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Obtained via FOIA by Juscial Wateh, Ine Nellie Ohr From: Nellie Ohr Sent: Monday, May 30, 2016 9:56 AM To: hr, Bruce (ODAG); Holtyn, Lisa (OCDETF); CORRES: Wheatiey, Joe Subject: Reported Trove of documents on Ukrainian Party of Regions’ "Black Cashbox” The Party of Regions “Chyornaya Kassa” May 29, 2016 by Nikolai Holmov Leave 2 Comment One of the enduring intrigues for Soviet, post-Soviet and KGB/Security Senices watchers with regard to Russia remains that of the “Chyomaya Kassa’ (Black Cashbox) run by ex-KGBisecret senice officers that has ils origins in the late Soviet period. The purpose of this considerable fund. which has long been reported to have been in existence. is to bribe officials, launder cash and sponsor projects of interest, For example, Zhirinovski's LDPR, like Barkashov's RNYe and Sterligov’s Russkoye Narodnoye Sobor (Russian National Assembiy) wore all ported to have been recipients of funding via the so-called ‘chyoraya kassa’ when the KGB were creating the facade of a ‘democratic’ Russia prior to, and immediately following, the collapse of the USSR. it should therefore come as litle surprise that the Party of Regions apparently also had a “Chyornaya Kassa" with the same purpose of bribing officials, laundering cash and sponsoring projects of interest, etc Documentation regarding that Party of Regions “chyomaya Kasse" has nov seemingly found its way to NABU. the Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption Bureau hitos “A co/hDHk87zmG ZUkraine - Well this would be an interesting read ~ though not as ineresting as the (infamous KG ‘wepwoi kaccu™ — Nikolai Holmov (@OdessaBloggen) May 28 2016 Of course there will be much speculation as to the contents of what appears to be records of thousands of transactions, signatures. stamps and seals relating to hundreds of officals past and present Former Chief of the “K” Department of the Ukrainian SBU General Victor Trepakoy. (quietly relieved fiom his post by Presidential Decree on the same day the new Cabinet was anointed) who handed these documents to the Director ‘of HABU Artem Sitnic, stated ‘ltuch of this maienal ~ a'ledger of corrupt payments that are systematically camed ‘ut at the expense of a “common fund’, “black cash” by the Party of Regions. For the frst ime inthe feld of law enforcement there is an array of matenals on not one or more crmes, but long- term systemic conuption actrities of an organized structure which operated on the basis of a certain political party and was aimed at the unlawful seizure of power and its misuse. And most importantly ~ has reached this goal! We are talking about corruption actiities of the mosf dangerous kind ~ politcal corruption with hundreds, 1 emphasize hundreds of subjects, including dozens of officials of the highest level. In most cases the matenals Contain substantive information about who, when and how the cnme was committed. Besides that al are unique moidents, they allow a holistic wew ofthe big proture of cnminal actwiy - with ts organizers, executors, Intermedianes, means of implementation, the resutts.” Undoubtedly those names will nt simply be limited ex-Party of Regions names, nor their implanted functionaries in State institutions. They vill also include the members ofthe judiciary, prosecutors, poltical ‘gray cardinals", leaders of State institutions (ike election commissions). a sprinking of foreign ofcils, and many “Old Guard personalties across political party lines ~ regardless of their party e ‘Apparently the fund vas abaut $2 billion ~ in cash ~ notwithstanding any business property ‘flipping’ documentation. share transfers etc, Ail potentially dangerous and inflammatory stuff ‘Thus whilst the contents of these documents will be subject to much speculation — netwithstanding months and (Obtained via FOIA by Judicial Wateh, Ine probably years of NABU investigation (depending upon the ease of investigating any particular incident) — there are equally interesting questions about the collection. collation and delivery ofthis chyomaya kasse to the Director af the NABU Leaving aside the authenticity of the documents which cover thousands of transactions over a period of years (equiring some dedication to fake ~ but doable nonetheless}. there can be only a vary few select numbar of people that were trusted to Keep the books of the Parly of Regions ilicit Chyomaya Kassa ‘Who then collected and collated this information and acted as the PoR Chyamaya Kassa “accountant” or ‘accountants? ‘Ae they stil in Ukraine. have they fled, have they since died and ifso under what circumstances? (There have been ‘a number of “suicides” of Yanukovych functionaries in the immediate aftermath of his fezing — particularly among those ever connected with the State Property Fund ) \Fthe possessor of this Chyomaya Kassa is one of the peshaps only a few “accountants”, there is enormous personal risk in passing on this original dacumentation ~ as there is for Nir Trepakov having seen it and passed ito NABU 'Fnot an “accountant” for the Chyomaya Kassa, hove were these documents obtained? Were they left behind in panic by a fleeing Yanukovych regime functionary. subsequently seized and deliberately