to
Tour departs from Loffler Senior Activi- Story Writing Group for this class in advance, please visit the
ty Center at 7:30 a.m. and returns about 1 This class will be offered at the Gar- front desk. For more information call
host the first annual Centenarian Lun-
p.m. Advance registration and payment vey Senior Activity Center on Mondays 301-475-4200, ext. 73101.
cheon in St. Mary’s County at the James
of $22 is required. Register at any of the & Fridays, May 3-May 31 (no class May
A. Forrest Career and Technology Cen-
ter, located at 24005 Point Lookout Road
senior activity centers in the county. For 27), 1:30-2:30 p.m. This interactive class Mother’s Day Comedy Fun
more information call Alice at 301-475- is designed to provide a structure to in- Celebrate Mother’s Day at the North-
in Leonardtown, Md., on Wednesday,
4200, ext. 71063. Tour leaders are Bettie troduce the power of life stories and to ern Senior Activity Center on Wednes-
May 22, at 11 a.m.
Broadhurst and Dean Newman. kick start participants' efforts to capture day, May 8, from 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Friends, family, and caregivers are
welcome to accompany our honorees to memories, experiences, and values. In- with live entertainment and a luncheon.
the first annual Centenarian Luncheon. Wild Men! The Dawn of teresting exercises prime the pump of Entertainment will be provided by the
Due to space constraints, each honoree Rock’n’Roll: Performance Art memories and lead to opportunities to
listen and learn from each other’s life
Charles County Show Troupe in their
performance of “Comedy Central.” This
is limited to a maximum of three guests. with Story, Art and Song by Phil journey. No prior writing experience is variety show features singing, dancing,
Indicate the number of participants when
registering. Honorees must be 100 years McKenney necessary. This program has been used comedy, and more. After the show, en-
of age or older as of December 31, 2019. Come join us for a new performer at across the county in various settings in- joy a refreshing lunch of chicken salad
Space is limited and registration is the Garvey Senior Activity Center on cluding libraries, senior centers, hospi- platter with hard-boiled egg, croissant,
required. Please contact Sarah Miller, Wednesday, May 1, at 12:30 p.m. Lunch tals, cancer centers, senior living com- lettuce, tomato, three-bean salad, wa-
Community Programs & Outreach Man- that day will be served at 12:30 p.m. and munities, and churches. Participants will termelon, and vanilla coconut cake for
ager, at 301-475-4200, ext. 71073, or Sar- the performance will start at 1:30 p.m. need to bring a spiral bound notebook dessert. This event will also feature door to RSVP. During this 1 hour show, Mr. McKenney to class. There is no cost to attend; at- prizes and a money raffle. Suggested
will present his pen and ink portraits of tendance for all class sessions is highly ticket donation is $5. Performance starts
the 20 or so performers who created a encouraged. Space is limited to 12 peo- at 10:30 a.m., the room will open for
Additional LIFE Tour: musical shockwave in the mid 50’s. The ple. To register, call 301-475-4200, ext. seating at 10 a.m. To sign up and pay in
Pax River Bird Walk pictures are brought to life as he tells the 71050. advance for your ticket, please visit the
Join bird photographer Dean Newman story of the rapid rise and fall of these front desk. For more information regard-
for a morning of avian fun on Friday, fascinating musicians and sings many of Diamond Dotz ® ing this event, please call 301-475-4200,
May 17, as we view the Spring migra- their well-known hits in this unique and Diamond Dotz are the latest crafting ext. 73103.
tion of birds passing through the Naval entertaining show. Prior to the show, a craze! Learn how to complete this beau-
Air Station to breeding territories fur- meal of Apple Juice, Pork Roast, Gravy, tiful, multi-faceted, jeweled work of art
ther north. At this time of the year, birds Mashed Sweet Potatoes, Broccoli, WW at the Northern Senior Activity Center

