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Stone-age Sex Education
By: Jamie Santoro I know that if I have a daughter, that soundproof locked
Perspectives Editor room is going to seem awesome. While you might not be
able to keep your kids from having sex, you can keep them
I went to an all-boys high school from having sex without the knowledge. Teens know ev-
so I never had the joy of really awk- eryday in high school is a battle for a million different rea-
ward co-ed sexual education classes sons. Before you leave for the day, you put on your armor
that some of my current classmates and get your weapons ready. Proper sex education should
did, but I’m going to assume that “Mean Girls” has a com- be one of those weapons. Now I sound like a pamphlet
pletely accurate portrayal of sex education in America. I’m your doctor hands you when your voice changes.
kidding. A little bit, at least. American schools need to overhaul their sexual edu-
Schools in this country take one of three approaches cation programs just slightly. The bigger change needs
when it comes to sex ed. One, abstinence, is mostly chosen to come from American parents. I don’t think it is the
by Catholic institutions but encourages the idea of no sex school’s responsibility to teach our kids about sex. Ev-
as the best sex. Second, the most utilized version, boils mct eryone, take a minute and imagine your ninth grade gym
down to putting all the scary facts on the chalk board and Too much information or need to know information? teacher talking about genital warts and gonorrhea. That is
then handing out condoms (à la “Mean Girls”.) Finally, the The best-case scenario is a teenager with all the facts. not a thought you keep prevalent when things are getting
third type of education is no education at all. Teens need to know all the gruesome facts about STDs and intimate. Granted, neither is the thought of one’s parents,
Now we are in a state of panic as new reports show that more importantly, the lack of sex you will have after being but I don’t think Eva Mendes is planning on teaching sex
handing out free condoms increases STDs amongst teens. diagnosed with one. Teens need to know that condoms and ed anytime soon.
You know what else probably increases STDs amongst other forms of protection aren’t always completely effec- Back to the point. A teenager is more likely to take the
teens? Abstinence-based sex ed. Abstinence is like doing a tive. Any time you have sex there is a risk for STDs, HIV advice of a parent than anyone else. Maybe they say they
Powerpoint on fasting and including a picture of a chees- and pregnancy. These facts are the only weapons we have. won’t or blast whiny rock bands with really long album
esteak on every slide. Condom distribution is one aspect of sex education that titles in your face, but it does get through.
Now it’s time for the grim facts. Speaking as a former has raised a lot of eyebrows, especially now that STDs are
teenage boy, there is no way to keep teens from having still on the rise. I think that without these condoms, STDs
sex. They might not, but I don’t think it’s ever because of would be tripled. Handing a kid a condom is not a guar-
anything a teacher or parent said. Left to their own devices antee that he or she will use it, but isn’t it better to know
teenagers are terrible people and I’m speaking from expe- they have it?
rience there. Parents don’t like to hear there is nothing they can do;

You’ve got
By: Elizabeth abouts. Don't doubt
Krupka it, I love Mondays to
A&E Editor check out all the pic-
tures of people's crazy
“It’s not you, it’s weekends.
me;” “I think that we However, there is
would be better off a downside to all of
as friends;” “ I just need some time to be that. Not only when
my own person.” All of these tell you one you break-up with
thing; it’s over. After moping up the croco- someone do you have
dile tears that just poured out of your tear to sever him or her
ducts, you quickly log onto Facebook in from your life, but you
order to do the dreaded deed: change your have a daily reminder
relationship status. of 140 characters (or
We live in an age where young adults less) of what they are
spend about 20 percent of their time on so- up to.
cial media sites. True, you could de-
jamie Ssantoro / perspectives Eeditor
Translation: The 500+ people who fol- friend, de-follow,
low you now know that you are crying and ex-communi- Breaking up is hard to do. And even harder is having your entire friends list notified.
your eyes out over a bowl of ice cream in cate them. But you’re adult it is a no-brainer that you need one. date while keeping the personal informa-
footie pajamas tonight. still connected to their friends and it also Plus, no one wants to be that black sheep tion for your journal.
Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Four- seems very immature to not be able to han- that says, "I don't have a Facebook," and Being a young adult and trying to find
square and Linkedin are just some of the dle the break-up online. people seem stunned. your way is hard enough without the pres-
social media sites that keep couples com- So instead, you find yourself weeding But as websites become more advanced sure of wondering what your followers
pletely connected and in sync; what hap- through photos trying to remember if you and more information is at the users finger- think of you after a break-up.
pens when the happy couple decides to call met that girl who he is gawking at and try- tips, the fine line between privacy and stay- Hopefully the next big social media site
it quits? Social media keeps you ultimately ing to contain your anger when some gor- ing connected is vanishing. Our generation won’t involve personal pictures or depress-
tied to your ex-partners life. geous piece of man tweets about how he doesn't seem to leave anything up to the ing statuses from sappy song lyrics or else,
Most social media sites began as a way had an awesome time out with your ex. imagination. We write statuses about how we are all stuck in break-up hell known as
to chat, message, and talk to people who Social media is looking better and better we feel, post depressing song lyrics, and Facebook.
you haven’t seen in years. Now, sites like now isn’t it? upload emo twit-pics.
Facebook have the application to post pic- There are so many positives to network- The only solution to the problem is for
tures documenting your weekly where- ing with social media sites, that as a young you to try as hard as you can to stay up-to-

Welcome to all students from
Cooperative Education, We have moved!
Career Services, and Our new offices are in Grace Hall, room 131
P.L.A.C.E.! (formerly Academic Affairs). We are next to the
We hope you have a Registrar’s Office and across from Graduate and
productive and successful year
Professional Studies (GPS). Hope to see you soon!
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The Twilight Saga: Obsession
How far is too far?