kept from an evdence chain in a search and seizure register? so by who and why? Did this individual copy thase documents prio to handing them to Victor Trepakov? Has Victor Trepakov copied them prior to handing them to the Director of NABU? Are there other copies circulating amang the former Po members? Who else may have a copy? What wes the purpose of making copies? As a guarantee/personal insurance policy that should anything happen to these relevant individuals the documents would make their way to the media? i so where are the copies lodged? Who to trust, and equally burden (ort is a burden), wth such a role? Have copies of these documents made their way to other. pethaps foreign security services? To whal end? To create a back-up of sealed indictmants in case af inaction or ineffective investigation by {ABU against certain indwiduals to prevent certain future actions on their part? there are foreign personalities involved, are those relevant documents to be shared with those nations ~ and when? ‘Why was Mr Trepakoy chosen as the intermediary between possessor/owmer/keeper of the PoR Chyornaya Kassa ‘and NABU? Is there a personal relationship between informer and intermediary? Let us be frank. former Chief of the ‘K’ Department with the Ukrainian SBU is not without significant connections and previous informant handler and informant controller history/experience. Why did Mr Trepakov agree to become the intermediary having been so recently removed from the SBU institutional structure ~ quietly? Is he realy the intermediary oF the orginal nder/kesper of these documents from searches past? Ja short, what are the motwations of both the indndual that passed the informatian and that ofthe intermediary? It is a question that any and every investigator would ask — for they are questions asked when registering and dealing with any informant and the information they subsequently provide Mot all nformants are informants for cash reward ~ there are other (and pethaps more dangerous) motivators. I may very well be that both parties are acting out of a sense of patriotism and a dedication to force change in the system via the prevalence of the tule of lav. it may very wall be that no asparsions should be cast upon their characters Nevertheless, such very basic questions should be asked by investigators — and those who have taken part in supplying this information ta the authorities undoubtedly expect those questions to be asked ‘There are questions to be asked over timing Clearly the PoR Chyomaya Kassa (if genuine) has not just appeared from nowhere. Somebody hes kept it. knoving it to be what it is. for quite soma time. Thus why now has it come to light and been givan to the authorities? Is it that previously there was doubt as to the ability of NABU to stay clear of political interference? is it that previously there simply was no NABU? is it that Yuri Lutsenko is seen as the first Prosecutor General who is not able to strong-arm the HABU or radically change its structure? Were previous PGs deemed too strong vis @ vis NABU? Is it thal the previous PGs are all ‘named in the PoR Chyomaya Kassa and that the current PG isn't? Pethaps itis fet that Mr Lutsenko is far mare “controllable” or “influenced! by the West than previous incumbents and therefore that ABU willbe able to work unhindered? That all seems rather doubtful considering that politcal names across party lines and within State institutions are certain to be sulied by ilicit deals within any genuine PoR Chyernaya Kassa if that be 50. the reason for such timing now is what? |e itto effect a challenge to the existing system that has far more patential to up end it than that of the Panama Papers or media chatter. The feeling of those involved in producing such documentation therafore being that this has to be done now before the ‘bad old ways” become solidly set once again? Had the document “keeper” has suddenly become ‘under pressure” or be sighted in some way, and ths is @ ‘method of repulsion or revenge? Wisely no names nor specifics have been placed within the public domain with reaard to contents —for now. Te do ‘Obtained via FO by Juccial Wath, Inc. 0 would firstly invalidate the “insurance” any copies would Nave for those promoting the existence of this chyomaya kassa, and secondly could very well impede subsequent investigations by NABU. Hovaver. on the presumplion that such ‘insurance’ exists by way of copies taken by those that have had possession of the PoR Chyornaya Kassa documentation, itis perhaps also only a matter of ime before things (almost inewtably) leak ‘Whatever is to come. on the presumption that the PoR Chyomaya Kassa is genuine and is investigated thoroughly, then it will make the Panama Papers and almost all previous scandals (perhaps less Lazarenko) seem like a non- event (hich generally it has proven to be in Ukraine) How to investigate such a large an incriminating document both holistically and by way of indwidual licit acts wail be a matter for NABU ~ but there must surely be some cases that can be properly and responsibly investigated and brought to trial before the year end — whist others will quite literally take years to complete {t val be interesting to watch this story develop!