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Clarissa Budd

Donkey Song
3rd Grade General Music
January 18, 2019

● Students will be able to sing with a crescendo

9.1.3.A: Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts
and humanities
● Elements: Music - Duration,​ Intensity​, Pitch, Timbre
● Principles: Music - Composition, Form, Genre, Harmony, Rhythm, Texture
9.1.3.B: Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and
principles to produce, review and revise original works in the arts
● Music: ​Sing​, Play an Instrument, Read and Notate Music, Compose and Arrange,
9.1.3.C: Know and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the arts forms

● Third Grade Student Music Expressions Book
● Third Grade Music Expressions Recording - Track 2
● Positive Attitude

1. T: Good Morning Third Grade! First row, please go over and get a ​pink​ book; Second
row, please go over and get a ​pink ​book
2. Once everyone is back in their seats, T ​ : Everyone please turn to page 104
3. T: Today we will be singing a song about a donkey! Now, you can see at the top left side
that each of the verses are labeled, Man, Woman and Child. Boys will sing the Man part,
Girls will sing the Woman part, and Everyone will sing the Child part
4. T: Let’s read the lyrics like a story all together!
5. T&S: ​Read lyrics to Sweetly Sings the Donkey together
6. T: Let’s take a listen to the song
7. T&S: ​Listen to song together
8. T: Let’s sing it all together!
9. T&S: ​Sing Sweetly Sings the Donkey together
10. T: Now, let’s talk about a new concept in music!
11. T: ​Write the word ​“crescendo”​ on the chalkboard
12. T: A crescendo is a gradual, steady increase in loudness! Because it’s gradual, we can’t
get loud all at once!
a. Relate to a surprise party! Can’t let the surprise out too early!
13. T: Model a crescendo by speaking a sentence, gradually growing from soft to loud
a. Beautiful singing voices! Loud, but beautiful! Not yelling, hooting, screaming or
14. T: Now, our song tells us that if we don’t sing louder, we won’t get any hay, so let’s
gradually get louder as the piece progresses! Also, we start “at the break of day”, which is
the same as sunrise! We’re quiet when we get up, so we should start quietly at the
15. T: Now, let’s sing this song again, doing a crescendo from the beginning to the end!
16. T&S: ​Sing Sweetly Sings the Donkey together with crescendos
17. T: Now, girls, move to the left side of the classroom and boys, move to the right side of
the classroom. Remember to take your books with you!
a. Give feedback regarding the crescendos - Were they gradual? Too loud/too soft?
18. T&S: ​Sing Sweetly Sings the Donkey together with crescendos; on opposite sides of the
a. Give feedback regarding the crescendos - Were they gradual? Too loud/too soft?
19. T: Everyone sit back down in your seats
20. If time permits, continue on to ​Bulldog Chant​; if there is no time left,
T: Second row, return your books to the shelf; first row, return your books to the shelf
21. T: Thank you for a fun music class! Have a wonderful day!