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Clarissa Budd

Bulldog Chant / Fair Rosa

3rd Grade General Music
January 18, 2019

● Students will be able to speak accents
● Students will be able to hear and tell differences between two songs

9.1.3.A: Know and use the elements and principles of each art form to create works in the arts
and humanities
● Elements: Music - Duration,​ Intensity​, Pitch, Timbre
● Principles: Music - Composition, Form, Genre, Harmony, Rhythm, Texture
9.1.3.B: Recognize, know, use and demonstrate a variety of appropriate arts elements and
principles to produce, review and revise original works in the arts
● Music: ​Sing​, Play an Instrument, Read and Notate Music, Compose and Arrange,
9.1.3.C: Know and use fundamental vocabulary within each of the arts forms

● Third Grade Student Music Expressions Book
● Third Grade Music Expressions Recording - Track 7
● Positive Attitude

1. T: Alright, third grade, turn to page 112 in your books!
2. T: Let’s watch and listen to the video of ​Bulldog Chant​!
3. T&S: ​Watch and listen to the Bulldog Chant Video
4. T: Now that we’ve watched the video, let’s do the Bulldog Chant together!
5. T&S: ​Perform Bulldog Chant
6. T: Take a look in your books, and put your finger on the little arrow symbols that appear
above the notes, can someone raise a quiet hand and tell me what this symbol is?
a. An Accent (>)
7. T: This symbol is an accent!
8. T: ​Draws accent symbol on the chalkboard
9. T: Does anyone know what an accent does in music?
a. Puts an emphasis on the note it is above
10. T: Now, I’m going to say the Bulldog Chant ​with t​ he accents in mind
11. T: ​Performs Bulldog Chant, emphasizing accents
12. T: Now, let’s do Bulldog Chant altogether!
13. T&S: ​Perform Bulldog Chant Together
a. Give feedback regarding accents - Were they strong enough?

14. If time permits, continue onto Bulldog Chant / Fair Rosa Listening Activity
15. T: Now, let’s do a listening activity! Tell me what is different between this song and the
Bulldog Chant! Try and figure out what story the song is telling.
16. T: ​Play Fair Rosa
17. T: Can someone raise a quiet hand and tell me a difference between the Bulldog Chant
and Fair Rosa?
a. Bulldog - Speaking, Animals, etc.
b. Rosa - Singing, Multiple Verses, Tells a Story (Ballad), Lyrical, People, etc.
18. T: What story was the song Fair Rosa telling?
a. Sleeping Beauty
19. T: Great Work Third Grade! Second row, return your books to the shelf; first row, return
your books to the shelf
20. T: Thank you for a fun music class! Have a wonderful day!