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6 The Loquitur Perspectives Thursday, Oct.

14, 2010

The highs and lows
On the radio: of a practicum
Give me a plished after broadcasting a game but it By Joe Cahill People who know me or study the future tenses of verbs in for-
By Melanie Greenberg
ton of work is very hard to be dedicated to a course Staff Writer might call me a masoch- eign tongues. Radio, like most practicums,
Staff Writer
to do, no time, which requires so much and rewards so ist. They might call me is not a common class.
a filled plan- little. It is like asking someone to spend all a glutton for pun- Practicums are more like internships as
ner and one credit? their money on clothing and never wear a ishment; a cog in a opposed to classes. By their very nature,
Many students can single item. thankless machine they require duties outside of the class-
sympathize with me There are other courses that offer one in a constant state of room and are meant as professional expe-
on this one. credit such as yoga, pilates, ballet and change. I’ve spent rience as opposed to strict academic learn-
If a person was to modern dance. These courses require at- countless days, ing. These are not by any means exclusive
walk into the com- tendance once a week. Compare those nights and week- to communication majors.
munication wing hour and 15-minute courses to an hour and ends cooped up in The Education Practicum, more com-
Monday nights, it 15 minutes, two hours, events and a game. the mostly window- monly known as Student Teaching, is the
could be filled with Let’s look at this even closer. As a com- less, vacant halls of largest practicum on campus. According
frenzied journalists, photographers, video munication major, we are all required to the East Wing in Founders Hall, rendering to the Cabrini College Student Handbook,
crews and radio personnel. attend a professional development course video, recording, interviewing and yes— students enrolled in Student Teaching
Actually, come in at any point dur- three to four times a semester with various even screaming. I’ve torn my hair out and must complete 40 hours of work for fifteen
ing the day and likely the wing will be guest speakers. Only two papers are asked yelled at computer screens. At times in my weeks, totaling 600 hours of in-class work.
a crowded place. Many students will be of us. This course is worth half a credit. four years at Cabrini, I’ve driven my body This does not take into account grading,
close to tears or ready to snap at the first Practicum courses are meant to be like to the point of physical and mental exhaus- tutoring, traffic or other obligations tied to
person who looks at them the wrong way. an internship. Typically in U.S. colleges, tion—all for classes that grant me one or teaching that exist outside of the standard
One class that I have found is very time- one credit equals two hours of study time. two credits each. required times. For this, education majors
consuming and stressful is my radio pract- However, an internship requires eight This is the life of a communication ma- earn a total of 12 credits. If one follows
icum course. hours of work per week per credit. Practi- jor. This is the life I live and I have never the normal path for radio for four years,
An hour and fifteen minutes is dedi- cum courses are intended to provide col- in my life been happier. they end up with 14 credits.
cated each Monday night to learning the lege students with real-life experience, Don’t think of me as crazy, which, Labs and practicums are something
ways of radio style news, laws and history. similar to an internship. granted, I very well might be. If anything, those who work hard at truly appreciate.
Two hours a week are dedicated to a As great as real-life experience is for I’m impassioned and dedicated to what “Labs are the most worthwhile part of
radio show of our style choice. I’m not preparing for the professional world, I al- I do. Saying that my major hasn’t given courses,” Frank Bearoff, senior chemis-
going to lie, Sunday nights may be my fa- ready take 14 and a half credits and have me, or anyone, anything in return for hard try, biotechnology and molecular biology
vorite two hours of the week. Wait, let me two jobs. When I enrolled in this class I work is simply asinine. triple-major, said. “They put theory into
rephrase that. Sunday nights may be my was not aware of the workload. I expected For almost three years now, I’ve been terms that are more easily understood. I
favorite required time of the week. two hours of work, but got nearly quadru- involved with Cabrini’s radio station, 89.1 tend to learn most from the labs and my
Once a week, I broadcast a sporting ple that. WYBF-FM “The Burn.” I started out tak- independent study has been the best part of
event, on top of the events, homework and I believe the experience will be worth ing the introduction course, moved through my education here. I’ve developed mar-
production hours put in. I know I am not it in the end. The friends I have made by the ranks of a DJ and general member of ketable skills in my field and in the end, I
the only student struggling to keep up. bonding through the amount of work will the station’s staff, rose to assistant pro- will acquire career skills.”
At this point, you would probably think be there for me until senior year and may- duction director and, shortly followed by To liken radio or any other practicum
I hate my major. As much as I complain be beyond. being appointed production director. I to yoga or another throwaway one-credit
and as often as I sit and stare at my planner I am ready to do the work we are given went from creating sound bites and work- course is a bold-faced insult to the hard
wondering how in the world I will get my and enjoy the opportunity I am given to ing with equipment behind the scenes to work that I and others have done and con-
work done, I do love it. Once the assign- experience hands-on type courses. I am where I am now, working as the station’s tinue to do here at Cabrini College. I’m
ment or event is over, I can breathe a sigh just positive that my time and energy music director. In that time, I have been sure that if I did a sun salutation every day
of relief. And then I do it all over again. wants to see more than just one credit on extremely blessed and privileged enough for my four years of college, I would have
To be in control of a show people actu- my transcript. to see my hard work pay off in the form of a more toned, svelte physique. None of
ally listen to and actually enjoy is amaz- a Philadelphia March of Dimes Achieve- it, however, would give me professional
ing. ment in Radio award and a College Broad- skills that I can use when applying to jobs
I love the feeling of being accom- casters Inc., national nomination for a when I graduate.
documentary I helped create, along with Individuals who can’t handle the work
fellow senior communication majors Gi- of these courses simply shouldn’t take
anna Shikitino and Kerri Dougherty. them. They are, as I can attest, a lot of
Radio is a practicum, a term often mis- work. Credit-wise, the college has given
understood by many. A practicum is not me what I need. My major and my classes
a normal class. At no point in radio have have given me so much more. If you’re a
we examined texts by Sartre or Camus to hard worker and you dedicate yourself to
discuss themes of existential philosophy what you love, like I along with so many
and literary techniques. Why would we? others have done over the years, I promise
We’re involved with the organization and that perseverance will pay off more than
management of a noncommercial, FCC- you can ever imagine.
sarah luckert / staff photographer licensed radio station. Typical classes
The radio station is quite literally hands on from the beginning. might follow international business ethics