file, design a colorful book from 6 – 7:30 p.m. Come brighten your mechanism. Come and learn how to align
cover, get an ISBN, revise, day with a little “art therapy,” and use cre- the mind, body, and breath as you move
order books, upload to ativity as your outlet for stress! Experi- your joints through the appropriate range
Amazon, select sales chan- ment with a variety of art supplies, and of motion. A yoga practice develops the
nels, and upload for Kindle. make a project to take home. Materials ability to stay calm during stressful situ-
Presented by Cindy Fre- provided. Ages 18 and up. No registration ations as well as repatterning the body's
land. Registration required. required. programmed responses. This yoga basics
class is offered in a relaxed learning envi-
Author Fair Chillax at the Lex: Storytime at Historic ronment. Open to all levels of interest and
ability. Taught by evolve Yoga + Well-
Lexington Park Library will host the Mother’s Day Gift Making St. Mary’s City ness. Please bring a yoga mat or a towel.
Author Fair on Saturday, April 27. From Lexington Park Library will hold The St. Mary’s County Library will Registration required.
10 a.m. – 12:30 p.m., come together and Chillax at the Lex: Mother’s Day Gift hold a special storytime at Historic St.
learn with local and aspiring authors. Making on Thursday, May 2 from 4 – 5 Mary’s City on Saturday, May 11 from 10
Spend the day discovering new authors p.m. Chillax at the Lex is a time set aside – 11 a.m. There will be stories, activities, Protect Yourself:
and learning how to get started in the for kids ages 8 – 13 on the 1st and 2nd songs, and more intended for children Online Security and Privacy
writing industry. Authors include: Si- Thursday of each month. We switch it up 1-5 with their adult caregivers. Storytime Lexington Park Library will hold Pro-
mons Acquah, Theresa Ford, Jennifer with Games, crafts, and activities. Walk will be at the State House Bluff, feel free tect Yourself: Online Security and Pri-
Foxworthy, Angela Harris, Nilma Jayara- ins welcome, we'd love to have you drop to bring a blanket to sit on. Siblings wel- vacy on Monday, May 6 from 11 a.m. – 1
man, Judy Kelly, Gary Knight, Yvonne in! Try out a new craft project by creating come; no registration required. p.m. Learn how to protect your data with
Medley, JR Rhine, and Leonard Wathen. a washer necklace to keep or to give as strong passwords and two-factor authen-
No registration required.
From 2 – 4 p.m., register for Dare to
a gift. (Mother's Day is coming up!) No Yoga at the Library tication, avoid internet scams, and use
prior craft skills are needed and all mate- Lexington Park Library will host Yoga freely available tools to limit what per-
Dream! Write a Book! workshop. Have rials are provided. sonal information is collected and shared
you ever wanted to write a book but at the Library on Saturday, May 11 from
9:30 – 10:30 a.m. A yoga basics class that while you browse the web. Registration
thought it might be too hard or too expen- recommended; walk-ins welcome as
sive to publish? Now there is an easy way Art on Your Own Terms is appropriate for all levels of experience.
space allows.
to self-publish using a FREE website. Lexington Park Library will hold Art Participants connect with the inner-self
Explore easy steps to upload your book on Your Own Terms on Monday, May 6 and the power of the body's self-healing
28 Calendars The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Community Calendar To submit your event listing to go in our Community Calendar, please email

with the listing details by 12 p.m. on the Monday prior to our Thursday publication.

