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Everyone Has

an Impact on

Kianna Hester

TLED 408

– 3rd Grade Science Class

– SOL’s: Science 3.10 The student will investigate and understand that natural events and
human influences can affect the survival of species. Key concepts include:
– the effects of human activity on the quality of air, water, and habitat;
– English 3.10 the student will demonstrate comprehension of information resources to
research a topic and create a research product.
– Students will be responsible for creating a newscast explaining the 3 different
environments and how they are being impacted by humans.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

• Writing Activity • Comprehension Activity • Assessment Activity

• Vocabulary Activity • Pre-Reading Activity • Reflection Activity
Interdisciplinary Connections
and Technology
– Specifically connecting English and – traditional use of technology, students
science, will help to build literacy and will use laptops/ iPads to research the
research skills which they will need for different environments and how they
the entirety of their academic careers. are being affected by human activities
Science is a content area that requires and create their final product.
in-depth thinking and writing and
– non-traditional use of technology,
being able to read someone else’s
students will be placed into groups and
work and can successfully comprehend
be responsible for growing a plant
(chia pet).

– Differentiation can be implemented in a variety of ways within this unit.

– For the inclusion of ELL and special education students, the terms will also have pictures
to assist with their predictions and by giving students specific materials ahead of time so
they have more time to focus and complete the assignments.

– Students will also have the option to draw their responses in case they have trouble
writing or articulating what they are trying to say

Biography Biography/ Read Aloud Wordless Picture Book

Pre-Reading Activities

– The students will observe pictures in the anchor text and predict what they think will
happen by looking at the pictures.

Preview Prediction

1. 1.

2. 2.

3. 3.
Vocabulary Activities

Introducing Teaching Reinforcing

In-Class Presentation Knowledge Rating Four Square

Vocabulary: Habitat, Contamination, Pollution

Comprehension Activity
Reflection Activity

– For a reflection activity, students will write one paragraph explaining how they felt
writing a script and making a newscast and they will include 2 things they liked the best
about their project and 1 thing they didn’t like or would have done differently.
Writing Activity

– The writing activity for this unit plan will be there script that will then be recorded into
the newscast.

– Completing this script will enhance their writing because they must use proper grammar
and facts to have a successful news story.

– The communication activity for this unit plan will be the final product which is
the newscast.
– This covers the oral communication aspect because students must speak about
the different environments and other components to educate people and make
them aware of how to conserve the Earth.
– Some benefits to good oral communication is learning: good eye contact, develop a good
speaking voice, speak with confidence, and involving the audience.
Performance Based Assessment

– Cumulating activity for the entire unit

– Student must create and present their newscast and will be graded on the information
included and giving solutions to help people lessen their impacts.
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