89.1 WYBF FM The Burn
is always playing your favortie songs

for more info and to listen
live head to
Thursday, Oct. 14, 2010 Perspectives The Loquitur 7

We can do more: being eco-friendly on campus
As the world putting a lot more thought into the deci- they are made. Not only are you promot- and vegetables for them to take home and
By Diana Campeggio
around us be- sions they make. ing non-American goods and the outsourc- enjoy.
Staff Writer
gins to adapt to Like I stated before, walk past any ing of jobs but a serious amount of energy Colleges across the country are install-
a greener attitude, trashcan on campus and I guarantee that is wasted in transporting these goods to the ing solar panels, green roofs and gray wa-
students at Cabrini you will find paper and plastic bottles in- U.S. ter systems. There are so many things that
are putting a great side. Walk into any classroom and many By buying local foods and products, we could do to create a greener environ-
deal of thought into students have plastic water bottles sitting you are not requiring the amount of energy ment for our Cabrini students but the col-
their Ugg boots and next to them. in transportation. In buying organic prod- lege seems to be putting no emphasis on
lacrosse games. It is ridiculous to me that people even ucts, you know that no chemicals were these ideas.
They seem blinded buy plastic bottles of water anymore after used and sprayed on your product, which As a campus community, we should be
and uncultured to it has been reported that a large amount of you would otherwise ingest. rallying for solar panels on top of cam-
the choices they them sit in landfills for 10-plus years. These sound like senseless things and pus buildings and composting food scraps
make and how those choices are affecting If you consider that more than half of nitpicking ideas. When you build them up, from the cafeteria.
our planet. If you need proof, look into the campus drinks one bottle of they make a difference in how much I think that students need to wake up and
any trashcan on campus and I bet you will water a day, you begin to we pollute our planet. realize that they are directly contributing
find recyclable paper and plastic bottles in see how this quickly As a college, we lack to the economic problem that is destroying
abundance. adds up in land- the motivation to care our planet. They need to know that when
But it comes down to more than that. I fills around the about becoming a you throw your plastic bag or water bottle
don’t believe that students here really un- world. greener campus. into the trash, it sits in landfills for longer
derstand, or care, what the consequences of G e t Though some than you could imagine. Our planet has a
their decisions are. These are choices that an eco- professors are limited water supply and every time you
we make each and every day, from what friendly, promoting take an hour-long shower, you are wasting
we choose to drink to where we choose to reusable a paperless gallons of water that could be reused in toi-
do our shopping. water curriculum, lets and watering plants.
Students at this college seem to be ig- bottle many still As a community, we need to under-
norant to the fact that we, as humans, are and a shovel out stand these things so that we can demand
more rapidly than ever destroying the Brita packets that our campus needs to limit the amount
world in which we are living. filter and and packets of resources they waste. Until the people
Cabrini prides itself in producing stu- you are of papers and say they want a change, nothing will be
dents who are world citizens and are aware set for life. don’t even try changed.
of serious, problematic events, but students You save to reuse them. When it is all said and done, I don’t
here seem to lack consideration for what money and I have been in think that anyone is perfect at being as
their decisions are doing to the planet. you help save classes where they eco-friendly as possible, even myself. But
They say that Cabrini constructs a “justice the planet. It’s a hand out a four-page at least I feel that I understand the conse-
matters” curriculum but what about the win-win. By the time article and after the class quences of my actions and know where
justice of the planet? Isn’t that also as im- people begin to make re- was over, 90 percent of the stu- my clothes and food come from and where
portant? sponsible decisions it will be too late. Then dents walk past the trashcan, not recy- they will end up when I am done with
As a generation of young people who they will be asking what they can do to re- cle bin, and throw those four pages away. them. If students put as much thought and
have the stereotype of having little inter- verse the condition of the planet. Start now This is a waste and does not promote envi- effort into making greener choices then
est in world events outside of their own, and start making a difference. ronmental consideration at any means. they did checking Facebook, then I think,
why not begin learning about what we, as Part of this is the college’s fault. There It is not just the students who are to as a campus, we would be in much better
students, can do to reduce our carbon foot- are many places on campus where the only blame here. It’s the 21st century and tech- shape economically.
print and aid in making the world a greener choice is a trashcan because there are not nology that is at our fingertips.
place. recycling bins in sight, but students need to Schools all over the country are in-
Students are kidding themselves when make a conscious decision to make a dif- creasing the emphasis they put into these
they defend their economic state by say- ference and not to take the easy way out. environmental concerns and they are leav-
ing they unplug unused electrical cords I also don’t think that as a campus we ing Cabrini in the dust. I did my teaching
and turn off lights they aren’t using. That understand that when you buy cheap cloth- field experience in a private high school
should be second nature by now. People ing, produce or other goods they need to that had a green house worked into their
need to be considering their actions and be transported from those far away places science program and students grew fruits

