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Edson Marquez

English 2010
Prof Solomon

Patrice Arent

The wind is blowing through the air on a clear blue sky. A crowd of over five-thousand

people are standing outside, huddled around some of the most active members of our

community speaking on the importance of our environment. The speaker, Dick Norse, is

finishing up his speech but gives was one last phrase before he leaves. As he introduces the

next speaker, he states “The most active legislator pushing for this issue.” The crowd uproars

seeing her stand beside Dick, all-knowing once she gets on that mic everybody will be all ears.

The woman that is being referred to is Patrice Arent an incredible legislator of Utah and one of

the driving forces in cleaning our air.

Patrice Arent is an active member of the state pushing for progressive change anywhere

it needs be. From employment and education, to air quality and the environment; she strives to
push forth legislation to help Utah prosper. Her past jobs are what give Patrice the edge in her

career, having worked as an assistant attorney general for Utah she was able to transition to a

legislative woman with a phenomenal ease. Even earning some awards such as “legislative

leadership award” presented by Utah Clean Energy and “Eleanor Roosevelt Award” presented

by the Utah's democratic parties. She is an incredibly liked Legislator she is a democratic

member for Utah, but her approval rating will have you second guess if the states is truly red.

Not only isn’t because she is able to secure her position with ease but every years approval

rating and votes for her increase by the percentages.

When it comes to Patrice Arent look no further for a key player in the Utah clean air

movement being the founder and Co-chair of the Legislature Bipartisan Clean Air Caucus. She

backs up her claim that air quality is the most important priority she has right now, and she pulls

no punches in helping the fight for Utahns. She has an outstanding track record of passing over

80 laws in the state; majority of which are to help clean the air pollution like forcing stricter

emissions on businesses. As well as pushing to end the fracking deal that trump has made. She
stands with Native Americans preserving their heritage, environmentalist who are concerned

about the impact on wildlife, and most importantly she stands with the majority Utahans who

widely believe that this is more of curse than a blessing to our state. In fact, I myself have

conducted a large survey questioning people who resign in the counties of Emery, Salt Lake,

Utah, Carbon, and Wayne on their opinions of not only the bears ears deal but Utah’s air quality

has a whole. What was found is that out of the 80 people I had surveyed 64 reported Utah’s air

quality to be poor and only 11 people were in favor of moving forward with the fracking deal 43

being against and 26 not having an opinion. These are the issues and statistics that surround

her life as a legislator and unlike others who turn their head away, she stands with the people.

Patrice Arent advocates for those who have been affected by the air quality of Utah. She

fights for the children that live with their inhaler by their side, fearing that they don't lose it on

those terrifying days. She champions for the elderly that know during the most hazardous of

days it's suicide to walk out and see that these days are starting to become more frequent. As

she said it best “How many citizens are going to be inflicted with heart and lung disease due to

our air how many times potential tourist will hear about our inversion and never come back.”

(Envrio news) Patrice isn’t just full of hot air

like our state. In the rally speech she ignited the crowd after every line and detail on how to get

us back on track and even pushes her colleagues to surpass the expectations that the EPA has

for this state.

She provides solutions and bills to help clean our air such as; reducing the wood smoke

in our valley, providing free mass transit for Utahns, bettering the funding in Utah’s Air Quality

Division to get the job done right, and providing tax incentive to those who lease their charging

station for electric vehicle. These are ideas that the EPA itself is recommending that we do and
she’s one of the few legislators willing to push forward for it. When looking for help to our air

issue look no further than Patrice Aren’t.

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Letter of Goals and Choices

When it comes to deploying narrative strategies for this essay compared to my flash

memoir I felt as if I didn’t set my self up for as much opportunities as I could have the last time. I

displayed it whenever I felt the need to emphasis a critical issue as well as in the beginning of

the essay to have the reader gravitate toward the information I was trying to provide. The fact of

the matter was this is more or so a summary of her life and what she intends to do with in the

future. In order to provide the most useful information in her life I couldn’t be stuck dwelling on a

narrative description on every event. I chose Patrice Arent because it has always baffled me

around the fact that no one really knows about our local government when they are the biggest

players in making change happen fast in our community. In sort of a rude way I wanted to

inform others that there are legislators fighting for us to clean our air so they can stop crying out

to skies for help and work with our leaders who can make that dream a reality. It just so
happens one of the biggest names leading the charge is Patrice aren’t and getting her name out

there helps every bit. I did feel that my use of narrative skills did connect to the issues to help

stir emotion around her, but I could have used it more often. I would actually like to practice on

these skills if anything it drives home my points when I make them so when I have an argument

about our air or about any other political issue it can help me bring out the emotion to have them

sympathize instead of criticize.