By: Holly Prendergast By: Nick Guldin
Sports Editor Sports Editor

Yes, it is true; Bella does try to have sex with Edward in the third installment of Bella tries to get Edward to have sex with her? Say what? It is true. In the third book
the Twilight Saga, “Eclipse.” However, it simply ends up being an innocent attempt and movie “Eclipse,” Bella wants to have sex for the first time before she is transformed
between two people in love. Yes, they are young, and yes, some of the audience into a vampire, so she can get the full human experience (add wink face here). Accord-
may be a younger crowd but honestly, what romance movie nowadays doesn’t have ing to Arts and Entertainment web site, “Twilight’s” target audience is “female tweens
a sex scene in it? Look at “The Notebook,” “Dear John” and “The Time Traveler’s (10-12-year-olds), teenagers and early twenty-somethings.”
Wife.” All of these movies have had sex scenes in them, and in my opinion, they
have been far more detailed and I am sure that the some of the same “Twi-hards” Premarital sex is not the message “Twilight” should be sending to this young and im-
have seen these movies. Some people may think that the sexual content shown in pressionable audience. Thankfully, Edward denied Bella while she was on this hormonal
“Eclipse” may be inappropriate, but honestly, it is something that is going to hap- rampage or else our younger viewers may have been without tickets to the possible rated-
pen between teenages whether “Eclipse” depicts sexual content or not. R film.

As a former teenager and a current twenty-something, I can honestly say that I ROMANCE
have been completely and utterly wrapped up in romance books, movies and TV I can’t say I know how it feels to be a young teenage woman but I’ve seen time and
shows one too many times. But what I can tell you is that I have never tried or time again, through friends and family, how wrapped up young people can get from mov-
strived to be like these characters in any way. I would never think that just because ies and books. Young people strive to be like the characters they see and admire.
Edward and Bella become engaged at such a young age means that I have to or that
I would even want to. I think that movies are movies and people realize that they In this case Bella (18-years-old) and Edward (human years, 17-years-old and vampire
are not real life. Romance is in everyday life, and sometimes it does happen that years, 107-years-old) plan their marriage at an extremely young age, which I’m sure does
people fall in love at a young age but I do not think that watching these movies ef- not bode well with the parents of tweens and teens who want their kids to refrain from
fects the way that people look at life. making such a major decision so young.

BOOKS & FILM claims “Twilight” is one of the best reads of the decade and I BOOKS & FILM
completely agree. Although I do love the movies, I do not think that they do the claims that “Twilight” is one of the best books of the decade. Some-
books justice. Yes, this is a fictional series, but Stephanie Meyer is such a creative thing about this just feels wrong to me. The majority of the United States sits and reads
individual and she truly does have a way with words. When it comes down to it, worthless literature about supernatural creatures falling in love with humans. No wonder
there is nothing more I can say about the Twilight Saga books, other than I love China is so much more technologically advanced than we are. Stephenie Meyer, author
them. For those of you who decide to judge them before you have even read them, of the “Twilight” series, should feel blessed that she caught the attention of the horny
you need to sit down and read them because I can assure you that your opinion will females in this world because her poor writing would have gotten her no where otherwise.
quickly change once you read the magic that is “The Twilight Saga.”

jamie santoro / perspectives editor

Corporations should pay their fair share
states. have enacted combined reporting.
By: Eric Gibble Many people complain about the quality of our roads, According to Michael Wood of the Pa. Budget and
News Editor the poor quality of our public education and the terrible Policy Center, the state loses between $400 million and $1
quality of our public transportation. Six thousand bridges billion by not closing this loophole.
There is one five-letter-word that in the state are considered structurally deficient and need These companies are using our roads, bridges and re-
has had a significant power for a num- immediate attention. ceive millions of our tax dollars in subsidiaries. It’s time
ber of years. From the transformation It’s like listening to a 5-year-old complain non-stop; no to close the loopholes so that corporations are held ac-
of the political tea-party to the deter- one seems willing to find the funding for these programs countable for the services they use and preserve our state
mination of past, present and future elections, it continues yet can find everything wrong with them. programs.
to strike fear in the minds of millions of Americans. Legislators must look at revenue enhancements.
That word is taxes. But taxes shouldn’t be raised on the middle class. In-
Raising or lowering taxes has become a key issue in the stead we should look at updating our tax structure so that
midterm election debates. With federal stimulus funding big corporations like Wal-Mart, Best Buy and Exxon Mo-
set to end after this fiscal year, states will be forced to ad- bil pay their fair share as well. For more opinions and to see
dress massive deficits. Seventy percent of corporations in Pa. do not pay one yours check out
Pennsylvania alone is expected to face a $5 billion defi- penny in income taxes simply by creating a subsidy in a
tax haven state like Del. and shifting their address there.
cit in 2011. Balancing a budget appears to be black and
white; you can either cut spending or raise revenue. Twenty-three other states have closed this loophole by
Unfortunately over the past two years, legislators in enacting combined reporting which has corporations file
Harrisburg have made drastic cuts to essential commu- their taxes based on their income nationwide.
nity services that benefit working families and our most In Wilmington, Del. there is a non-descript one-story
vulnerable citizens. These programs include mental health building that holds the address of more than 2/3’s of For-
services, child care assistance and autism prevention ser- tune 500 companies. There isn’t one representative from
vices. these companies; it’s simply a mailbox for them to use to
Simply cutting the budget by $5 billion is not the an- avoid paying taxes in the state.
swer. Layoffs to the public sector will only further weaken Combined reporting hasn’t dampened the economic We want your feedback!
the commonwealth. Pennsylvania is the sixth-most-popu- prosperity of these states either. Nintey-seven percent of
lous state, but already has fewer state employees than most Pa.’s largest private employers operate in other states that