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CBT Nuggets MCTS Windows 2008 Network Infrastructure Configuring Exam Pack 70-64

Are you an intermediate to advanced IT Professional or a new IT professional wit
h a foundation in Windows Server 2008? Then sharpening your skills by watching t
his James Conrad video training on Windows Server 2008 technologies is a terrifi
c career move. Knowing how to use Windows Server 2008 technologies (such as IPv6
, Network Access Protection, IPSec, and new performance monitoring and event log
tools) sets you apart for other IT professionals. By the time you've finished w
atching this training, you'll understand each of these technologies inside-out.
Windows 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring includes such blow-your-mind fe
atures as:
* Network Access Protection (NAP). NAP prevents unhealthy computers from connect
ing to your production network.
Here's an example: a user takes a laptop out of office and misses the latest ant
ivirus updates. When he returns, his laptop is placed on a restricted network th
at only allows him to download updates.
* Windows Server Backup (WSB). WSB is so powerful that you can potentially recov
er a failed system -- fully! This is a big paradigm shift compared to previous a
nd third party backup methods.
* Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP). This virtual private network technolo
gy allows you to connect VPN clients without opening additional firewall excepti
James goes into great detail preparing you for Microsoft's 70-642 exam. In no ti
me, you'll be ready to earn MCTS certification and be well on your way to MCITP
certification as a Server 2008 Administrator.
But in addition to preparing you for the test, James shows you valuable skills t
hat will make you an on-the-job success:
* IP addressing network design
* Secure network access -- both locally and via remote access
* Secure file server access and encryption
* Monitoring select server performance indicators
Microsoft Windows 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuring contents:
* <>Intro
* IP Addressing Part 1: Understanding IP Addresses
* IP Addressing Part 2: Custom Subnetting (CIDR)
* IP Addressing Part 3: Variable Length Subnet Masking, Supernetting
* IPv6
* DHCP Part 1
* DHCP Part 2

class c address. Configuring: Video 1 . Supernettin g" . . subnet mask. ANDing. private ip addresses. decimal numbering. binary n umbering Video 3 . Subnetting. class a address. class a address. route aggregation. Subnetting. route summarization.Configuring I P Addressing and Services. cl ass b address. Subnetting. supernet. private ip addresses. class c address. supernetting."IP Addressing Part 3: Variable Length Subnet Masking."IP Addressing Part 2: Custom Subnetting (CIDR)" ."IP Addressing Part 1: Understanding IP Addresses" . subnet mask. Classless Inter- Domain Routing. * Configure Routing * IPSec * Network Access Protection (free video!) * Routing and Remote Access Part 1 * Routing and Remote Access Part 2 * Routing and Remote Access Part 3 * Configure Wireless Access * Configure Firewall Settings * Configure Name Resolution: DNS Part 1 * Configure Name Resolution : DNS Part 2 * Configure Name Resolution: DNS Part 3 * Configure and Monitor Print Services * File Services Part 1 * File Services Part 2 * File Services Part 3 * File Services Part 4 * Windows Server Update Services Part 1 * Windows Server Update Services Part 2 * Monitor Event Logs * Performance Monitoring * Gathering Network Data Here's what you'll learn in each video of the 70-642: Microsoft Windows 2008 Net work Infrastructure.Series Intro Video 2 ."Intro" .Configuring IP Addressing and Services.Configuring IP Addressing and Services. variable length subnet masking (VLSM). clas s b address. custom subnet masks. CIDR Video 4 .

