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“MABINI COLLEGES provides quality

instruction, research and extension service programs
VISION at all educational levels as its monumental
“MABINI COLLEGES shall cultivate a MABINI COLLEGES contribution to national and global growth and
CULTURE of EXCELLENCE in Education.”
College of Nursing and Midwifery development.
Specifically, it transforms students into:
Daet, Camarines Norte • God – fearing
• Nation – loving
• Law abiding
• Earth caring
• Productive, and
• Locally and Globally competitive

Date Focus Progress Note (D.A.R)

Group 1
9/10/18 Pre-operative • Into or per stretcher with ongoing IVF of D5 LR at 500cc level; infusing well
9:00am preparation • Consent to surgery signed and attached to chart.
• Confirmed and identify procedure.

Anesthesia induction • Placed on OR table
• Cardiac monitor attached
• Initial vital sings taken as follows: BP: 120/80 CR: 89 Rr: 20 o2Sat: 98%
• Induction of lithotomy anesthesia done by Dr. Manuel
Anesthesia evaluates • Reposition to supine with arms extended on arm board, arm strap applied, electro-surgical pad
9:15am placed under the tight.
• o2 inhalation via mc administration
• catheterization done
• surgical prepping done
• drape aseptically
• Initial counting of instruments sharps, needles, sponges, sutures and cotton balls done.

Salpingo-Oophorectomy with mesh done by Dr. Pajarillo

Operation started

• Final counting done and verified
OR ended • Abdominal closure by layer done by Dr. Pajarillo
• Skin closure completed anti-septic solution and top dressing applied and secured.
• Immediate post-op care
Unit transfer • Specimen given to relatives
• Transferred to RR and endorsed

Group 1
Signature Signature

Group 1