Transforming India: Gandhi Fellowship and Grass root renaissance A sincere effort can culminate in to a revolutionary saga.

This is what happens when a vision transforms in to a mission and seed of social renaissance is sawn. The vision of Aditya Natraj got a platform of reality when the idea of transforming grass root education was supported by Ajay Piramal head of Nicholas Piramal. This was how kaivalya educational foundation got initiated. It was a generous step an extension of what is called the corporate social responsibility. The idea was to penetrate deep in to the rural areas and target school headmasters for leadership training and creating a fun filled fearless learning atmosphere where asking questions was no more taboo and mistakes of students are encouraged. The idea was to give an out of box learning module on the pattern of interest of student. Parallel to it was to bring a shift in the psyche of headmasters from Hitler type mindset to passionate human being. The flag bearers of the experimental module were young motivated learned individuals that were selected by a rigorous screening committee to transform India to Bharat. Though the fellowship was not very lucrative but passion driven individual could seek opportunity in rural chaos. The task was not easy the pattern and beliefs of headmasters were the bottleneck. There stubborn and adamant nature to learn something new that too from young people was not acceptable by them. But these commandos of educational renaissance made it possible. In the remotest villages of Rajsthan and Ahmadabad the saga continues. Thus now one can witness a viral transformation in educational scenario throughout the country this was what Piramal and Natraj has in back of their mind. They propose to establish universities that can train these headmasters in totality so that none of the kicked out student from school is christened as dropouts. I had the opportunity to witness the graduation ceremony of the first batch of Gandhi fellowship on 26th June 29, 2010. To my surprise what can young minds do when they touch experience of gentle souls of headmasters? The extreme humility that Ajay had was great I can only remember his message that do not let ego come to your mind that you are doing something unique discharge your duties with passion and responsibilities. He further added that the corporate world awaits such diamond souls who have been polished in the microenvironment of rural India. His passion for being ambassador of transforming India to Bharat is bound to fructify by the increasing lot of talented youth sharing common passion mission and dream.

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