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23, 2010

Big brother

The weapon of choice in the fight for justice
getting too big
Since when is a
cop sneaking onto
your driveway in
the middle of the
night not consid-
ered a violation of
Our world is a big place. Ev- your privacy, even
ery day I am reminded of that. when they suspect
I’m reminded that there are a you of doing some-
million problems with a million thing illegal?
people shouting about it but with Well, in Virgin-
only one answer. Every day I ia, California, Or-
hear the facts: this many people egon and six other
die of this disease and this many By Olivia Torrence western states, they
people go hungry in this country. Staff Writer don’t believe that there
Every day I look at my two is such a thing as a vio-
hands and am ashamed at how lation of your privacy.
By Jamie Santoro little I do. I am sitting pretty at a In these states it is legal that, with resonable
Perspectives Editor fantastic private college spending doubt, police can place a GPS unit on a sus-
money I don’t have. I could take pects vehicle.
these loans and fly to Haiti with a planeload of medical The cops in these states have been secretly
supplies. I could cure diseases that, in America, require a placing GPS devices on the cars of people
simple cocktail of antibiotics. I could really change things. who they think or know are big-time drug
Maybe it’s just me but I always feel like I need to do dealers and registered sex offenders. Because
more. Cabrini’s “Justice Matters” program has been a of this, more people are going to jail who actu-
blessing and a curse for me. I felt like there was a whole ally need to be there.
world I had no idea about until I came here, yet it left a hole In my opinion, if what these cops are doing
in me. It’s like I took a class in “you feel heartless, don’t is going to make the world a better place, then
you? 101.” so be it. But many people believe otherwise
In the last few months, I learned a difficult lesson. We and are against this whole idea. The majority
were reading a book in my ECG class (Faces of Justice) of people think that the world is going to turn
about a woman who left her life in suburbia to go on a mis- into exactly what George Orwell predicted in
sion in Haiti. She had no medical or political background, “1984”: a totalitarian state.
just a full heart. Isn’t it a violation of privacy when some-
At first the book infuriated me. I was annoyed with this one sells drugs on the corner of the street
woman. She went to Haiti and watched it burn. She was where your children play? We obviously don’t
selfish and was trying to better know herself. I thought of even want to get started on sex offenders. I
all the stories I’ve heard about Haiti, both before and after think people need to look at the big picture
the earthquake; children living under tarps, diseases that here.
are a mere bother to an American are a death sentence in All anyone wants is “world peace.” Well,
the steamy mountains of Haiti. we’re never going to reach this goal if every-
She was sitting there wallowing in her own indecisive- one’s out running around doing as they please.
Women in Southern Sudan vote in the nations first
ness as millions suffered. I was waiting to be bombarded That’s why these cops are trying to make the
multi-party election in 22 years. These women will
with information. I wanted the numbers: who was hungry? world a better place, not only for themselves
also help decide whether the south will succede in an-
Why? What was the agriculture like? How stable is the but for everyone.
other vote this January.
government? Who is in charge? I never really got to answer The main argument is that the car being
those questions because my epiphany came first. Ambassadors program and ECG classes, changing the in your driveway is not considered being
All of the sudden I realized that this woman had done world is in your grasp. on private property. Leaving your car in the
the most important thing for the people of Haiti. She got So now I am taking this opportunity to change the driveway is basically asking the cops to tam-
my attention. Granted, I already had knowledge of the area world. In about 100 days, the African nation of Sudan may per with it. If you don’t want your car to be
but it was just that: knowledge. There was no emotional be no more. The south is voting to secede and become its messed with, keep it in the garage.
connection. All I saw was a people suffering. I didn’t know own nation. If it breaks away from the north, the north los- The funny thing about this issue is that
these people. The greatest weapon in the fight against in- es control of the oil deposits across the Southern Sudan. these GPS devices have only been placed
justice is awareness. The relationship between the north and south is not good in the cars of people who have taken part in
The perfect way to make a big change in the world is to and not just because of the oil. The north is mostly Mus- crimes before or when they are investigating
get people talking. Dedicated people at the heart of an issue lim Arabs and the capital city is located there. They have a possible crime, not private citizens who are
or conflict get the word out initially. Intellectuals who have the power. The south is home to poorer Africans, mostly just trying to go about their daily lives. So yet
a handle on the world’s events pick up on this and go to Christians and animists. They have no voice and are taken again, what’s the problem?
the closest media outlet, whether it’s The New York Times advantage of. Their secession could cause the largest con- The problem is the word “warrant.” The
or their Twitter account. Young professionals and college flict in Africa’s history. police need this to do everything in their field
students pick up on it and teach themselves the issues. Then That paragraph may enlighten one person. Armed with of work: to bust down someone’s door, to ar-
we have the most important job. We have to get everyone knowledge, that one person has the potential to do any- rest them, to go through their personal belong-
else’s attention, whether we’re just talking to our families thing. You may call it the butterfly effect or advocacy. To ings. They should need a warrant to secretly
at the dinner table or we’re organizing rallies and hosting me it’s the only way we can make this world better. We can place a GPS on people’s cars.
speakers. change the world. It might not feel like it or it might not I guess we’ll see what happens when this
This campus has so many opportunities to change the feel like we can do much but if we keep our minds and our case reaches the Supreme Court. What will
world. Just by deciding to attend you opened up your po- hearts open, we can conquer anything. the Supreme Court decide? Put more crimi-
tential. Through groups like the Catholic Relief Services nals behind bars that belong there or let them
run wild because random people in this world
feel violated?
I don’t know about anyone else but after
hearing both sides of the debate, I don’t think
I mind the police trying to do their job to make
What is this world safer. If this person wants to be a
criminal then they are putting themselves at

The Business?
risk anyway. Why should anyone else care?
I like the quote from Russ Belville from
CNN that said, “Your car on private property
isn’t private. War is peace. Freedom is slavery.
Orwell was right.”