Fri. & Sat., 1:00 & 6:00 PM. Sun. 1:00
St. Mary’s College of Maryland KofC Hall, Ridge
Chopticon High School class of 1970 Presented by Chopticon Theatre/Brave- 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM 6:30 PM
Attention graduates of the Chopticon house Productions. See a broadway show, A one-day event designed for middle Doors open at 5:30. Concessions avail-
High School class of 1970, planning is locally! Tickets: school girls to gain exposure to STEM able. Food pantry in great need of food
underway for the fifty (50) year class re- fields and associated careers. www.stem- items; bring a canned good. 301-872-4641
union to be held 06 June 2020 at the Old
Breton Inn, Leonardtown, MD. Request Friday, April 26 Free Choir Concert
you provide your email and home address Kids Birdhouse Paint Event Trinity Episcopal Church, 47444 Trinity
NARFE-St. Mary’s Chapter 969
information to the Communication Com- Dean Lumber and Valspar Paint, 24425 Church Road, St. Mary’s City
mittee at, Three Notch Rd., Hollywood 7:00 PM
Olde Breton Inn, Leonardtown, and royches- 10:00 AM - Noon Selections by Haydn, Joseph Martin,
11:30 AM View the Chopticon High A family-friendly event! Children paint Paul Simon and more. Free will donations,
Guest speaker, County Rescue Chief,
School Class of 1970 Facebook Page for and decorate their own birdhouse. Free, proceeds to benefit the Choir’s trip to New
Shawn Davidson will discuss how to rec-
further details. space limited. York City to sing at Carnegie Hall.
ognize stroke, heart attack, and overall
health. Reservations required. $16.50.
Audition Musical house-event-tickets-56348347424
Middle School students from Chesapeake 301-884-5112.
Sunday, April 28
Public Charter School will present the musi- Fossil Club Meeting
cal, “Audition” for the public during the first Drive-thru Fried Chicken Dinner
Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
weekend of May. Under the direction of Park Place Toastmasters Club 47477 Trinity Church Road, St. Mary’s
1:00 PM
Ms. Dawn Weber and Ms. Diane Trautman, Church of the Ascension, 21641 Great City
Meeting followed by a public lecture at
the students will share an entertaining story Mills Road, Lexington Park 11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
2:30 p.m. in the Harms Gallery. Dr. Ralph
about the range of events and emotions that 12:00 - 1:00 PM One-half fried chicken, baked beans,
Eshelman will present “Terrestrial Mam-
can occur when students audition for a school Develop your speaking, listening, and coleslaw, potato salad, roll, pickle and
mal Fossils from the Miocene Chesapeake
play. The show includes singing, dancing, leadership skills in a non-threatening dessert. $12 each. 5 or more $10 each. For
Group.” 410-326-2042. www.calvert-
and reasons to smile! The show will be held environment! 301-862-4597 or email trinityofficesmc@
at Three Notch Theatre (21744 South Coral
Drive, Lexington Park). Show dates and Concert—Aaron Jonah Lewis
times are: May 3rd at 7:00 pm and May 4th at Toy Boat Building
Christ Church Parish Hall, 37497 Zach Designer Bag Bingo
3:00 pm Tickets: $5.00 Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
Fowler Road, Chaptico St. Mary’s County Fairgrounds Toler-
2:00 – 4:00 PM
7:00 - 10:00 PM ance Hall
Ages 5 and up. $2 donation per boat
Southern MD Traditional Music and 12:00 - 5:00 PM
Thursday, April 25 Dance presents acclaimed multi-instru-
requested. Museum admission required.
410-326-2042. www.calvertmarinemu-
Over $7000 in prizes featuring brand
CSM Open House mentalist performer and educator Aaron new authentic bags and accessories from
College of Southern Maryland, Leon- Jonah Lewis in concert. He plays and designers.$35 at the door (Includes one
ardtown Campus, Building A, Hollywood teaches banjo, mandolin and guitar. $15. regular game book) Bingo starts at 1:00.
Road Must be 18. or call
Calvert Marine Museum, Solomons
5:00 - 7:00 PM 301-884-4498 ext 1
2:30 - 3:30 PM
Learn how to get started at CSM. Meet K of C Polish Dinner
faculty, learn about financial aid and Sat. & Sun., April 27 & 28 “Terrestrial Mammal Fossils from the
Miocene Chesapeake Group.” Presented
St. Francis Xavier Parish Hall,
scholarships, transfer information, talk to Leonardtown
Plant Sale by Ralph Eshelman in the Harms Gallery.
students and find out about athletics, clubs 4:00 - 7:30 PM
Historic Sotterley Plantation, 410-326-2042. www.calvertmarinemu-
and organizations. Free. John Polko Memorial Polish Dinner.
Kielbasa, Pierogi, Golabki, Kapusta z
Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM. Sunday
Maryland Archeology Month Kluski, Beverages.
Noon - 3:00 PM Spaghetti Dinner
Lectures Purchase annuals, perennials, shrubs, 2nd District Firehouse & Rescue Squad
Visitor Center Auditorium, 18751 Hoga-
boom Lane
herbs and more from the Sotterley Garden
Guild. 301-373-2280 or 800-681-0850.
5:00 – 7:00 PM
All-You-Can-Eat: Spaghetti w/sauce or Monday, April 29
Historic St. Mary’s City host an evening spaghetti w/meat sauce, green beans, gar- CABS
of presentations from members of Historic den salad, bread and butter. Homemade Garvey Senior Center, Leonardtown
St. Mary’s City Research and Collections Black Diamond Disaster dessert table for a donation. Adults $10. 6:00 PM
Department. Free and open to the public. St. Clement’s Island Museum, Colton’s Children 6-12, $5. Children 5 & under are Companions and Buddies for Singles
240-895-4990. Visit HSMCdigsHis- Point free. 301-994-9999 adult social group of friends. Every Mon- 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM day except Holidays. $15/year; no dues
Free activities throughout each day Dinner and Silent Auction first four visits. 240-794-8033. CABSorg.
SKYWARN—Basics Training commemorating a forgotten tragedy of Cobb Island VFD, 17069 Cobb Island
Session the American Civil War which occurred Road
Chesapeake Building, 41770 Baldridge during the hunt for John Wilkes Booth. 6:00 - 9:30 PM
St., Leonardtown 301-769-2222. Info: Doors open at 5:30. All you can eat din- Tuesday, April 30
6:00 - 8:00 PM events/615540748906513/ ner. Silent auction offers winery tours,
Citizens interested in weather and Military Service Academy Forum
park tickets, furniture, etc. $20/adult, chil-
would like to help the local National FOP 89 - The Lodge at Marlboro, 2905
dren 6-12 $12; under 6 free. 301-259-4375
Weather Service provide ground truth on Saturday, April 27 Old Largo Road, Upper Marlboro
5:30 - 7:30 PM
atmospheric conditions are encouraged to Elks Hold’em Tournament
attend. Free. Registration required: www. 7th Annual Walk, Run & Roll Students interested in attending the
St. Mary’s County Elks Lodge, 45779 Info: 301-475- Greenwell State Park, Rosedale Manor United States Military Service Acad-
Fire Department Lane, Lexington Park
4200 x2124 or email: ema@stmarysmd. Lane, Hollywood emies are encouraged to attend. Per-
6:00 - 11:00 PM
com 8:00 AM - Noon sonnel will be in attendance to answer
No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Tourna-
Run4acause: Non-Profit Running Se- questions. Info:
ment. $80 Buy in = 12,000 chips. Food
ries. Event designed for people of all ages students#nominations
and beverage for purchase. James Dean,
Fri. - Sun., April 26-28 and abilities. Family event for all fitness
levels. Proceeds support Bay Community
240-577-0828. Email: jdeanjunior@ya-
Keys to Independence
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Support Services’ mission. www.baycss. College of Southern Maryland, Leonar-
Chopticon High School, 25390 Colton org/walk dtown Campus, Building C
Point Rd., Morganza 6:00 - 8:00 PM
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times Calendars 29