The NCAA weighs in
on sickle-cell debate
By Ransom Cozzillio When student-athletes are only African-Americans are going to “fail?”
Staff Writer dying, shouldn’t someone With a student’s athletic career on the line
step in? Or could that precau- isn’t this obviously racist?
tion be inherently racist? In a po- No. To the casual observer or the overly-
tentially controversial but grossly racially sensitive, this may seem to discrim-
under-reported decision, the NCAA inate against African-American student-
has decided to implement a system athletes. But we must realize that there is a
for testing its athletes for sickle- difference between “racist” and “unfair but
cell trait. This trait, which causes justified.”
a deformation in some red blood This is obvious when we can take a mct
cells, can be dangerous when such charged word like “race” out of the equation Now that the NCAA requires testing for sickle cell, some athletes’
a person is placed under athletic and for a minute. Take, for example, insurance careers will stop before they really even start.
aerobic strain. As justification, it has rates. On an individual level, is it “fair” that
about liability, it also shows that its callousness is color-
been noted that eight NCAA football players have died in young males have higher car insurance rates than anyone
blind. If any athlete wants to play, sickle-cell trait or not,
the past decade as a result of sickle-cell complications on else, including young females? Not really, but considering
they can.
the football field. young males get in more accidents than any other demo-
Unfortunately, this whole possible controversy really
It would appear that this new system of testing is mere- graphic, the higher rate is certainly justified.
points back to how hypersensitive the business of race
ly designed to protect the players and avoid liability for So, is it fair that, due to testing, several African-Amer-
makes us. That is not to say that we shouldn’t think about
the schools and the NCAA as a whole. While not officially ican college athletes will surely be forced to stop playing
it and strive for fairness.
stated yet, students testing positive may be made ineligible while no white players will? Perhaps not. But given that
But when a program that is formed as a response to
to play to avoid possible complications. doing nothing would probably lead to more deaths, en-
young men dying on the football field comes under fire for
However, what may fall unnoticed is that the sickle-cell forced testing is certainly reasonable.
being racist, we need to examine our motives. Not every-
trait is almost exclusively prevalent in African-Americans In fact, the NCAA, in a grand showing of its lack of al-
thing that involves race is racist. This, as it turns out, is just
(and those of African descent) and is virtually nonexis- truism, has actually made this testing less biased. Athletes
a plain old case of the NCAA and affiliated colleges pro-
tent in American Caucasians. This fact, some would ar- are actually allowed to opt out of testing as long as they
tecting themselves and their interests. There are certainly
gue, makes such a precautionary test automatically loaded sign a waiver indemnifying the NCAA of liability.
racial battles to fight with NCAA but this isn’t it.
against African-American athletes, and therefore racist. So while this shows that the NCAA doesn’t necessarily
After all, how can a test be fair if you already know that care about the health of their athletes as much as it cares