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Roommate issues shape college experience
Imagine hav- give them their
ing a roommate space. Some-
who bothers times people
you and does just need to be
not know where left alone when
to draw the line. they’re going
Sometimes through a rough
your roommate time.
may play loud Ask and you
music or invite shall receive,
a large amount sometimes.
of friends over Have respect
without prior for your room-
By Brandon Kroeckel permission. We mate’s property.
Staff Writer all know some- Do you want to
one that has play with their
some sort of iPad? What
roommate problem. The question is how about storing
do we handle such a common issue? something in
A great way to start off the year is to their refrigera-
draft your own version of a roommate tor? Ask your
agreement prior to moving in. Include what roommate for
you and your roommate agree to, such as permission first.
cleanliness, respect for your roommate’s If you use their
property and what to do while they’re do- items without
ing homework. Also, create a code of con- prior consent,
duct for visitors and how you will respect bad things may
quiet hours. happen.
When drafting a roommate agreement, Think before mct
make sure to be as specific as possible. A you speak. You
lot of roommate arguments are too broad. may be really Most college students have never shared a room before. That sudden change can lead to friction, to say
For example, when discussing visitation, good friends the least. internet. Your roommate may not appreci- standard, refer them to the handbook and
make sure you create a code of conduct with your roommate but watch what you ate the fact that you may feel left out or talk to them about how the issue can be
and explain when visitors can and cannot say because you may not know everything offended without even confronting them in prevented in the future.
visit and so on. about them. Some arguments may stem the first place. If all fails, talk to residence life to see
Communication is key when getting from comments that were not intended Having a class together with your room- how they can assist you. The profession-
along with your roommate. Keep your to be hostile. You may have a couple of mate may help improve your relationship ally trained staff will work with you and
ground. If you have an issue with your brothers and sisters while your roommate with them. If you are unsure of an assign- help assist you with any issues you may
roommate, speak up, but nicely of course. is an only child or maybe your parents are ment that is due or need assistance for a have in the residence halls.
Some conflicts may arise when roommates divorced while your roommate’s are still project, maybe your roommate can give Laying the law down with your room-
are too lenient or too “in your face” about together. You probably do not know the you a hand. Working together as a team can mate may be difficult but hopefully some
situations that could occur. complete background of your roommate strengthen relationships. of these tips will help if any issues were to
Respect your roommate’s space. Every- outside the dorm. When in doubt, refer to the Cabrini Col- arise. Hopefully there won’t be.
one needs his or her space. If your room- Along with the “think before you lege Community Standards Handbook. If
mate asks you to give them their space, speak” theme, watch what you post on the you feel that your roommate is violating a

Is Paris Hilton famous for getting arrested?
By Elizabeth Scopelliti
Copy Editor

What’s white, powder-like
and small enough to fit in a
baggy? According to Paris
Hilton, a stick of gum.
It was just another night in
Paris (pardon my pun) when
Ms. Hotel Heiress herself was
pulled over by the police out-
side of a Las Vegas hotel. Her nightclub-mogul boyfriend
Cy Waits failed a sobriety test that had been given by a
motorcycle officer, who requested he take the test after re-
portedly smelling traces of marijuana smoke.
While Paris waited ever-so-patiently for her boyfriend
to finish his test so they could ride into the sunset, she went
into her Chanel bag to reach for her lip balm. But uh-oh…
the tiny bag containing her “gum” fell out right in front of
the police lieutenant!
This little princess claimed that the Chanel bag was
not hers… ha ha ha. Oh, I suppose your boyfriend wasn’t
drunk either.
This isn’t the first time the “Simple Life” star has been
arrested. Actually, this isn’t even the first time this sum- mct
mer. Bravo, Paris. That’s pretty impressive. Americans across the country are following the Heiress’ bad track record and poking fun at her recent arrest.
Back in July, she was arrested for supposedly smoking
pot in South Africa during the World Cup. It was defi- sentence. But not to worry Paris enthusiasts, she will not mous for being famous, ever get her act together? I guess
nitely one of her finer moments. What celebutant wouldn’t actually have to report to jail as long as she complies with only time will tell. Word to the wise: don’t hold your
smoke weed at the biggest soccer game in the world? Ob- her plea agreement. This includes a $2,000 fine, 200 hours breath.
viously only the dumb ones. of community service and the completion of an outpatient
Anyway, news broke that Ms. Hilton was charged for drug program.
possession of cocaine and will have to serve a one-year jail So will this soon to be 30-year-old celebrity, solely fa-