Community members learn about Saint Mary’s County Camera Club Leonardtown VRSA Fundraiser An Evening with Marlene Dietrich
scams directed toward the aging popula- Meeting Dine-in or carry-out. Tell your server/ Olde Breton Inn, Leonardtown, MD
tion and how to detect, avoid, and report University System of Maryland at cashier you are there for the LVRSA 7:00 PM
them. Free community workshop. Space Southern Maryland Fundraiser so we can get credit for your Entertainer and musical actor GINGER
limited. Register. 301-475-4200, ext. 7:00 PM purchase. (aka Henry Thedens) performs in his
71073, or Featuring a presentation by Bill Cas- American debut as the DIVA for this one-
sidy of the Smallwood Camera Club on night-only Dinner Show. Fundraiser for
creating interesting bokeh with your cam- Thursday, May 2 Lions Camp Merrick. $75. Tickets, info:
Wednesday, May 1 era. This should be an interesting and
National Day of Prayer
Ellynne Davis, LynnieBDavis@gmail.
fun evening and Bill suggests that those com
Little Explorers: Growing a Garden Leonardtown Wharf
interested in trying the techniques bring
Historic St. Mary’s City, Godiah Spray 6:30 – 7:00 AM
their camera with them. Bill also noted American Legion Post 221 Meeting
Tobacco Plantation, 47621 Old Cove Road The Interfaith Council of St. Mary’s
that the technique works better with some 21690 Colton Point Road, Avenue
10:00 - 11:00 AM County is conducting a brief prayer ser-
lenses than others so if you have multiple 8:00 PM
Meet at the Godiah Spray Tobacco vice for worshippers of all faiths in St.
lenses you might want to bring a couple All active duty personnel and veterans
Plantation. For pre-school 3-5 years old Mary’s County.
to see how the effects vary. Visitors are join for the monthly meeting.
and an accompanying adult. $4 per child
welcome. Look for a posted notice of the or e-mail: alpost221@
($3 Friends members); one accompanying Southern MD Spring Festival
assigned room number for “smccc” on the 301-884-4071
adult free. Full-day admission included. 42455 Fairgrounds Road, Leonardtown
outside door. If you have questions, please
240-895-4990, info@HSMCdigshistory. 5:00 - 10:00 PM
contact the club via email at smccc1998@
org, Spring Festival with Amusements For more, see our Web site at

