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The Improvement of Spring and Beach Resort in Molobolo Tuburan

A Project Study Presented

To the Department of Civil Engineering

Cebu Technological University-Main Campus

R. Palma St. Cebu City

In Partial Fulfillment

Of the Requirement for the Degree


Bulanon, Martin Kevin P.

Cosca, Al Anthony T.

Durens, Edren D.

Engbino, Kimberly Jane Z.

Logrono, Jayson A.

Segue, Ramel H.

August 2014
Chapter I


Cebu stands as the country's top business and tourist destination. Crowned as the Queen

City of the South, it is where business and leisure breathe together with office buildings and

beach resorts finding its own place under Cebu's friendly skies. Cebu has kept pace with the

nation's progress. Recent indications pointed out that Cebu has become the country's favorite

tourist destination. Cebu has gained wide popularity for fantastic diving grounds evidenced by

the proliferation of resorts which offer luxurious accommodations. Cebu's strategic location

makes it ideal for those who wish to travel to the other islands and provinces by plane, boat, or a

bus. No place could be too far from Cebu.But despite of what we already discover and developed

that made to bare this crown and be well known in our tourism, there are still beautiful scenery

that hide in silent and has a potential to be one of a kind.It just need an attention to each

individual, investors, and mostly to the government. It needs attention to keep its beautiful

scenery, preserve its natural resources and to become more attractive with a relaxing ambiance.

This is what Molobolo spring and beach resort needs. But a fact that there are lots of barrier that

needs to be assisted.

Molobolo spring and beach resort is located in Tuburan. Tuburan is the second

class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines. Tuburan is known for its crystal-clear

springs, beaches, creeks, rivers, caves and natural splendors that draw adventure-seekers and

nature-lovers. That is why this place is visited by many tourist to witness the beautiful scenery.
But as time goes by they can’t accommodate the tourist that will lead to disappointments and

criticize, the place become un organize, instead to be proud of what we have, but an evidence of

how lack of attention and budget our government because of the lacking facilities, maintenance

and equipment for the tourist and our own natural resources.

According to section 107 declaration of policy other known as Tourism Act 2009 of R.A

9593.The State declares tourism as an indispensable element of the national economy and an

industry of national interest and importance, which must be harnessed as an engine of socio-

economic growth and cultural affirmation to generate investment, foreign exchange and

employment, and to continue to mold an enhanced sense of national pride for all

Filipinos.Promote a tourism industry that is ecologically sustainable, responsible, participative,

culturally sensitive, economically viable and ethically and socially equitable for local

communities. By developing the Molobolo Spring and Beach Resort will improve the level of

tourist industry and acquire the R.A 9593. Since this place is still functional and will visited, one

of the main problem is how to accommodate the tourist of their overnight stay with security

assurance, because the place is lack of infrastructure like room to stay, comfort room, cottages,

outdoor game court to enjoy more, and specially a store or canteen near to buy, so we proposed

to constructwhat is lacking in this hidden scenery thatwill help the place to be more comfortable

and memorable destination to the tourist as well as the Municipal government and populace with

their economic industry. A way to answer this problem is attention and care like sharing idea that

will not harm the nature but as well as giving the residence of the Molobolo a productive sort of

income for a living. To havea two storey hotel to accommodate the overnight stay of the

touristwith security services. And a commercial building to rent for the store and canteen in this
way the Molobolo Sring and Beach resort will look presentable and clean but will still remain

topreserve the natural resources.

The problem

The study aimed to develop the existing molobolo spring and beach resort in

ordered to propose a two storey beach hotel to accommodate the tourist.

Statement of the Problem

Specifically the study sought to answer the following questions:

1. What is the status of the proposed two storey beach hotel in terms of ;

1.1 Material cost

1.2 Labor cost

1.3 Design Consideration

2. What are the problems encountered during the period of building the storey beach hotel?
3. Based on the findings of the study, what recommendation could be proposed?

Significance of the study

The study will have a strong impact to the following sectors:

The Tourist. The local and foreign tourist as the direct beneficiaries of the study will

benefit so much in terms of accommodation in staying to our proposed two storey beach house

where they can relax and feel the essence of their stay in Molobolo Spring and Beach Resort.

The Community. The community benefits from the improvement of the resort in a

way that there Municipality will be famous as one of Cebu’s tourist spot.

The Industry. Namely the tourism industry, with a strong implementation will

have an increasing market. The beach will automatically attract foreign and local tourist.

The Government. The aim of the government is to develop and enhance their

municipality (Tuburan) to be productive and help promote tourism. This study partly realizes this

Definitions of Terms

The following terms are defined operationally in order to ensure greater

understanding of the study.

 Beach House
Chapter II


The research made a review of related literature and studies in order to conceptualize

thoroughly the research investigation about the feasibility study of the improvement of the

Molobolo Beach and Spring Resort: proposal and its implementation effects and problems.


