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Import Text File Format Description

Aexio GE Converter Quick Reference Guide
Object Label Description
The import file must be in text file format. The cel file is a tab-delimited 1. Site Label The site label is made of the cell name without the last
text file which contains following information: character. Each cell record will have on Site label
however if the preceding cell record belongs to the
same site, no site label will be created.
1st row - Cel file header. This row is optional
2. Cell Label Cell label consists of two parts
2nd row - Field titles separated by tab character
[Cell suffix] : [Carrier Info]
3rd row onward [Field values separated by tab character
- Cell suffix is the last character of the cell name
The title row must contain the following fields in any order: - Carrier Info is SC (for WCDMA cell) or BCCH
[BSIC] (for GSM cell)
Field Names Description
CELL Cell Name. The mandatory fields are used to draw the cell object in the GE map
UARFCN UARFCN (WCDMA only). layer. Any additional fields will be shown in the pop-up balloon when
SC Scrambling Code (WCDMA only) the cell is selected.
LAT Latitude in decimal format e.g.
LON Longitude in decimal format e.g. -
ANT_ORIENTATION Antenna direction in degree (Range 0 to
ANT_BEAM_WIDTH Antenna beam-width in degree (Range 1 to
360). If empty or zero, default value 60
will be used. This field value is used to set
the “angle” of the sector [3]. For an omni
cell, set this field to 360 to draw a circle
ANT_HEIGHT Antenna height in meters. If empty or zero,
default value 100m will be used. This field
value is used to set the sector altitude from
the ground [4]


4 Note: Please find the sample cel files in the installation folder
C:\Program Files\aexio\aexio GEConverter\Sample

2006-2007 Copyright Aexio Technologies Sdn. Bhd. For updates and help, please join the user community at http:\\

Bhd. In the ThemeSetting dialog. enter the value of the theme e. 2. 4. Applying Themes Aexio GE Converter Quick Reference Guide GE Converter allows user to specify themes for a specified field in the import file. At the GE Converter . properties of the theme 1. Follow the steps below to the apply themes 5. You can set different color and sector radius for each of the site status.g. For example. 2006-2007 Copyright Aexio Technologies Sdn.. Repeat step 4 & 5 for the “Planned” theme 2. Click on the Collection button to enter individual theme. click the “Themes.aexiocommunity. At the properties list box. “On Air” and set the Theme Color and sector radious for the theme. Enter the in the GE Converter. Click Add to insert a new individual theme 6. For updates and help. please join the user community at http:\\www. enter the FieldName of the columns where you want to apply the theme 4. Enter Field Name 3. Click the collection button to enter individual theme Planned Cell On Air Cell 3. Click the “Add” button to insert a new individual theme 5.” button in the settings section. the cel file has a field/column name “SITE_STATUS” where each cell can either has “On Air” or “Planned” value.