Real Estate
Child Care
Vehicles General Merchandise CLASS.SOMD.COM
30 BusinessDIRECTORY The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Cross, Wood
Cross, W & Wynkoop
ood & Wynkoop
And AssoCiAtes, inC.
and Associates, Inc.
28231 Three The
Road, Suite 101 •Since 1994 MD 20659
301-884-5900 (office) • 301-934-4680 (office) • 301-884-0398 (fax)
Group Health Insurance • Individual Market Health Insurance
Dental • &Vision
Life Insurance • Short & Long Term Disability
Payroll Services
Julie E. Wynkoop John F. Wood, Jr.
President Vice President 301-884-5904
Call 301-884-5900 • 301-934-4680 • Fax 301-884-0398 Fax 301-884-2884 •


“Where Service Comes First”
46924 Shangri-La Drive • Lexington Park, MD
Sales & Service
301-863-9497 Farm Equipment • Machine Shop
Home & Industrial Engines • Welding

Since Monday - Friday 7am-6pm

1970 Saturday 7am-4pm
Closed for lunch everyday between 12-12:30pm
SHOP LOCAL! 27898 Point Lookout Road • Loveville, Md • 20656


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Publisher Thomas McKay
the residents of St. Mary’s County. The St. Mary’s County Times will be available on news-
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General Manager which is responsible for the form, content, and policies of the newspaper. The St. Mary’s
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that every letter or photo(s) submitted will be published, due to time or space constraints.
Thursday, April 25, 2019 The County Times ClassifiedADS 31
Part Time Secretary Needed
For Local Business Office
Contact 301-373-4125 for further information

Southern Maryland Paints LLC

23976 Point Lookout Rd.
Leonardtown, MD 20650

Cash Paid For Farm &

Construction Equipment
Call 301-536-6039

Now Hiring Lifeguards at the Chesapeake Beach
Water Park for our 2019 Season! Fast paced
environment, flexible hours, and the chance
to be part of an award-winning team!
All training done in-house.
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32 The County Times Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just in time for Mother’s Day

Please join us April 26th & 27th for our LeStage
convertible bracelet & clasp trunk show!
Come in & let us help you find the perfect gift.
There will be special promotions throughout the event
as well as a drawing for a free bracelet & convertible clasp!
22595 Three Notch Rd. • California, MD 20619