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Republic of the Philippines

Department of Education
Division of Batangas City
Batangas City

Narrative Report
(English Majors—BaNaHiS)

Morning of the 9th of the January, 9 English major students were deployed and officially
submitted to Batangas National High School—English Department for their practice teaching. English
major students were excitedly welcomed by the department.
The same day, students were oriented about important things to do and to observe while they
are under the school care. They told the student teachers to exert maximum effort and ensure the
maximum quality of service. They are also told that they should expect different extra task coming from
them since it is part of our training process. They also informed the students about the rules and
regulations of the camps which, first and foremost, should be observed from the teachers and they
reiterate the fact that the practice teachers are already perceived as a teacher so they must adhere and
observe these rules and regulations.
After a while, students are assigned to a specific English teacher who will be our cooperating
and mentor throughout the span of their On-the-Job Training. Then, students were quickly called by
their cooperating teacher to discuss important things like expectations, schedules and their primary task
for the first week.
After the orientation, the students were directed to their quarters—the place where they will
stay whenever they are vacant.
After the deployment period and orientation, the students went home anxious and excited for
their official start as student teachers.
January 14, 2019, the students started to stick to their cooperating teachers to observe and to
be observed while they are teaching.
During the first week of student teaching, STs (student teachers) were only tasked to observe
classes for them to be aware of the classroom scenarios and to learn some things like classroom
management, delivery of lesson and facilitation of activities. During this span, STs were also given some
minimal classroom tasks like facilitating activity, giving directions, reading aloud, leading item analysis
for them to have first-hand experience. They were also tasked to prepare lesson plans for the topics to
be discussed the following week.
The second week of OJT of interns is also the celebration week for ENGLISH MONTH, so STs
were usually not accompanied by their CTs since most of them are busy doing tasked assigned to them.
STs were tasked to handle the class for the whole week. However, CTs still find way to have occasional
visitation to check if the STs were fine. STs were also observed by their CTs during the first period for
comments and suggestions which is communicated after the day.
The following weeks were a usual teaching days for the STs. They have to prepare lesson plans
and handle classes. They were still observed and commented by their CTs and suggests some
On the 8th of March, the whole Batangas National High School celebrated the founding
anniversary of the campus. There are lot of activities prepared and student teachers served as helpers to
the teachers in performing the assigned tasks. Classes were suspended the whole day I respect to the
celebration. The whole day was filled with laughter and somehow laborious activity which was both
enjoyed by students, teacher, administrators and student teachers.
The following week were mostly preparation for the final demonstration of the student
teachers. STs were mostly tasked not to just prepare the final demonstration lesson plan and
instructional materials needed.
Prior to the final demonstration, the STs to have their demonstration dry-ran their
demonstration and they were given constructive comments and criticism so that they can be better in
actual demonstration.
On the 22nd and 27th of March, the STs had their final demonstration. They gave all they can give
and their best to ensure the success of their demonstration. After all the demonstration, a post-
conference was held. During the post-conference, the observers tell their comments and suggestions.
They also congratulations for the success of their demonstration. They also told the STs that it is pretty
obvious that they all improved a lot.
After the demonstration, the STs were mostly tasked to accomplish the records and important
documents to be submitted to their cooperating teachers. Also they started to accomplish school form
needed to be passed by their OJT adviser and supervisors.
On the 4th of April, the STs bid goodbye to their cooperating teachers and other teachers. CTs
gave their inspirational message to their respective STs and wished them success for their pursuit. CTs
also prepared simple gift for their CTs to symbolize their gratefulness. STs thanked their CTs for all the
help and guidance they gave to the STs during their student teaching.

Prepared by:

Arboleda, Jollybe
Alamag, Claire
Briones, Pamela Fritz
Cabasisi, Ar-Jay D.
Cayabyab, Grace R.
Fronda, Nika G.
Lumawig, Hazel Kaye
Sanchez, Gladys