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flat HDTV with Pixel Plus

plasma digital cable ready


Turn up your viewing experience
with Pixel Plus
Experience the superior picture quality of this excellent integrated HDTV with the latest
PDP technology and Pixel Plus. It's packed into a stunning design that will complement
your interior. Share music and photos via the built-in USB.

Breathtaking natural pictures
• High Definition plasma WXGA display, 1366 x 768p
• Integrated HDTV and CableCARD for unrivalled picture quality
• Enjoy HDTV that's truer than anything you've seen before
• Pixel Plus for detail, depth and clarity
• Progressive Scan component video for optimized image quality
Stylish design
• Matching stand with elegant design included
One touch convenience
• Plug & Play for easier installation
Access your digital content
• USB Connector for easy, instant multimedia playing
Leading interface for digital quality audio/video
• HDMI input for full digital HD connection in one cable

backward compatible with DVI sources but includes digital audio. When a CableCARD is inserted. cable operators and consumer electronics manufacturers. brightness and superb colors. By functionality includes conditional access and sharper picture. A CableCARD-enabled comprising the odd lines to the screen first. truer than anything . created instantaneously. using the maximum communicates the highest output resolution the television receives high-value high. It features picture Plug & Play gives you the ability to install or add gives you widescreen HD resolution of up to quality more than twice that of traditional a new component and have it work without 1366 x 768p pixels. analog broadcasts. It allows the decoding of Progressive Scan HDMI input encrypted or scrambled content delivered Progressive Scan doubles the vertical HDMI makes an uncompressed digital RGB from the cable system. both degraded signal reduces flicker and leads to a receives high-definition standard TV fields are written at one time. HDTV delivers exceptional picture quality and A table-top stand with matching design is real movie-viewing experience that makes packed with the set. mp3 and alb files of most USB- Digital Cable Ready Pixel Plus is a digital picture processing sticks and most digital cameras (USB 1. It is the latest and best Plug & Play This state-of-the-art plasma screen technology television signal available. This vibrant and incorporate advanced signal input connectivity sharp image will provide you with an enhanced and circuitry design. photos or music files. HDMI intelligently broadcasts. In order to effectively having to perform any complex installation free progressive scan pictures in with optimum maximize the HDTV signal. The result is razor slot at the side of the TV and access your inserted in the TV. A full image is clearer picture. Plug the USB into the distributed by the cable providers that is and the number of pixels. it copy protection. Instead of sending a field eliminating conversion to an analog signal. cable programming. a television must procedure or technical analysis. your eye perceives with the source device. The HDMI input is fully definition. resolution. 1366 x 768p you've seen before. sharp pictures with incredible detail and depth. a sharper picture with no line structure. At such a speed. The non- television without a CableCARD inserted followed by the field with the even lines. television more dynamic.Flat HDTV with Pixel Plus 50PF7220A/37 50" plasma digital cable ready Highlights Plasma WXGA panel. viewing and sharing your photos and music. This enables the “Plug-and. CableCARD resolution of the image resulting in a noticeably connection from the source to the screen. USB Multimedia Connector viewing experience. The USB connector allows access to Pixel Plus multimedia jpg. This makes you easily Play DTV” functionality as agreed between every time from any source.1 The CableCARD is a removable card technology that increases the number of lines memory-class device). It produces brilliant flicker. HDMI uses HDCP copy HDTV Bypacked tabletop stand protection. delivers an unblemished image.

V. Smart Sound.1 Sound • Sound Enhancement: Digital Signal Processing. Multi-functional. Graphic Equaliser • Power consumption: 470 W • Output power (RMS): 2 x 15W • Standby power consumption: < 2 W • Sound System: Virtual Dolby Digital • Mains power: AC 110 . Monitor 800 x 600 60Hz out. Contrast Plus Slideshow files (.240 V.4 Specifications are subject to change without notice. All Rights reserved. NTSC • Contrast ratio (typical): 10000:1 • Video Playback: NTSC • Viewing angle: 160º (H) / 160º (V) • Aerial Input: 75 ohm F-type • Cable: Digital Cable Ready CableCARD. Power Dynamic Bass Enhancement. Packaging: 64 kg Smart Picture. Anti- Reflection coated screen Tuner/Reception/Transmission • Panel resolution: 1366 x 768p • TV system: ATSC. 3D Combfilter. Y/C 640 x 480i 1Fh • AV 2: Audio L/R in. • Digital Content Management: Digital Media Reader Active Control + Light sensor.3 • Ease of Use: On Screen Display. Version: 2. CVBS in. Headphone out. 12 NC: 8670 000 24012 UPC: 6 09585 11129 5 www. Automatic Tuning System (ATS) • Product weight (lb): 132. RGB+H/V. DVD Accessories • Screen Format Adjustments: 7 Widescreen Modes. S/PDIF in (coaxial). 2. Sat. Supported Display Resolution Unscrambled Digital Cable -QAM • Computer formats Resolution Refresh rate Connectivity 640 x 480 60Hz • Other connections: Cable Card Interface. CVBS. (1.7x55.V. Subtitle and Heading Shift • Issue date 2009-03-30 © 2009 Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. Delta • Set dimensions (W x H x D): Volume per preset 1415 x 780 x 104 mm • Remote control type: RC4345/01 • Color cabinet: Digital Silver • Picture in Picture: HDMI-Component PIP • VESA wall mount compatible: 800 x 400 mm • Remote Control: Amp. S-video in. Progressive Scan. • Playback Formats: JPEG Still pictures. Component Video in. USB 1. 3Fh Resolution Refresh rate autoranging).com .7 Convenience inch • Ease of Installation: Autostore. Channel list. YPbPr. S-Video Y/ • Video Formats C. CVBS in.1x30.alb) • Screen enhancement: Anti ageing circuit. Side Control. or their respective owners.2/2 motion • Multimedia connections: USB memory class device pull down. • Weight incl. VCR. (1. • Product weight: 50 kg Plug & MP3. PLL Digital Tuning. DVD-R. • Included Accessories: Table top stand Auto Format. 2. S-Video 640 x 480p 2Fh • AV 3: S/PDIF digital coaxial. YPbPr. L/R (cinch).Flat HDTV with Pixel Plus 50PF7220A/37 50" plasma digital cable ready Specifications Picture/Display • Child Protection: Child Lock+Parental Control • Aspect ratio: 16:9 • Clock: Smart Clock • Brightness: 1500 cd/m² • Teletext: Closed Captioning Full Text • Diagonal screen size: 50 inch / 127 cm • Display screen type: Plasma HD panel Multimedia Applications • Picture enhancement: Pixel Plus. Widescreen Plus. CVBS. 3/2 . 3Fh 720 x 576i 1Fh autoranging) 720 x 576p 2Fh • AV 4: HDMI 1280 x 720p 3Fh • AV 5: HDMI 1920 x 1080i 2Fh • Front / Side connections: Audio L/R in. S/PDIF 1024 x 768 60Hz out (coaxial) 1366 x 768 60Hz • AV 1: Audio L/R in. Trademarks are the property of Koninklijke Philips Electronics N. 50/60 Hz • Ambient temperature: 5 °C to 40 °C Loudspeakers • Built-in speakers: 2 Dimensions • Product dimension (WxDxH) inch: 4.