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Advantages of agarbatti are as follows:

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

A step up from relaxing reduce body activities like heart rate and breathing. Also,
encourage your mind to stop worrying and racing from one thing to another.

2. Meditation
Incense is used widely in many religious practices to deepen attention, heighten
senses and uplift one’s own spirit when practicing meditation.

3. Spirituality
The burning of Incense can act as a doorway to spirituality, formal or informal,
recognized religion or secular. Incense is and has been for thousands of years in daily
use in many religions of the world such as Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity.

4. Generosity and Mindfulness

Whether formal or informal, religious or aesthetic, you create good Karma by taking
an incense stick and lighting it as an offering. A simple way to do something, without
expectation of return. An act of generosity and letting go.

5. Stimulate creativity
A well-selected fragrance can be used to enhance your own abilities, stimulate ideas
and improve mental performance.

6. Increase Focus

Burn incense and uplifting fragrances when working or studying to increase focus and
enhance concentration.

7. Yoga practice
Help focus the mind and ready the body by creating the right aromatic atmosphere.
Doing such a natural and healthy activity you’ll want to avoid anything artificial,
toxic or just plain distracting.

8. Medicinal
The effect of good aromas, generated from Incense sticks has been shown to raise
serotonin in the brain. As an alternative to taking drugs, non-pharmacological
methods of raising brain serotonin may not only improve mood but does so without
side-effects or dangers of addiction.

9. Air purification
Incense is an easy, quick and accessible way to cover unwanted household smells like
cooking, pets, damp clothes etc.
10. A magical experience

Scents arouse significant responses in our brains and can instantly remind us of past
events, people and emotions.

11. Helps in Inducing Sleep

The soothing effect of Incense sticks helps a person to fight against insomnia. Its
sedative properties aids in relaxing the body and hence give a tight sleep.

12. Keep infections at bay

Many incense sticks have antibacterial properties and they aid in killing germs in the
air. Therefore, they keep the home environment healthy and fresh with their
disinfectant properties.


For basic incense aroma you will need:

 Lavender.
 Jasmine.
 Sandalwood.
 Charcoal briquettes.
 Sand.
 Alcohol.
 Sweet grass.
 Bay leaf.
 Fragrance rose oil.
 Absorbent punk.
 Herbs.
 Natural masala.
 Wood powder.
 Bamboo.
 Synthtic perfume.
 A manual grinder or mortar and pestle.
 A dish to burn your incense in safely.