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Baan ACTUATOR Hydraulic Brake Actuator — A-60 Series IMPROVED STOPPING & SMOOTH OPERATION ‘The linear stroke design develops uniter beake line: prassure tor a given input foree throughout the stroke. Pivoting designs da net. Smoath operation and less chucking & the benefit, PROVED ROLLER DESIGN Large corrosion resistant riers offer smoother stroking. Wide roller spacing fiers better load cistribution thereby eliminating binding, Sealed Master Cylinder Reservoir Paint os ES, 20, 7: 5.040, 218 5013, 058 45i7.979 EASY TO SERVICE The A-80 Actuators inner member contains all warking parts. It can be completely removed foe troubleshoating and repair or replacement. BREAKAWAY CABLE The safety cable is unobtrusive. Ws located at the frant of the actuator, the ‘optimum position. When sel, @ visual Indicator warns the operator. The cable can be easily reset when necessary. WORKS WITH WEIGHT EQUALIZING HITCHES. ‘Some actuator designs do not stroke properly and can bind up when a weight ‘equalizing hitch is installed. Many new tow vehicies require thase hich, 80 it ig important to have a-compatble actuator. LOAD RATING ‘The A-60 is rated lor up to 6.0008 trailor GVWR, SEALED MASTER CYLINDER RESERVOIR ‘A diaphragm barter inhibits moisture {rom entering the reservoir to contaminate ‘beak fluid and corrode brake: compo: nents. Brake fluid cannot escape from the reservoir and damage the trailers paint The: reservoir cap iS recessed to Prevent damage. ‘Shock Absorter COUPLER OPERATION AND SAFETY FEATURES ‘The coupler latches and unlaiches easily, ‘The coupler will not inactvertently open. ‘An over-center design closes the lah. Safety hitch pin provided and must be ‘used when towing, BRAKE LOCKOUT Accessories are available to keep the brakes from energizing when you back the Wallet, Mechanical lockouts keep the actuator from compressing. They are useful when backing up a hill or over soft terrain. Aa electrical solenoid acoussory can be installed to prevent hydraulic pressure buildup whenever the tow vehicle Is shifted into reverse. This is a must for disc brakes. It's controlled by the tow vehicle backup light cicuit and is convenient to use. Heavy Outy Fotiers CORROSION PROTECTION Al internal metal working parts are plated for corrosion resistance. PUSH ROD BOOT OFFERS PROTECTION AGAINST FREEZE-UP AA durable rubber boot inhibits water from leaking into the: master cylinder This mirimizes the possibilty of corrosion caused treeze-up during storage. Qver-Center Latch Mechanism EASY TO BLEED The actuator can be pressure bled or you can stroke the master cylinder push fod with a screwdriver. WARRANTY The A-E0 i backed by a two year irited warranty against defects in material and workmanship! CONFIGURATION OPTIONS Bolt-on and waid-on options are available (o customize the tralers appearance. A fully plated version is offered as well RUGGED COUPLER irs builtto resist abuse and accidental hits by the tow vehicle. Tested and cortited io SAE standards. Accopts a 2 bal Models Available Exclusively Far Use With Trailer Buddy Dise Brakes BUDDY provucrs 135 Sunshine Lane + San Marcos, California 92069 * 1-800-854-1905 +