A number of studies have shown that during summer, many people spend their vacation

mostly in beaches. Aside from the vibrant beach resorts in Cebu, a number of cold springs await

tourists who have been an insatiable thirst for natural springs. Scattered in the outskirts of the

remote towns in the island of Cebu, spring waters are evident in the municipalities like Tuburan,

Balamban, Dalaguete, Tabogon and Carmen.

Taking a vacation need not always to be expensive. In the town of Tuburan, which is 96 km.

From Cebu City, the Molobolo Spring has been attracting tourists and slowly becoming a

favorite hangout place for residents and visitors alike. The discovery of cold spring has changed

this once quiet municipality in midwestern part of Cebu. Tuburan’s name comes from the

Visayan word “ tubod” which means spring of water. It is no wonder then that Molobolo Spring

is one of the town’s natural gifts. From the spring flows cool and refreshing water and the air is

very fresh in the area. (Joy Flores - Ablanida,Yahoo Southeast Asia)

The local government built a rectangular pool as catchment for water from the spring.

This is where visitors can take a dip in the freezing water. If it;s high tide, the visitors can see the

water from the cold spring flow to the sea. Entrance fee is only P 5 per adult and P 2 per children

aged 7 - 10 years old. Parking rates are P 100 for four-wheeled vehicles and P 25 for

motorcycles. Visitors have two options for cottages. They may rent small ones at P 200 and P

500 for the big ones. You may bring your own food at no cost, but a store near the entrance also

sells snacks and drinks.

Tuburan is bounded by Tabuelan in the north, Asturias in the south, Tanon Strait in the west

and Sogod, Catmon, Carmen and Danao City in the east. There are several routes going to

Tuburan for private vehicles via Tabuelan to northern towns and via Toledo in southern towns.

Another option is to take the transcental highway going to Balamban. For commuters, buses in

both the north and south bound routes for Tuburan are available. Fare is only P 100 per person.

The ride takes 4 hours before reaching the town proper. From the town proper, take a motorcycle

ride or a tricycle ride going to Molobolo Spring. Fare is only P 20 per person. Upon arriving,

some visitors needed rooms to rest first.

In this era of rapid change, there is a need for more development especially in terms of the

betterment of the place. A two- storey beach house is appropriate to help accommodate the

visitors before traveling back to the City.

A few years ago, the spring was clean and well, very much a place where you can reconnect

with nature that would have been worth the trip if the place was kept that way.
Now, it is half done establishment, they have made changes that are unfinished. They made

the pool half concrete and no cleaning has been done. Although the water is constantly flowing,

the pool is sometimes dirty caused by the locals. They do their laundry on pools while people are


Incomplete facilities is one of the factor that needs improvement. The visitors come and

go easily. Their cottages are built just for a short time use while swimming but it can’t

accommodate other visitors who want to sleep and relax. The local government also built a

comfort room who can’t accommodate everyone. There is also a fee before you can change your

clothes or take a shower. P 20 for a shower and P 5 if you just change your clothes.

With the help of the local government of Tuburan, we are proposing a two - storey beach

house for the visitors. It is provided with complete facilities to indulge the visitor’s comfort.

Chapter III


The research relies on a study approach to examine the perception of the locals, and tourists

regarding the current condition of the Molobolo Spring, the existing facilities and the

maintenance and improvement of the place. The four purpose of the study (1) describe the

research methodology of the study; (2) explain the sample selection ; (3) describe the procedures

used in designing theinstrument and collecting the data ; (4) provide an explanation of the

statistical procedures used to analyze the data.

Research Method

The descriptive method was use for this study. The descriptive method of research is to

gather information about the present existing condition. The emphasis is on describing rather

than judging or interpreting. The aim of descriptive research is to verify formulated hypothesis

that refer to the present situation in order to explain it clearly. The descriptive approach is quick

and practical in terms of the financial aspect. Moreover, the method allows a flexible approach,

thus when important new issues and questions arise during the duration of the study, further

investigation may be conducted. Descriptive research on the other hand is a type of research that

mainly concerned with describing the nature or the degree in detail of the present situation. The

aim of it is to obtain an accurate profile the people, event or situation. With this research type, it

is essential that the researchers already has clear view or picture of the phenomena being

investigated before the data collection procedure is carried out. The researchers used this kind of
research to obtain first hand data from the respondents so as to formulate conclusion and

recommendation for the study.

Research Instruments and Respondents

These research with the use of questionnaire and camera, as instruments were conducted in

Molobolo Spring in Tuburan in order to obtain the feasibility study on improvement of Molobolo

Beach and Spring Resort. The advantages and disadvantages of this instruments were also part of

the objectives. In order to answer these research goals,the researchers opted to obtain the view of

its residents and visitors of the spring in line with the said specifically study. A total of 50

respondents from Tuburan within the area of the municipality.(Local, vendors,local

government,etc.) were randomly selected to make up the sample. Selected participants answered

the survey questionnaire structure in English format. Data gathering from this research were then

computed for interpretation.