VLAN. 802. data integrity. incomi ng and outgoing traffic filtering. RAS authentication by using MS-CHAP. inbound/outbound filt ers. Video 11 . Layer Two Tunneling Protocol (L2T P). Access Control List. static routing. netsh. Configure RADIUS Proxy. phase 2. scopes. phase 1.Configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).Configure Remote Access. split tunneling. Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP). tunnel mode. 802."Routing and Remote Access Part 1" . g roup policy for wireless. SHV. system health validator. RADIUS."Routing and Remote Access Part 3" ."IPv6" . MS-CHAP v2. wired equivalent privacy (WEP). Wi-Fi-Protected Ac cess (WPA). PEAP-MSCHA P v2. Windows Security Center.Configure Routing. WSUS. SHA-1. port configuration. Authentication. DES.Configure Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHC P). s et service identifier (SSID). differences betwee n NAT and ICS. Windows Security Health Validator."Configure Wireless Access" . Connection Manager Administrati on Kit. tru sted root certification authority.1x. packet filters. IPSec enforcement. user class. dia l-up. connection security rules. Create IPSec policy. . global. EAP-TLS. syste m health agent. anti-virus. IPSec Authentication Header. telnet.Configure Wireless Access. PEAP. Routing Internet Protocol (RIP) Video 8 . data origin authen tication. requesting certificates by web enrollment. quick mode. WLAN authentication by using 802. server certificate. Routing and Remote Access Services."IPSec" . Video 12 . Network Ad dress Translation. DHCP relay agents."Network Access Protection" . SSTP. Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP). remediation servers. DHC P options. anti -spyware. adhoc versus infrastructure mode. Wi-Fi-Protected Access 2 (WPA2). Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service (RADIU S). Smart Card or other certificate. configure NAP health policies. internet key exchange. identify ports and pr otocols. ACL.Configuring IP Addressing and Services. health check. health statement. site-local.Configure Remote Access. filter list. flexible host isolation. active directory account integration (filteri ng access by active directory user and computer accounts)."Routing and Remote Access Part 2" . configure firewall by using Group Policy.1x Video 14 . remote access protocols. remote firewall configuration. Video 9 . creating new options. PXE boot."DHCP Part 1" . health certificate. Subnetting. LAN a uthentication by using NTLMv2 and Kerberos. alter native configuration. windows firewall with advanced security. (RRAS). Internet Connection Sharing. SHA. Con figure Network Authentication. AAA.Configure Firewall Settings. intermediate certification authority. Network Policy Server. bootstrap wireless protocol. scopes. DHCP options."DHCP Part 2" . certificate authority. 3DES. link-local address. un ique-local. Video 6 . authorize server in Active Directory.Configure Remote Access. default user profiles. VPN enforcement. authorize server in Active Directory. netdom. anti-replay. Microsoft Windows Firewall (in Control Panel) versus Windows Firewall w ith Advanced Security. Health Registra tion Authority. (NAT)."Configure Routing" . persistent rout ing. Windows Server H yper-V.1x enforcement. non-DHCPv6 networks. IPSec Encapsulating Security Payload (ESP). CMAK. IPv6. main mode. Windows Cardspace Video 13 . CA. vendor class. auto-remediation Video 10 . IPv6 transition technologies. acco unting. Video 7 . EAP.Configure Network Access Protection (NAP). configuring firewall using the netsh command. Video 5 . intra-site automat ic tunnel addressing protocol (ISATAP) 6to4. network layer protection. (ICS). server core. isolation polic y. Remote Access Policy. exclusi ons.Configure IPSec. authorization. filter rule. teredo. configure IP options.

windows server backup. disconnected networks.Configuring File and Print Services. deploy printer connections. Video 25 .Configure Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) server Settings.Configure a Domain Name System (DNS) server. Disk quotas. DNS l og Video 26 . NS. client targeting.Monitor Event Logs. bare metal restore."File Services Part 3" . Upstream serve r. system sta te backup. Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR). network profiles. NTFS permissions. symmetric encryption. DFS configuration and application. manage client settings by using gr oup policy. Vol ume shadow copy. SRV. cus tom views. Video 15 . Configure a file server. certificates. WINS and DNS integration. pointer. software updates. update type selection. broadcasting . wbadmin. SOA refresh. Glob alNames. enc rypting file system (EFS)."Configure Firewall Settings" ."Windows Server Update Services Part 2" .Configure Windows Serve r Update Services (WSUS) server settings. cache-only. Off line Files. data decryption field. upstream server.exe. export and import print queues and printer settings.Configuring File and Print Services. dynamic updates."File Services Part 1" . client settings . Video 23 .Monitor Event Logs. subscriptions. complete pc restore. configuring HOSTS file . LMHOSTS. node type. software updates. print priority Video 19 . add counters to Reliability and Performance M onitor to monitor print servers. hard quota. downstream server."File Services Part 2" . event forwarding.Configure a Domain Nam e System (DNS) server."Configure Name Resolution: DNS Part 1" . soft quota."Configure and Monitor Print Services" . root hints. MX. data recovery agent. A ctive Directory integration. troubleshooting wsus updates."Monitor Event Logs" .network location awareness. DFS replication. intervals. Video 20 . config ure a domain name system (DNS). host. printer perm issions. DNS stub zones."Configure Name Resolution : DNS Part 2" . Video 17 . wuauserv. inheritance. Windows Server virtualization. Video 21 . publish printers to Active Directory. primary/secondary zones. rec ord types. applicat ion and services logs. creating and configuring targets. Active Directory integration. print pooling. printer share.Configuring File and Pri nt Services. DNS scavenging interval. reso lver cache Video 18 . Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS). custom views. application and services logs. privat e key. Configure DNS zones. Configure DNS records. DNS log . Dynamic Domain Name System (DDNS). update type selection. DNS and WINS integration. downstream server Video 24 .Configure and Monitor P rint Services. conditional fo rwarding. external forwarders. wua uclt. primary/secondary zones. certificate authority. install printer drivers. share permissions. event forwarding."Windows Server Update Services Part 1" .Configuring File and Print Services. test and appro val. group policy objects (GPO). DNS listserv address (NSLOOKUP). Time to Live (TTL). certi ficate autoenrollment."Configure Name Resolution: DNS Part 3" . DNS Refresh no-ref resh. resolver cacheDNS secondary zones. Suffix Search order. Video 22 .Configure name resolution. public key. Video 16 . file share publishing. subscriptions."File Services Part 4" .

"Gathering Network Data" . performance monitor. data collect or sets. baseline security analyzer.Capture Performance Data. reliability monitor. Video 27 ."Performance Monitoring" . network monitor .Gather network data. simple network ma nagement protocol (SNMP). monitoring system stability i ndex Video 28 .