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The Bonding Machine

The advertisement that I decided to analyze is one by LG. They are advertising a new

wash machine called LG Twin Wash. In the image, you can see a woman standing behind a child

who is pouring ingredients from one bowl into another bowl to prep for cooking. In the upper left

corner of the ad, it reads, “Because less laundry time means more bonding time,” while on the

bottom, it says, “Cut laundry time in half with LG Twin Wash.” This advertisement first came

out in 2016 and was posted on social media platforms by LG Canada.

By using familial roles, this ad highlights the concept of gender roles. For starters, it is

well known that in the past the only thing women were expected to do was cook and clean. Just

like in the photo, the two female characters are cooking in an advertisement for a cleaning

machine. It also highlights gender roles as there are no men in the photo. Men are known to be

the workers of the family with little to no doing around the house. Since this is not how society is

nowadays, one alternative campaign to change the gender stereotyping could be to take out one

of the female characters and throw in a male instead. This could help eliminate stereotyping in

the ad and come off as less offensive to some audiences. Another thing they could have done to

exclude the gender role idea is to change the cooking in the background to a different activity
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that is something seen as more masculine, like playing a sport. If they had a female playing a

sport, it would likely not be seen as a gender role based ad by many people.

The purpose of this ad is to attract people who do their laundry. This advertisement uses a

different activity in the background to do in your spare time while laundry is being done in order

to attract the buyer. Anyone who does laundry would think that this concoction is a brilliant idea.

The ad shows that if someone has the LG Twin Wash then they will have much more time to

bond, especially with their family. People who do their laundry understand that it takes a long

time and a lot of patience, so the ad attracts the buyer by incorporating an image of cooking so

that the buyer has an idea of what they could be doing while laundry is going. So, while waiting

for the laundry to be complete, the family member could cook a good meal for their family.

Something that sort of contradicts that is when I think about cooking, I think about time.

Cooking can take a long time, so if laundry does get done super fast in this washer, then how is

someone supposed to have time to cook while the laundry is going?

If someone used this washer, they would have more time to do things like cooking and

bonding with their families, as said in the upper left-hand corner of the ad. Looking at the

advertisement, I can tell that this specific laundry machine is much faster than a regular washer.

The words on the bottom of the advertisement say, “Cut laundry time in half with LG Twin

Wash.” This is directly saying that you can get so much more free time by using this specific

washer. Also, everyone knows how long it takes to cook a good meal, so by using the image of

the two women cooking, it gives the potential buyer a feeling of how much extra time they could

have if they used this washing machine and got all of their clothes washed.

Correspondingly, the background of the image is executed as predominately white which

gives it a cleaner look to symbolize laundry. The symbolization of cleanliness comes off as an
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attraction to the audience that it is aimed towards. White is definitely seen as a clean color. We

write on white papers and we wear white clothes and shoes - these things can get dirty pretty

quick. I think that the cooking part contradicts the purposeful cleanliness look of the ad because

cooking is messy. Although, when having to think about the aftermath of cooking, you have to

clean up just like when you are doing laundry, you are technically cleaning up too.

There are a few audiences that this ad intends to target. One of the groups that this

advertisement is aimed towards is the audience of athletes and their families. Athletes change

their clothes a lot and therefor would need the LG Twin Wash to make sure that all of their

uniforms and clothing is clean for the next game or day. This advertisement aired in 2017 during

the NCAA March Madness tournament (LG Electronics USA, 2017). The NCAA March

Madness tournament is a tournament for male college basketball players, lasting about a month

long. The main audience of March Madness are people who play basketball themselves. Athletes

typically do not really have time to cook or wash their clothes since their schedules are so busy.

Most wish they had time to spend more with their families. In the ad, you can see a mother and

daughter cooking together. This definitely attracts athletes as it offers them a chance to spend

more time doing things with the family. Another group the advertisement is also aimed towards

is millennials. According to Buzzfeed, these ads were posted on Twitter and Facebook. These

two social media platforms are greatly populated with the generation that I am a part of. By

incorporating a photo of a girl who looks to be the age of a millennial, it would be more

attractive to that generation. The washer is also very high tech which is an important part of the

millennial community. Another group of people that LG Twin Wash ads by LG Canada are

targeting is women. While doing some research, I noticed that all of the ads by LG Canada

incorporated gender roles, specifically with women. In the advertisement that I chose, cooking is
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used with only women in the image. In other ads, there are activities such as shopping, going to

the spa, doing yoga, and posting blogs. These are primarily feminine activities, just as the ones

are in the version of the ad I chose. In each version, only women are shown doing these feminine


Despite being aware that this ad came out around spring time, there are some specific

things in the photo that can support the claim that this advertisement is promoting spring

cleaning. With the child being home at a time of day where the sun is bright, it could prove that

the child is on spring break since school is usually going on while the sun is out and shining

bright. An alternative campaign to target a wider audience rather than just women with a family

could be to change the bonding time statement to be more about spring cleaning.

The little girl in the advertisement is used to cooking by herself. The woman in the photo

is watching the little girl mix things in the bowl. To me, this came off as the little girl is showing

her mom something that she learned to cook by herself. The little girl has been cooking by

herself likely because her mom has been busy with laundry lately. Her mother is watching to see

how well she has become at cooking since the last time they cooked together, since the mother is

looking over her shoulder.

As you can see, there are many things to take out of this ad. LG Canada produced this ad

to sell their washing machine to a handful of different audiences, to provoke a handful of

different thoughts.
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